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Oct. 18, 2010 at 12:36pm

Photos ~ YWCA Wilsonian Transformation Preview

I was invited to see the local YWCA's soon to open Wilsonian building and snapped photos of the amazing guest rooms and ribbon cutting. It's nothing short of spectacular in there! More pics to come tomorrow morning over at KevinFreitas.net but I'm honored to have helped paint and work for a company that has donated our web services to their cause.

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by jenyum on 10/18/2010 @ 1:02pm
What a beautiful place. Brings to tears to my eyes.

by Erik on 10/18/2010 @ 1:05pm
Nice. Glad the building was not knocked down.

I see that they even tried to make the bars on the window artsy.

by Mandiferous on 10/18/2010 @ 1:07pm
Can't wait to see it in person. I recognize my signature in the pic you took of the Wilsonion sign. :-)

by ixia on 10/18/2010 @ 5:01pm
A little shocking to see they took a gorgeous old brick building and managed to make it look like any other non-descript contemporary building. I think the exterior is bad compared to what it used to look like. Sad.

by Mofo from the Hood on 10/18/2010 @ 9:20pm


by KevinFreitas on 10/19/2010 @ 7:52am
Not sure the reasons for the facade update but it's a small price to pay from them renovating it at all and how many women and children it will help for years to come.

I also posted my full set of pics from the preview tour. Enjoy and think about purchasing a ticket to their showcase this weekend.

by NineInchNachos on 10/19/2010 @ 8:02am

What in the world!?

Anyone have a 'before' picture?

by ixia on 10/19/2010 @ 8:40am
Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the work the Y is doing. To me, the façade covering is a mistake.
UW has shown how our historic buildings can be updated without loosing character. The sum of our historic buildings gives us a sense of place. In my opinion, architectural antiquities are a communal asset that needs to be respected.

by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 10/19/2010 @ 11:44am
I'm assuming it was probably more cost effective to reside the Wilsonian than it was to make the necessary repairs to the brick. I can't imagine the YWCA people would have done this unless it was the cost of preservation.

by Maria on 10/19/2010 @ 11:45am
The inside is wonderful. And there's also a great backstory See this news article about all the designers and subcontractors that donated expertise or materials to make the place warm and welcoming. Kudos to all who joined together to support the YWCA and women in our community.


However--the exterior doesn't look so great. Wow. Is this possibly a back view?

I guess non-profits have really tight budgets compared to private ventures. However, it would have been better if they could have funded a restoration of the historical exterior, or at least tried to honor or reference it.


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