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Jul. 3, 2008 at 9:39am

Space on the Ave

Ixia Tile and Sixth Ave. Business District member Claudia sent over this summary of space available on/around that area.

John Loesch says the remodeling project on his Neighborhood Market building at 3002 Sixth Avenue will be ready for leasing of office space in July.

A central location for one or two (2600 sq.ft or 5000 sq. ft) quality stores is now available in the building on the SE corner of 6th Avenue and Anderson, across Anderson from TAPCO. This has been the site of Rosalie’s Ladies’ Wear and Lettermen’s Apparel and has not been used for retail for several years.

North China Garden offers a great space of 3900 sq. ft. at 2309 Sixth Avenue, next to their restaurant. This was formerly a dry-cleaner location, and the North China folks have upgraded the premises, ready for a nice store.

Two well-located spots are still available at 3013 Sixth Avenue. With the Bead Factory and Krazy Kat Fiberhaus in that block, what new craft businesses could make this a multiple-craft resource center?

John Hogan offers a nice store space on Sixth Avenue just west of Union, between Garlic Jim’s and Quizno’s Subs. He also has several office spaces of assorted sizes in the Poole’s Corner building.

Fred Minniti has a store space available, the former location of The Wedding Bell, in his Puget Sound Real Estate Building at 6th and Proctor.

The unprofitable meat counter at Neighborhood Market is being removed so now there's extra room for office space but the market itself isn't closing. If you're in the market for any of the above I imagine you could spent some time window real estate shopping during the upcoming 6th Ave Farmers' Market or Art on the Ave.

Thanks Claudia!

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