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Jul. 9, 2009 at 10:47am

SoDo Sounder Happenings: Drilling

Looks like some info gathering drilling was happening alone "A" Street near the Elephant Carwash. Me thinks it's to do with the Sounder Lakewood extension that will be running across this very spot and they need to know what's going on sediment-wise in the sub-surface before they lay a mound and track on top of it.

For those who don't know, a track will be added from under 705, be elevated on a berm that starts to the right of this image, crosses "A" (permanently shutting it down to vehicle, though not pedestrian, traffic), and through the empty lot next to Elephant, over a newly lowered Pacific, and up the hill along South Tacoma Way to meet up with the old Prairie Line.

Maybe folks against the berm will get lucky if this drilling shows this area actually sits atop fill made from old Chinese newspapers. ;)

Link to project info via Sound Transit
More "Sounder" via FeedTacoma

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by Erik on 7/9/2009 @ 12:04pm
Not good.

by Earthdaughter on 7/9/2009 @ 8:49pm
More likely the fill will be ASARCO slag. At the meeting Wednesday at TMB, ST said the difference between berm and post and beam is only around $2 million. And that's with THEIR numbers! That's chump change on this project. But they worry about loitering under the tracks and/or terrorist activity. It was pointed out that there are lots of vulnerable spots on the the line already, so that's irrelevant.

I suggested that if they made the area people-friendly to attract "normal" folk, (ala Frost Park), the ROW will not be attractive to drug traffic, etc. So far it looks like an attempt to make "attractive concrete" for vehicle traffic. I say narrow the lanes on Pacific and create a walking park with kiosks, etc, to tie in with any future residential development in the dome district. Give you a place to go while your car is being washed! Reachable by the LINK, too. And it would be a much more attractive welcome to visitors to T-Town coming up Pacific.

And instead of grass on the hillsides where a berm is a good option, how about terraces with appropriate native plants and/or a food forest to supply the Mission and food banks? I'm sure they could find non-profits to partner with since they say they only have funding for lawn and gravel! When will they learn the "true" cost of lawns. Hydroseeding is quick and effective, but down the road it is a money pit or an eyesore or both. Seven generations, people!

by NineInchNachos on 7/9/2009 @ 9:07pm
bummer dude. Is there anything we can do?

The tacomic will do what it can... though first we must give Eyman another spanking.

by L.S.Erhardt on 7/9/2009 @ 11:58pm
"But they worry about loitering under the tracks and/or terrorist activity"

I had to laugh at that one. Loitering? Absolutely unless that neighborhood gets some love.
Terrorism? About as likely as me wooing and winning over the heart of Drew Barrymore.


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