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Jun. 8, 2012 at 7:25am

Tacoma Tidbits - Art, Cajun, and My Hat

On the Catwalk

Saw an open and bustling Catwalk inside the old BKB (RIP) space at UWT along Pacific. The fashion boutique and art gallery is open Tues. through Sat. noon to 6pm and Sunday noon to 5pm. Can't wait to take my special lady down to check out some fashions and such!

DiLoreto's Open

Wednesday morning I noticed the new coffee shop DiLoreto's (previously) was open for business. Then yesterday morning they weren't. Not sure of their hours just yet but I'm still happy to see such a bright new face there along Commerce. Anyone stop by yet?

Protester Hours

Food for thought: The protesters who still loiter outside/draw attention to the downtown IGA seem to keep strict banker's hours. I've seen them there during the day but, on my 5 o'clock walk home, they're gone without a trace. So much for it being a cause but instead a job for them. I do like how the store now favors their own sail-like street banners to advertise their existence over the top of the protesters instead of mere sandwich board action.

Stadium Tear-Up

Oh, and signs related to sewer work related to the coming very soon tear-up/re-do of Commerce/Stadium way appeared in front of the Old Elks/New McMenamin's building.

Cajun Coming Soon

That cajun place I mentioned a couple weeks ago has their "Coming Soon" sign up. I love cajun food. So can't wait. That is all.

Hat Tip

Finally, many thanks to a kind soul yesterday. Just after snapping the above pic I turned to walk away and heart an "excuse me!" from across Pacific. The man notice I'd dropped my hat and hollered to get my attention. Thanks for going above and beyond and for making my day!

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