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Jul. 29, 2008 at 2:26pm

Quick Bites - More Perfecter Bacon

It's happened before (with video) and it happened again.

The Spar [ map ]

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by zastica on 7/29/2008 @ 3:50pm
mmm.... bacon.

by jenyum on 7/29/2008 @ 5:40pm

Everything should taste like bacon.

by tacomachickadee on 7/29/2008 @ 6:38pm
It's amazing the many ways to cook bacon, and the many different ways people like it. My favorite? Broiled so it's crisp but still juicy and sprinkled with brown sugar -- or whatever magic The Blonde put on it that one brunch-tastic day ... (But Kevin, next time I accidentally burn the bacon ... I'll know who to call so I don't have to trash it. :) )

by baglady on 7/29/2008 @ 10:05pm
So-o-o-o... could that be why you had sausage instead of bacon last time you were in. I know now how you REALLY like your snappin' crisp bacon!

by Crys on 9/5/2008 @ 4:45pm
baaaacon! yes! sprinkled with brown sugar. or honey-glazed pepper bacon. And in a pinch, bacon dipped in syrup. Skip the pancakes folks- just have some sweetened bacon.


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