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Mar. 1, 2011 at 7:12am

Review ~ Gibson's Frozen Yogurt

Tacoma welcomes it's tasty new neighbors

I had a chance to stop by Gibson's Frozen Yogurt [ map ] in the heart of Tacoma's Stadium District this weekend with my friend Dorene after an afternoon in Seattle. Despite the frigid wind and snow still on the ground it was a welcome treat! A clean yet still inviting space stretches from an entrance facing Stadium Thriftway to the charming street front on Tacoma Ave. Let me just say the yogurt and toppings were delicious and the staff are warm and eager to assist.

They charge by weight so here's a quick tutorial about how the place works:

Step 1 - Get your yogurt on by grabbing a bowl and choosing from among 8 flavors of froyo from YoCream based out of Portland, OR. I highly recommend the cake batter flavor. Trust me!

Step 2 - Topping it up with candy, fruit, nuts, mochi, or whatever you choose.

Step 3 - Have the nice folks there weigh it and ring you up.*

Step 4 - Relax and enjoy! There's plenty of comfy seats at tables or the bar and even wifi and things like coffee if you want to make it your new freelance chill spot.

* That beautiful bowl I put together above cost only about $3.50 and included two flavors of frozen yogurt and three or four different toppings!

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