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Mar. 9, 2011 at 1:47pm

Sounder Construction Update - Eagle Tire Be Gone

Plus a bonus mini review of Cheers Downtown!

As the Sounder D-M Street project continues it looks like it's time to start taking a handful of buildings down at the corner of Pacific Ave. and South Tacoma Way. First to go is the former Eagle Tire. Don't worry, they moved long ago! ;) The neighborhood is going to look pretty different in just a couple short weeks.

But, hey, if you want to watch the construction (well, destruction, really) in action grab a seat for lunch at the new Cheers Downtown. Even though it's in the former McCabe's building they put a lot of work into the place. It's light inside with plenty of TVs to watch if the action construction outside isn't popping. I haven't dined in yet but had a pretty solid jalapeno and pepper jack cheese stuffed burger from there yesterday and was pretty impressed.

Stay tuned for another video construction update and for a full Cheers review.

Video - Downtown Construction Updates (1/15)
Photo ~ Sounder Construction Update (11/23/2010)
And So It Begins - Sounder Extension (6/23/2010)

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