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Mar. 19, 2008 at 9:36am

Link Spam

Of the light rail variety

Anyone else notice how bloody spammed the Link now is with ads? It started with a few here and there but now nearly every flat surface from wall to ceiling is covered in local ads.

If it helps keep the Link free for all then I'm definitely for it. Being a child of video games and teh Internets that sort of thing isn't much of a visual distraction at all. I  hardly notice the things. Hopefully for the local shops that are making use of the space it's yielding some kind of return. Anyone know how much space on the Link is going for? Maybe we could paste a Tacomic up there or something.

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by jenyum on 3/19/2008 @ 9:52am
It's really low, like $13 a month for those little ads.

But, they will try to upsell like crazy and make you sign a long-term contract, and buy spaces on all three links. (So $13x3 x 6-12 months.) More than I was willing to sign on for this year.

The company to go through is Titan Outdoor.

by Erik on 3/19/2008 @ 9:55am
Maybe you should put a Feed Tacoma one in there.

by KevinFreitas on 3/19/2008 @ 10:02am
Maybe we can do it collab-style like this entire site is? What if contributors threw in say $25 and I could design an ad that features all of them with FeedTacoma as a central theme? If those prices are right we could start with a 6-month ad for about $230 bucks. That way more local blogs could get exposure while not having to fork out all the cash money. Any takers?

by jenyum on 3/19/2008 @ 10:21am
I would definitely do that.

Going through my old email, the deal was an interior ad:
8x20, $13 per sign per month, and they really wanted a 12 month contract. (Bet we could negotiate that.) That was in September so rates may have changed. I think there might also be a one-time production cost.

by KevinFreitas on 3/19/2008 @ 10:23am
I'll give 'em a jingle but want to know if anyone else would be interested before I do all the leg work? This would really be a fun way to get more folks interested in all the great stuff happening on the various local blogs and FeedTacoma.

by zastica on 3/19/2008 @ 10:34am
I'd be interested, just for the heck of it. I think it would be fun to have real advertising.

by izenmania on 3/19/2008 @ 10:36am
Yeah, I think it would be neat to get feed>>tacoma out there getting seen by new people

by NineInchNachos on 3/19/2008 @ 12:03pm
Do you know how hard it is to resist the temptation of drawing mustaches on the mecca ads couple ?

People don't realize you can modify the existing ads to say what you want for free! This is called 'billboard liberation"

Print your own ad on a sticker and paste it over an existing ad. Just dont let the link marshal catch you... also wear a fake beard so the link cam wont see your real face.

by izenmania on 3/19/2008 @ 12:19pm
And also only do that for organizations that you are not formally affiliated with, so they can't easily track you down...

by Erik on 3/19/2008 @ 12:57pm
I would definitely do that.

I'm in. Its amazing how many people still are unaware of Tacoma's blogs and community activity.

I run into people like this every once in a while and they say something "there's nothing going on in Tacoma."


Although I have another home on the web I thought it might be nice to lead by example a bit and put this blog system up to the test myself.

So far, so good... Funny how I build web tools for other people that are far better than the one's I have setup over on KFnet.


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