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May. 24, 2008 at 8:18am

Just a Funny Sign @ PSP

I probably shouldn't laugh at all especially at something aimed at people's safety. Nevertheless, PSP has a simple sign printed and taped to a door near their bar that reads:


Please use this door only if work
requires or the building is engulfed in
flames. Thank you from PSP

Yea, I'm thinking if I'm in the basement of PSP and the building is engulfed in flames I'm raiding the bar for a drink and kissing my ass good bye.

Happy Memorial Weekend, all!

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by fredo on 5/24/2008 @ 8:23am
Sign should say "Work Exit or Fire Exit Only" since that's the obvious subtext.

by Erik on 5/24/2008 @ 11:50am
Funny. There are alot of great improv signs in Tacoma.

by Heather on 5/28/2008 @ 3:11pm
I saw that sign a few weeks ago and got a kick out of it. Also, I'm quite impressed by the polite tone, as well as the grammatical and punctuational correctness.


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