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Jul. 22, 2011 at 1:49pm

Pre-Tacoma Dome Concert Neighborhood Spam

I have a tweet in to @CityofTacoma asking if this sort of thing is even legal? Can't see how it is. Sure uglies up the place and doesn't please me especially in light of our current anti-sky spam billboard fight.

Their (impressively swift) response: "@kevinfreitas I saw folks starting to put this up last night. The short answer - no, it isn't legal. It's being reported." Glad someone's on the case. Thanks Tacoma!

10/9/2008 - 'Movin' Outta Tacoma
2/12/2008 - Spam Signs Decorate Town
10/31/2007 - Post-it style graffiti

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by NineInchNachos on 7/22/2011 @ 1:59pm
radio stations really have no clue

by fredo on 7/22/2011 @ 2:45pm
The Wolf...

Curious, that's the brand of beer from Jinxmedics last O & J.

by The Jinxmedic on 7/22/2011 @ 2:50pm
"Wolf Lager" They weren't supposed to have put these up yet...

by Dave_L on 7/22/2011 @ 4:24pm
They must be playing both kinds of music at that concert tonight.
I remember when this happened before (and was exposed here on FT) with that other spam radio station. I almost gathered up as many signs as I could to drive up and post around the neighborhood of their Bellevue offices, but it remained a woulda/coulda/shoulda. I can understand they want to ride the coattails of a concert and advertise. But do they ever pick these things up when the concert is over?

by fredo on 7/22/2011 @ 5:25pm
This type of repetitive signage is the type that would probably be endorsed by Mayor Strickland. When you see this display you know you're not in Mayberry and that's important to her.

by Erik on 7/22/2011 @ 6:07pm
A similar approach that billboards take: spam everyone regardless of the damage to the visual environment.

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