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Nov. 17, 2007 at 10:45am

Ferry doing donuts in Commencement Bay

On the back from dropping Sarah off at her Embellish appointment I saw a large ferry at the mouth of Commencement Bay. Once in Old Town, I snapped a few shots and saw that it was putting around in a somewhat haphazard manner but definitely empty because the thing seemed downright agile. I saw it head towards Browns Point, do a complete loop back to the north, then head into Commencement Bay, past the Sperry docks, then hook north again on up Ruston Way. Here's some pics:

Seems to me like it's a private charter (crappy day for sight-seeing!) or I missed the big "ferry pilot in training" sign tacked on the back.

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by Erik on 11/17/2007 @ 12:36pm
Maybe this is one of the two ferries that were sold recently on Ebay and the new owners are showing off.

by KevinFreitas on 11/17/2007 @ 5:10pm
iBoat may have expanded into iFerry. Sweeeet.

by Erik on 11/17/2007 @ 6:02pm
SEATTLE, Nov. 17 — Look for two more items on the sale rack after Thanksgiving: the Chinook and the Snohomish, last seen ferrying people across Puget Sound. The big boats can be yours for $4.5 million each. As is. Exclusively at eBay.

“The state decided to get out of the passenger-only ferry business,” said Traci Brewer-Rogstad, director of operations for Washington State Ferries.

It has been four years since budget cuts, controversy and eventually declining ridership ended service on the so-called foot-ferry route that the two 350-passenger boats served between Seattle and Bremerton. The state is focusing its ferry system on its core operations, larger boats that carry vehicles as well as people.

Yet the goal of getting rid of the passenger-only boats is intended to generate cash so that King County, and possibly other local governments, can get into the foot-ferry business themselves.


by NineInchNachos on 11/18/2007 @ 9:14am
according to my father in law, the ferry was on the dry dock and is doing some tests before rejoining the fleet.


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