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Jun. 10, 2008 at 6:58am

Tacoma Film Fest Poster Contest

The Grand Cinema is looking for a entries to design a poster for this years Tacoma Film Festival. There are only basic guidelines for leaving room for sponsors, the event info, and a specific size. Other than that, it's open season! The winner will receive $350 and, as they put it, "serious" entries will get 4 passes to see movies at the Grand. Last year's looks like this. Here are the details:

Have you ever wanted to see your artistic work displayed all over Tacoma?  This could be your chance!  The non-profit Grand Cinema is turning to the artistic community to design this October’s Tacoma Film Festival poster.  The Grand will accept entries for the poster through July 31, 2008.  All entries will be displayed at the Grand Cinema and a winner will be chosen for this year’s festival.  The winning poster will receive $350, two festival passes to the Tacoma Film Festival and a joint membership to the non-profit Grand Cinema.  All serious entries will receive four passes to any movie at the Grand Cinema.

As for the design, that is pretty much left to you.  It will need to say what the event is: “The Grand Cinema presents The 3rd Annual Tacoma Film Festival”.  It will need to have the dates: October 2-9, 2008.  We’ll also later add sponsor logos to the bottom of the poster.  Entries will need to be provided in an electronic format that can be reproduced into 11x17 posters (please keep some blank space at the bottom for those sponsor logos).  If you want to discuss ideas with us prior to creation, we encourage you to contact The Grand’s Executive Director Philip Cowan at 253.572.6062.

If you plan to submit a design, while not required, we ask that you let us know prior to the deadline.  That way we will have an idea of how many designs are in the works.

I'm sure there are some chalk off artists that would be up to the poster designing challenge. Too bad something sketched on pavement probably wouldn't count. I suppose there are always photos tho...

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