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Nov. 1, 2007 at 5:32pm

McCabe's not down with Top 40

Those darn kids and their rap music

There was a sign up at McCabe's that mentioned they'll be closed Wednesday's until further notice. Being that the shooting there last week happened on a late Wed. night that means no Top 40 for a while.

Is this just a nod to all the desires from the Police to close the place down? Will this appease those calls?

I don't think closing McCabe's down should really be the issue here. It's about what more the place can do to increase security in their parking lot and other lots nearby. Yanking their license will only leave a void in an already struggling part of SoDo. Unless Sound Transit has some designs on this lot for their new Sounder route let's just not swat at anything we can hit and instead get creative and figure out how to keep a viable business there and make things safer.

Thanks Michael!

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by intacoma on 11/2/2007 @ 7:12am
I agree I don't want the trouble moving to my favorite spots :)

by KevinFreitas on 11/2/2007 @ 7:50am
My question is: Do establishments that provide security for inside their night spot also need to keep and eye on their parking lot or sidewalk? My guess is they should.


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