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Jun. 16, 2011 at 7:20am

Hey Clear Channel, Clean Up Your Crap! (Part 3)

The stream of derelict Clear Channel billboards rotting in our beautify city may never end. Yesterday's example could come about in a stiff gale given the temporary nature of vinyl billboard ads of today. But this example in the heart of the Proctor neighborhood has enough weathering from at least months of neglect. You don't get rust like that over night -- even here in the oft soggy PNW.

Esteemed Mayor and City Council -- this is what Clear Channel thinks of us in one of our arguably loveliest neighborhood business districts. Re-write Tacoma's sign code to rid us of these (a la better defining the already good 1997 ordinance) and out and out ban digital billboards from our city. Madame Mayor, there is no place for digital billboards in Tacoma. The people have spoken. I don't think there's any shortage of alternate ways for would-be advertisers to get their message out.

4/21/2011 - Part 1
6/15/2011 - Part 2

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by NineInchNachos on 6/16/2011 @ 8:01am

by NineInchNachos on 6/16/2011 @ 8:20am
Thanks for the memories Marsha Moody!

by NineInchNachos on 6/16/2011 @ 8:28am
another one...

by CassieInUP on 6/16/2011 @ 9:58am
Funny, I actually saw a Clear Channel truck on I-5 in Fife last weekend. The funny part was that it looked like it was TAKING AWAY old billboards; strips of ancient paper were peeling off and flapping away in the breeze and littering the highway. But then I started thinking and realized that no matter what was in front of my eyes, it was most likely not what it seemed, and I'm sure there are probably two new updated and bigger billboards in place of each that got hauled away.

by NineInchNachos on 6/16/2011 @ 10:34am
maybe... or maybe they're ripping off all the old ads.. leaving nasty shredded blank walls as a PSYOPS strategy. blight = FREEDOM OF SPEECH!!!!!!!

by Erik on 6/16/2011 @ 12:40pm
There should be a BUILDING on the surface parking lot rather than billboards.

Many of the billboards in Tacoma are thwarting economic development.

by jenyum on 6/16/2011 @ 2:20pm
Billboards are supposed to be considered "abandoned" after 60 days of disuse, at which point they cannot be re-established.

by CaptainBritton on 6/16/2011 @ 2:26pm
Jen, If that's true, than 6th and alder's "puppy" on the rooftop should be defined as "abandoned". We have the dated pictures to prove it. I got a truck and a socket wrench. If the city promises not to ticket me, I'll have it down in an hour! and I'll do it for a dog and a Cider at Red Hot as payment. :)

by NineInchNachos on 6/16/2011 @ 2:45pm
Just do it!

by Erik on 6/16/2011 @ 3:09pm
I get the feeling that CC is getting some blowback from all of the blighted billboards around town and is doing some last minute fix ups.

I have notice that the number of "non-profit' ads have spiked lately to but a better face on the billboards and perhaps try to get them to argue for digital billboards.

Yet, as Kevin documents, the number of blights billboards (redundant I know) around town has skyrocketed. Its almost seems like a "Constitution Matters" concerted attempt again in Tacoma.

by wildcelticrose on 6/16/2011 @ 4:09pm
Madam Mayor,

You really need to listen to those who elect you on this issue.

We are not likely to reelect you at this rate.

by Erik on 6/16/2011 @ 6:19pm
Tacoma Weekly takes on billboard issue:


by jenyum on 6/16/2011 @ 7:33pm
oops, I meant 90 days. Regardless, yes the puppy must go.

by jenyum on 6/16/2011 @ 8:23pm
Buddy the Puppy, circa March 19, 2011

Poor ole' Buddy on May 18th, 2011

He's still there now, won't someone please put poor Buddy out of his misery? Do I need to add a Sarah McLaughlin song? (90 days, as of tomorrow!)

by CaptainBritton on 6/16/2011 @ 10:27pm
Well after seeing all that Vancouver hockey riot footage, I think I'll wait for the city worker to do the tear down job. I'll buy that guy a beer and dog at Red Hot. Plus, I got this bad back...Puppy needs to go though. (Don't forget to save the Salmon at it's base!)

by Dave_L on 6/17/2011 @ 1:25am
I've got to take some photos of clusters of similar ones in the South end. Especially the non-compliant ones. Meanwhile, the new digital billboard near the Tacoma Dome sure is annoying and distracting. Is there a list Clear Channel customers posted somewhere so I can make sure to avoid doing business with those entities as much as possible? Ackerly Group wasn't universally admired, sportspressnw.com/2011/03/ex-sonics-owne... but at least there's one historic downtown ghost-sign billboard they restored.

by NineInchNachos on 6/17/2011 @ 1:38am
look forward to your pictures Dave !

by jenyum on 6/30/2011 @ 8:46pm
Buddy the puppy has finally gone to greener pastures. The billboards at 6th and Alder are now sporting sparkly new public service announcements. (In violation of our billboard ordinance which clearly states that billboards abandoned for more than 90 days may not be re-established.)

by NineInchNachos on 7/1/2011 @ 8:17am
Obeying laws is for the little people, not for multi-national corporations.

by NineInchNachos on 7/1/2011 @ 8:19am
I LIKE THIS IDEA from Jesse: "Raising B and O taxes on these guys is an awesome idea. Raise them to the point that billboards are no longer profitable in Tacoma. If they default on B and O taxes, who goes after them? The IRS???" SECONDED !

by jenyum on 7/1/2011 @ 8:44am
No, pretty sure the City of Tacoma has to enforce its own B&O taxes. We could just add that to the list of things Clear Channel would bully us into ignoring.

by CaptainBritton on 7/1/2011 @ 9:09am
"Raise them to the point that billboards are no longer profitable in Tacoma."...Let's just remember, static billboards are currently not profitable in Tacoma, thus the push for digital...If we banned Digital, the detritus of static billboards would follow suit within a year or two and we'd have our skyline.

by Jesse on 7/1/2011 @ 10:15am
If static billboards aren't currently profitable, why are they still around? Is it just for the ability to trade them for digital ones?

Even if they aren't profitable on paper, they may be worth keeping around for the tax write-offs. Clear Channel was given the ability to depreciate current billboards worth over from at least 1997-2007 at a rate of 1/10 worth per annum. Isn't this correct?

Also, if they appear as a "loss" of revenue on paper, they end up a tax write-off for Clear Channel in the amount of thier market value. That's why when they put non-profit messages on the boards, it actually could be profitable for them to do so as they can claim current market value loss of that billboard on thier taxes or even a higher amount if they secure a letter from the non-profit saying the worth to be even higher. This sort of behavior is common in the non-profit world. Proof? Ever get a blank value reciept from a Goodwill donation? Just fill it in yourself and get any tax benefit you'd like!!!!

Besides, even if the current billboards aren't profitable the city should still raise the B&O tax on them to get rid of them that much sooner... but what jenyum said at 8:44 would probably be true.

The thing about this situation that is disturbing is that it sends the message to corporations that they can do anything in Tacoma as long as they have a decent sized legal budget. That's a dangerous message for the city to be giving.

by NineInchNachos on 7/1/2011 @ 10:32am
behold the NEW Tacoma culture of "YES™ !"


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Hey Clear Channel, Clean Up Your Crap!

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