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Apr. 15, 2008 at 6:48am

Shooting Chihuly Glass

Tonight I found something via FeedTacoma Videos with a title that reads "Dale Chihuly glass meets shotgun blast" complete with links over to photos of the entire event. The video showed a few guys shooting a couple guns at distant targets in front of a grove of fir trees. The photos showed more detail on the group as well as the colorful pieces they shot.

I certainly hope this wasn't real Chihuly work but it shouldn't matter -- someone worked hard to create those pieces and these guys just took them out to the woods to shoot them to bits. Maybe they actually blow glass and this is their stuff. If so, I stand corrected.

However, as I was typing this up, the posted videos were removed from YouTube and the photos disappeared from the aforementioned online album. Suspicious or just some people trying to keep their rep clean online? Does anyone know of any local museum or elsewhere missing some colorful glasswork?

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Although I have another home on the web I thought it might be nice to lead by example a bit and put this blog system up to the test myself.

So far, so good... Funny how I build web tools for other people that are far better than the one's I have setup over on KFnet.


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