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Dec. 14, 2007 at 4:54pm

FeedTacoma Feed Next Wed. 12/19

It's happening again! We had such a great time last month that we're making this a regular thing. Get up and head to PSP next Wednesday to get in on some great breakfast and conversation. Here are the deets:

What: FeedTacoma Feed @ PSP
When: Next Wed, Dec. 19 @ 7am
Where: PSP, 7th & St. Helens downtown [ map ]

Jim will have his $5 omlettes and PSP breakfast scramble as well as $1 cups of Valhalla coffee. I'll be there at 7am but if that's too early for you they're running those deals until 10:30am. Start your day off right and stop on by with us.

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by izenmania on 12/17/2007 @ 7:14am
It's going to be a PSP-filled day! (what with there being a Tacoma Beer Society event that evening)

by Angela on 12/17/2007 @ 3:30pm
I'll be meeting you for breakfast, Kevin, and both Steve and I will be there for the Beer Society that night! If only I worked in town I'd try for a three-fer and have lunch there, too!

by KevinFreitas on 12/17/2007 @ 4:35pm
Haha. Any other takers for breakfast? Should we choose a topic of conversation?

by ensie on 12/17/2007 @ 10:16pm

by Erik on 12/17/2007 @ 10:56pm
I am wrting a piece on the history of Tacoma's
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Any input is appreciated.

by beerandhotdogs on 12/17/2007 @ 11:38pm
maybe I can break free from the hot dog fairies and mae this one.



Although I have another home on the web I thought it might be nice to lead by example a bit and put this blog system up to the test myself.

So far, so good... Funny how I build web tools for other people that are far better than the one's I have setup over on KFnet.


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