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Jan. 6, 2008 at 11:20am

Need a Light?

The City of Tacoma can help

Streetlights are an amenity few appreciate each night. Too many and it's too bright. Too few and it's too dark. When the ones you grow accustomed to go dark, however, it's easy to realize what they do for a neighborhood. On Friday I finally noticed two lights at the edge of our block were out then another on my street last night. I did my duty and reported it to the City and hopefully they'll send a crew out soon so I don't have leave the holiday lights on my house just to help light the neighborhood.

You can easily do the same by calling Tacoma's burned out streetlight phone number at 253-591-5287 or getting on TacomaServices.org and choose the "Traffic/Street Light" category and the "Street Light" sub-category to submit your report.

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by Jake on 1/6/2008 @ 11:57am
You can also add lights to your alley for about $10 a month per light. Get a few neighbors to pitch in and you can have a fully lighted alley.

by KevinFreitas on 1/6/2008 @ 12:00pm
Is there a program about that from the City?

by Erik on 1/6/2008 @ 2:55pm
I did my duty and reported it to the City and hopefully they'll send a crew out soon so I don't have leave the holiday lights on my house just to help light the neighborhood.

The city web site actually works pretty well. I have used it for areas downtown and in my neighborhood. It does take some time, however.

I remember Marty Campbell made a list of street lights out downtown in a portion of the Theater District and it amounted to something like 30 lights out. Amazing. Now downtown is lit up far more now than a year ago.

Hilltop Action Coaltion is going through their lights as well.

by Jake on 1/8/2008 @ 7:07pm

For private off-street lighting hookup information, call 253-502-8436.


Available for high pressure sodium outdoor lighting service along private street and roadways, over parking lots, and for general area lighting of private property, but excluding public streets within the City of Tacoma.


Lighting under this schedule shall be limited to the hours of darkness when street and highway lights are normally in use. The hours of use shall be regulated by a photoelectric control.

Tacoma Power will install, own, and maintain the equipment.

Energy will be provided on an unmetered basis.


1. Lamps:

Lamp Rating (Watts/Lamp) Type Rental Charge

100-Watt . . . . . . . Sodium Vapor . . . . . $ 10.37

200-Watt . . . . . . . Sodium Vapor . . . . . $ 13.16

400-Watt . . . . . . . Sodium Vapor . . . . . $ 21.05

2. Additional Equipment:

Fixtures will be installed on existing poles. However, additional poles, wires, and accessories required for a lighting installation will be charged for in addition to the "Rental Charge." A maximum of three poles will be allowed on any one installation. The customer shall pay the entire installation cost of $500.00 per pole at the time of installation.

For customers billed under LOW-INCOME SENIOR and/or LOW-INCOME DISABLED DISCOUNT RESIDENTIAL SERVICE, Rate Schedule A-2, a discount will be provided by reducing the monthly bill by 25 percent.


Applicable provisions of the Tacoma Municipal Code, General Provisions, and Customer Service Policies governing the sale of electric energy shall apply.


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