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Jun. 16, 2010 at 3:07pm

LeMay Museum Construction Watch

After last week's LeMay Museum groundbreaking crews wasted no time getting underway. Bookmark this page as I plan to post construction updates with photos on a weekly basis in the comments below.

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by KevinFreitas on 6/16/2010 @ 3:11pm
Tacoma Dome lot B and a portion of C have already had their asphalt stripped and the dirt beneath leveled a bit. A couple embankments and side areas with fir shrubbery have also been stripped (smells Pinesol fresh down there currently!).

by L.S.Erhardt on 6/16/2010 @ 3:26pm
Build baby, build.

Looks like I'll have to keep an eye and a camera on this one. Somebody has to put it up on Skyscraper Page and on SkyscraperCity
...may as well be me!

by Erik on 6/16/2010 @ 3:32pm
Good blog post.

New construction is exciting to watch. This is an iconic project.

Sometimes there is a "groundbreaking" in Tacoma and the place sits vacant for months or a year or longer.

Let's hope they continue to make progress....

by NineInchNachos on 6/16/2010 @ 3:51pm
should put together a fake ribbon cutting party.

by Non Sequitur on 6/16/2010 @ 3:54pm
I'll put a real ribbon there and cut it. FOR REAL

by NineInchNachos on 6/16/2010 @ 3:55pm
thas what Imsayin!

by The Jinxmedic on 6/16/2010 @ 4:17pm
A CLAW ribbon cutting - all members proberly fezzed INCLUDING our special "Friends of CLAW" members! Now where do we get those giant scissors?

by L.S.Erhardt on 6/16/2010 @ 4:29pm
Scissors? Who cares? I'll run through the tape in my fez and my Sound to Narrows T-Shirt and bib. Get the rest of CLAW to play "chariots of fire" on Kazoos and nose harps as I cross the parking lot.

That would be epic!

by NineInchNachos on 6/16/2010 @ 4:34pm
CLAW should be the new 'absurdly early ribbon cutting just started projects' committee

by L.S.Erhardt on 6/16/2010 @ 4:36pm

by The Jinxmedic on 6/16/2010 @ 4:50pm
CLAW- "cutting ribbons that ammuricans won't cut".

by NineInchNachos on 6/16/2010 @ 4:58pm
MMB has been done already. but doesn't mean we cant get the upperhand. remember the Spanish Steps!

by The Jinxmedic on 6/16/2010 @ 5:00pm
Actually, the Spanish Steps would be a good place for a snazzy group photo, as well.

by L.S.Erhardt on 6/16/2010 @ 5:08pm
Oh man... this is a whole Walbert of good ideas!!!!!

A Walbert=27 tons.

by Jesse on 6/17/2010 @ 4:55pm
"CLAW should be the new 'absurdly early ribbon cutting just started projects' committee " -- RR

I smell a TaComic.

by Jesse on 6/17/2010 @ 4:56pm
The A.E.R.C district... not the financial one.


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