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Jan. 5, 2008 at 9:52am

Help Find a Mystery Piano Player

An email came through the TacomaArt Listserv that caught my attention. A woman named Debra had this request regarding a local mystery piano player:

Hello Tacoma-I had the extreme pleasure to hear a "phantom" piano player at Borders Bookstore on 38th St. a day or so after Christmas and his playing was extraordinarily beautiful.  I would like to know if he has any C.D.'s to purchase, or if not, where I can hear him play again.  The staff at Borders did not know his name.

She told me via email that the musician may know one of the Border's employees because he commented about how well in tune the piano he was playing on was. Debra said he was a young, clean cut, slender guy who played the evening of Dec. 26th or 27th.

If anyone has any clues feel free to drop them in the comments below and I'll be sure to let Debra know you all are trying to help find her "phantom".

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by Erik on 1/5/2008 @ 9:56am

The "Debra" you corresponded with was an RR Anderson creation. The terms Debbie, art and phantom used together should have tipped you off.

by KevinFreitas on 1/5/2008 @ 10:41am
I'm not convinced Erik. Seems like a legit request to me and a reasonable place someone might make it. I'd be curious too if I really liked someone's music.

by Brooks on 1/5/2008 @ 2:41pm
Unless the player was someone who walked in and started to just play on their piano, someone should definitely be able to give you some information on the pianist. My guess is Debra simply asked the wrong person, maybe one of the cashiers or one of the information desk people.

She should call the store and ask for the events coordinator for that location. A few years ago, each store had a person on staff who took care of booking events but I think one person might do it for several stores now. So she should the call by asking to speak to a supervisor or a manager.

I would assume whoever the pianist was, that he played on the 27th -- a Thursday night would be an unusual night for an event; at the locations I've worked at, most music performances were scheduled for either Friday night or on a Sunday afternoon.

by KevinFreitas on 1/5/2008 @ 3:21pm
Someone I know that works to Borders is going to check. Stay tuned...

by debbietacoma on 1/5/2008 @ 8:12pm
No, this is not an RR Anderson creation! Whatever that means. I seriously just want to hear this piano player again; if he is that good (he is) he must play
at other venues, or have a C.D., or may record one in
the future. I'm pretty certain that this was not a formal
booking, he literally just dropped in, one of the employees knew him, I just don't know which one
he spoke to. Thank you Kevin!

by KevinFreitas on 1/11/2008 @ 8:53am
Here's what my Borders contact said:

The piano player was auditioning for a future gig with the manager. He is an amateur with no formal training and has no CDs available. They don’t currently have his name, but will provide it to me in the future when they speak with him again, as they’ve gotten several compliments on his playing and will likely book him for a future gig.

If he's hired hopefully I'll be able to relay more.


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