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Oct. 8, 2008 at 8:48am

Faces and Smokestacks

The new MultiCare steam power plant across from Wright Park is really taking shape now. Though the local health care system didn't heed any of the local blog visitor suggested designs ;) the building's 19th Century industrial looks is actually kinda' cool. The names of famous scientists are scrawled in panels that will also be accompanied by illustrative art showing their contribution to the craft. I chatted one of the artist Lee Hunt's(?) husband this morning who were both overseeing the installation of one of her panels by workers on sight. I can't wait to see the other interpretive work that goes into the facility. I am glad that neighbors and bloggers alike made note of early design complaints 'cause the settled upon design looks to fit in pretty well.

Check out the progress!

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by fredo on 10/8/2008 @ 9:23am
KF-I agree with your posting. The structure has some nice design elements. I'm anxious to see the completed project with the artwork installed. Thanks for the update.

by morgan on 10/8/2008 @ 9:45am
I would have to agree Kevin. I still question installing a steam plant in the middle of a neighborhood directly across from a historic park, but the final design is much improved over what they were inititally going to through down.

by Erik on 10/8/2008 @ 11:43am
The steam plant is designed better due to the neighbors, local neighborhood council, blogosphere and other media coverage.

However, a dead box directly across from one of Tacoma's largest parks is still a bad idea no matter how nice the box is.


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