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Nov. 11, 2011 at 6:53am

Polar [Tollefson] Plaza Ice Rink Taking Shape

Are you excited? Though I know I'll be falling on my ass trying to ice skate I can't wait for this to be downtown starting Nov. 25th! Speaking of which, there is/will be more over at BeDowntownTacoma.com

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by Dave_L on 11/11/2011 @ 12:10pm
Interesting. Should be fun.
And the significant upgrades at Sprinker are well underway, with the initial rink-surface and piping just installed by some rink-guys out of Little Canada, MN.

by thriceallamerican on 11/11/2011 @ 1:23pm
"Little Canada" is a hilarious name for a town.

by Jesse on 11/11/2011 @ 2:01pm

by Jesse on 11/12/2011 @ 9:32am
Tacoma needs a merry-go-round there in the summer. Could the new Children's Museum run it?

Also, turn the fountain so the water drops 90 degrees and lengthwise on that wall. Make a place where kids can play in that water!

And, how about some small food spots kitty-corner to Tollefson Plaza where the fence is at the courthouse. Small, basically permanent roll up walk up only food vendors.

Perhaps a spot for media to report news from Tacoma built into Tollefson. TV stations could keep their news stuff there - perhaps a micro newsroom. That way the city could somewhat control it's image.

Keep the life coming!!!

by jenyum on 11/12/2011 @ 1:51pm
I want to see a slide at Tollefson. It's built for it, really.


by fredo on 11/12/2011 @ 2:00pm
turn the convention center into a paint ball business. nobody ever uses it anyway. lets have some fun in that bad boy.


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