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Oct. 22, 2010 at 7:03am

Spanish Steps Looking Good!

Just thought I'd share.

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by fredo on 10/22/2010 @ 7:39am
Looking good except...that monkey puzzle tree needs to come down. Also the steps should have a bike lane marked so that people will know which side the cars belong on.

by NineInchNachos on 10/22/2010 @ 8:00am
Hey that's mean fredo.

by tacoma1 on 10/22/2010 @ 8:02am
I was walking past just the other day. It's looking great. The tree Monkey Puzzle tree is a messy, ugly, non native species, planted in an inappropriate place. It's also (I believe) on private property. I would be happy to see it replaced with a more attractive native species.

by jenyum on 10/22/2010 @ 8:06am
I don't know, it's not the most beautiful thing in the world or anything but it's such a vigorous tree, and older than my mom. I say trim it back aggressively and if it still thrives it can stay.

Monkey puzzle trees have a lifespan of 1,000+ years, so it's not like it's approaching the end of its life.

by NineInchNachos on 10/22/2010 @ 8:10am
TRIM THE DAMN TREE (before you cut it down) PARTY!

this could be a far out looking tree.

by tommyllew on 10/22/2010 @ 8:44am
It's gonna be the sweetest spot in Tacoma...to shoot up heroin!

by NineInchNachos on 10/22/2010 @ 8:56am
hey! what's with all the haters!?

by fredo on 10/22/2010 @ 10:04am
Jen, you're right. these trees have very long life spans. that makes it even more important to move this tree to a better spot. otherwise it's going to be causing foundational damage to the elks building and the spanish steps for many centuries in the future. thanks for calling our attention to this additional problem.

by Erik on 10/22/2010 @ 11:36am
Great pictures Kevin. Looks like RR might have to scale and camp out in the tree to save it.

by tommyllew on 10/22/2010 @ 11:41am
It really is looking quite lovely...for shooting up heroin!

Wheee! That's funny!

OK, seriously, I really do think they're doing a great job. And it really is going to be beautiful...for shooting up heroin!

Oh yeah!

by NineInchNachos on 10/22/2010 @ 11:42am
hell yes! the spines will make tree camping very uncomfortable, but I will do what it necessary to protect our ornamental dinosaur tree heritage.

by jenyum on 10/22/2010 @ 12:47pm
Truthfully, I don't really care if it's causing a major problem for the architects. Let's get 'er done. Would hate to think that worrying about the tree caused some kind of major delay.

by jenyum on 10/22/2010 @ 12:48pm
Anyway, everybody knows the Delco passage lookout at Point Defiance is the most beautiful place in Tacoma to shoot up heroin.

by Maria on 10/22/2010 @ 12:52pm
Wow, looks marvelous. Prepare for an influx of seniors, brides and families with kids (along with their photographers) at the obligatory graceful stairwell portrait sessions.

by Dorky's on 10/22/2010 @ 1:03pm
I'm happy the smell of bum pee is gone!!!

by Jesse on 10/22/2010 @ 5:01pm
For your bum pee fix simply walk around DT Seattle a couple blocks up from Pike's market.

Stairs look great! Can't wait till they do the Elks!

by Nick on 10/25/2010 @ 9:00am
This is exciting! Ashley and I had our engagement photos taken there last spring. While watching our photographer find angles that showed the hidden beauty in these steps was entertaining, I'm glad to see that's changing.


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