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Feb. 29, 2008 at 7:19am

An MNF and Gladiators Replacement?

So, I got me a hot dog craving. Certain women in my life (who shall remain anonymous to protect their reputations) have managed to steer me clear of my desire the last couple days for other food options. No more! I miss my weekly hot dog at The Red Hot and need another excuse to gather there regularly. This desire shouldn't have to rely on slapdash, in-the-moment decisions but it should be tempered each and every week like clockwork.

Movie night could work but I want something a) I don't have to pay too close attention to so I can chat with my buddies and b) when I am paying attention it's generally something worth making fun of. Football and American Gladiator's worked well as did Monday's but I'm flexible.

So, any suggestions?

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by izenmania on 2/29/2008 @ 7:30am
I don't know if it appeals to you but we are just over a month away from baseball season.

by intacoma on 2/29/2008 @ 7:45am
There is a new season of Flavor of Love

by ensie on 2/29/2008 @ 11:22am
I just threw up in my mouth a little.

by KevinFreitas on 2/29/2008 @ 11:26am
Likewise, thanks for that intacoma. Yea, I could do baseball. Nice thing about Monday Night Football was they start right around dinner time. This be similar for baseball games? We need to get Mr. Red Hot himself Chris to chime in here.

by intacoma on 2/29/2008 @ 11:30am
I think chris would agree with me about having a flavor of love night, way more entertaining then baseball

by intacoma on 2/29/2008 @ 11:35am
well I guess there is that Scott Baio show too

by beerandhotdogs on 2/29/2008 @ 12:02pm
I was actually thinking of running a complete series of tv shows on dvd. For example, running the complete collection of The Young Ones (forgive my non-html knowing self):


Do one or two episodes a week until its all out. Then run another show after that is finished (Lost starting with season 1? Pretty much any of the shows from Adult Swim?) The only thing that could potentially cause a monkeywrench is M's baseball that happens on a Monday night.

And if I get Wi-Fi, all you guys have to live-blog the first event :)

Lemme know, I'm open to all sorts of zaniness.


by izenmania on 2/29/2008 @ 12:51pm
I don't think Lost would be a good idea... it's a show you have to pay attention to and not miss an episode, so it doesn't really suit with a social bar scene. Now something like Aqua Teen, where you can pay attention for five seconds, have a laugh, and be no more confused than you would have been if you'd seen the entire episode/season, would work poifectly.

by intacoma on 2/29/2008 @ 1:27pm
How about Girls Gone Wild?

by KevinFreitas on 2/29/2008 @ 1:56pm
Love the Adult Swim idea. Let us know when and I'll be there!

by ensie on 2/29/2008 @ 4:22pm
Hey Chris - I have the first season of The L Word if you want to borrow it.

by Frinklin on 2/29/2008 @ 4:38pm
Dude, baseball has been mentioned twice now. The conversation is closed.

by izenmania on 2/29/2008 @ 4:54pm
Well we still have like a month to fill before baseball gets rolling.

by HD on 3/3/2008 @ 4:44pm
Family Guy @ 6:00

by beerandhotdogs on 3/11/2008 @ 4:34pm

by izenmania on 3/11/2008 @ 4:58pm
I'm still hoping that there will be plans for at least one M's game a week.

by KevinFreitas on 3/11/2008 @ 4:58pm
Love it. You starting it up next Monday? After we run out of that show my vote still goes toward lots and lots of Adult Swim. Thanks Chris!

by beerandhotdogs on 3/11/2008 @ 5:30pm
The only M's games on Mondays are April 14th (the week after Metalocalypse is done), then in May and June, and so-forth. Check it here:


I foresee many a Adult Swim moment, and possibly a Yacht Rock viewing.



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