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Aug. 12, 2011 at 9:47am

Link-Related Accident Downtown

Hard to tell from where I was standing but it looks like a truck may have hit something related to the Link light rail tracks or support structure. Check it out:

Doesn't look like the Link train itself was directly involved and likely that the truck just hit a pole or something. Hope this doesn't effect things for long -- I gotta get to Frost Park for the chalk off later! ;)

Thanks Sarah!

8/20/2004 - Tacoma Link Accident

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by KevinFreitas on 8/12/2011 @ 4:12pm
Not sure what happened but didn't see any sign of damage or delay when I rode the Link to/from Frost Park today. Carry on everyone!

by jenyum on 8/12/2011 @ 7:23pm
Can't wait for that new stop to open at 11th and Commerce. Took the Link to 15th street (with a posse of kids) to catch a bus at 10th and Commerce last week, and in typical fashion missed it by about 30 seconds. With longer wait times thanks to budget cuts, that really smarts!

by fredo on 8/12/2011 @ 7:33pm
"With longer wait times thanks to budget cuts, that really smarts!"

Fortunately, even though the public gets to wait longer at the bus stops, the drivers and management of Pierce Transit continue to be paid lavishly and that's really what we should all be concerned with.

by tacoma1 on 8/13/2011 @ 12:14pm
Be careful what you wish for. When that new link stop opens, T-link is gonna show up 2, 4, 6, and then 8 minutes later than it does now...........so you're still gonna miss that connection.

Personally, I can't wait for a slower, less frequent street car, that still doesn't reach a single neighborhood in Tacoma.

by KevinFreitas on 8/14/2011 @ 8:31am
Actually @tacoma1 they've already adjusted the Link trip time from them leaving every 10 minutes to every 12 in preparation for the new stop.

I certainly hope any Link extension or streetcars in town actually go into a neighborhood like Portland Ave, Stadium/6th Ave, and Hilltop.

by tacoma1 on 8/15/2011 @ 9:30am
I didn't realize that they changed the schedule already. Good to know. I guess that's progress Tacoma style. I

by The Jinxmedic on 8/15/2011 @ 12:39pm
Wow- someone besides me actually mentioned the Portland Avenue extension...

by KevinFreitas on 8/15/2011 @ 12:51pm
You betcha'. If I had my way (and the $$) I'd be developing those streetcar routes all at once. Don't think Portland Ave. has the draw/$$ to put a line in there first but a nice balance between 'hood that needs it vs. one that already has some solid activity would be Hilltop. Still, around here, the hills are alive with engineering challenges. Can't go straight up to Hilltop so Stadium would likely come before that. Portland Ave, however, is a nice, gradual slope and, really, the density is toward the bottom of that anyway. I could ramble on but I lament the day Tacoma removed all her old streetcar lines but look forward to the day we get them back (and keep them!)


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