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Mar. 20, 2008 at 7:21am

Plaza Sans Topiaries

A gaggle (murder? pack?) of topiaries that once sparsely adorned Tollefson Plaza has moved. Presenting such a barren cement face to passers by on Pacific why would anyone leave this public space without any such enhancement? Well, if spaces could talk, I'd tell you to take this beef up with Mr. Convention Center:

Which leaves the Plaza to look like this:

This space needs all the love it can get and to rob it of the only upgrade it's seen since its unveiling is sad. Improvement of this blank slate should be ongoing and forward moving. Though a small gesture the topiaries showed an interest in at least taking first steps toward making the Plaza a more usable and inviting space.

Regardless of any official plans to activate this space it's sat 98% dormant for it's nearly two years open. No more. Once the weather is a little better I'll help heed Morgan's call for action and get people in the Plaza. Games, music, sun-bathing, skateboarding, whatever -- it's on this Spring/Summer.

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by NSHDscott on 3/20/2008 @ 11:02am
I thought the potted topiaries were a bit pathetic, but better than nothing. What do we have to do to get some real trees in there?! At least a line of them along the road ...

I'm in this area fairly often for portrait sessions, and when accompanying brides and grooms walking from prepping in the Mariott to their museum or Union Staton venue, and I'd love for the Plaza to have some more photographic utility. It isn't worth a stop as is, not when there's so much better nearby.

by Erik on 3/20/2008 @ 11:24am
The city apparently hired an "open space" consultant that is going to look at Tollefson Plaza according to the committee reports on Tuesday council session via Tacoma TV.

Yeah, the plants and planters gave it some color to not make the place look so barren.

Nice job tracking them down to the convention center.

by izenmania on 3/20/2008 @ 11:26am
It is too late to get anything organized for tonight, I think, but I am beginning to concoct plans for an invasion of TP during April's Art Walk. Music, participation by any artists who feel like it who aren't displaying in a gallery that night. I may try and use that to kick off our chalk project ideas.

Of course if anybody feels like doing something tonight, they should!

by morgan on 3/20/2008 @ 11:46am
Where are those Horns of Destiny?! And was the shrubbery just on short term loan? So many questions.

by CA on 3/20/2008 @ 12:43pm
There needs to be some sort of large sculpture in the middle to bring people in(removable of course, so the entire space can be used during events). Larry Anderson, who as far as I know, still lives in Bonney Lake, is the artist of the sculpture in front of the Union Station(the man holding the bag). Maybe we can get him to do another piece, but on a larger scale. Something pretty sizable, but still movable when needed.

by Hilltopmom on 3/20/2008 @ 1:02pm
I think some trees and a fountain would help. Maybe fountains are hopelessly out of style/ecofriendliness/whatever. But they're fun. My kids love them. People sit and stare at them. Pranksters occasionally turn them into foamy delights.
And they can be turned off when necessary.

by fredo on 3/20/2008 @ 1:04pm
The Plaza should have some attractive trees, but the city needs to be careful here. City trees are typically planted without regard for who owns the maintenance. Tacoma has a pretty sorry track record when it comes to maintanence issues. An unmaintained landscape plan over time becomes more of squalid nuisance than an improvement.


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