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May. 23, 2012 at 10:56am

Tacoma's First Bike Corral Hits the Ave

The Red Hot posted pics this morning of setup and completion of Tacoma's first bike corrals installed in front of their fine establishment. Sporting a new bike myself this is an exciting addition to the 6th Ave. neighborhood and to alternate mobility in general. Just in time for the Bike Month party there next Thurs. May 31st, too!

Thanks to the City, 6th Ave, and The Red Hot (and I'm sure others) for helping make this happen!

(photos used with permission from The Red Hot)

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by Hank on 5/23/2012 @ 11:10am
Almost everytime I drive by there are tons of bikes. Probably the most fitting place for a bike rack. Awesome, now I just need a bike.

by fredo on 5/23/2012 @ 11:21am
Is it installed right in a lane of traffic?

by Hank on 5/23/2012 @ 11:31am
They're installed in a parking spot.

by Keeper on 5/23/2012 @ 11:41am
How long before someone hits it? I wonder what the real purpose is for those yellow posts. They certainly won't protect the rack, and couldn't they just have put some reflective tape on the actual bike rack?

by fredo on 5/23/2012 @ 1:26pm
Within 90 days some overanxious driver is going to go around traffic on the right side and plow into the bike racks. My estimate.

by NineInchNachos on 5/23/2012 @ 1:34pm
need more bike racks! Like ships in a convoy to protect against uboats

by fredo on 5/23/2012 @ 1:38pm
How come no trees in front of these 6th Ave. businesses? don't they want a "complete street?"

by KevinFreitas on 5/23/2012 @ 1:47pm
Traffic actually doesn't move very quickly at all through those few blocks so I'm not too worried about it getting hit. Likewise it'll probably help calm traffic there a bit more which is great!

by JesseHillFan on 5/23/2012 @ 5:28pm
I think a drunk driver will eventually hit this and likely take out quite a few bikes too.Another criticism this would block a bike lane too.
I prefer the European style wider sidewalks with a pedestrian walking area and a bicycle riding one over the ideas of unprotected bike lanes (can be more dangerous).

by Jesse on 5/23/2012 @ 7:03pm
I think they should have poured a concrete bulb-out to set it on and they shouldn't have made it entirely of copper.

by JesseHillFan on 5/23/2012 @ 7:42pm
Jesse your idea about a concrete structure is great.How about a concrete above ground tree planter maybe something like 8 feet by 8 feet and about 3 feet in dimensions tall to protect the bike rack from a out of control car.

by L.S.Erhardt on 5/23/2012 @ 10:41pm
I passed the rack 3 times today.

Each of those 3 times, there was a car (different each time) parked between the rack and the corner.
I think the rack will be well-protected by a few thousand kg of metal.

by fredo on 5/24/2012 @ 5:19am
If this gets smashed into its probably going to be in the morning when the sun is rising and the east bound traffic is somewhat blinded. My own parked vehicle was rear ended in the 3400 block of 6th Avenue by a west bound driver blinded by the setting sun a few years ago.

by KevinFreitas on 5/24/2012 @ 7:15am
Huh, then clearly we need to make the bike corral bright than the Sun so driver's see it first. ;)

by fredo on 5/24/2012 @ 7:36am
What color is brighter than the sun? :)

Seriously, when somebody is injured in the upcoming bike corral accident nobody is going to be laughing. They're going to be saying "why didn't we listen to fredo?"

by KevinFreitas on 5/24/2012 @ 8:05am
It'd be ironic though, and cheaper than bulb outs, to permanently park a couple art cars on either end to protect the rack.

by fredo on 5/24/2012 @ 8:13am
two hour parking zone,

so the city will need to hire people to move different cars into these two spaces numerous times every day. hey, more city employment for people who need easy work and a family wage job! wait...the city can hire me! for 60 grand I'll park my 2 cars over there and move them every two hours and hang out at the red hot drinking brewskis. I'll even keep some flares burning on top of those yellow plastic pylons so they'll be bright like the sun.

by NineInchNachos on 5/24/2012 @ 8:16am
more bike racks! maybe they can put a bike rack on top of a huge metal grate and put a rain garden under it?

by fredo on 5/24/2012 @ 8:19am
Kevin was concerned with "calming traffic"

Here's a good way to calm traffic. The Red Hot could put a big sign out there that says "FREE BEER AND HOT DOGS" right out front. People would slow down big time.

by NineInchNachos on 5/24/2012 @ 8:35am
or if they want to save money: "FREE BEER AND HOT DOGS TOMORROW!"

by tacoma_1 on 5/24/2012 @ 9:58am
To paraphrase the NRA here. Bike corrals can't cause car accidents. Only cars drivers can.

by cisserosmiley on 5/24/2012 @ 10:21am
...but to the sullen fellow with a broken bike and childless mother alike, whos fault it us brings no peace. Only the thought that without guns and without bike racks in the street neither tragedy had to occur...regardless of fault.
and to the B in the green Buick that hit me at 26th and union then lied about your info...f you!!!!!!!!!!!!! I fixed my schwinn and I'm looking for you!

by NineInchNachos on 5/24/2012 @ 10:29am
they park cars in the street. bikes should park in the street too. sidewalks for pedestrians !

by cisserosmiley on 5/24/2012 @ 11:23am
Why not a separate area like a parking lot for only bikes, could happen in a current car parking lot. Covered. And security cams.

by fredo on 5/24/2012 @ 11:45am
I don't have too many other thoughts about the bike rack installed in the parking strip but it looks like a kooky design that's going to come back to bite the city in the form of a lawsuit.

by tacoma1 on 5/24/2012 @ 11:59am
My truck was legally parked in front of my house and a distracted driver ran into it and totalled it. The distracted driver was at fault, received a ticket, and their insurance company paid me for my loss.

The city wasn't at fault, nor was I. No one was sued. I don't see the difference between a plainly marked bike corral and a legally parked vehicle.

by NineInchNachos on 5/24/2012 @ 12:01pm
taco time!

by cisserosmiley on 5/24/2012 @ 12:30pm
I'm glad taco time invested in a new building, but I'm at the end of 6th where they moved from and there are no more tater tots here. The Wiggling Cactus is moving into the old taco time space. Let's get a bike rack there too.

by fredo on 5/24/2012 @ 1:17pm
"I don't see the difference between a plainly marked bike corral and a legally parked vehicle."

Here's an obvious difference. The car you park in front of your house has to be moved ever 24 hours. The bike corral doesn't have to be moved. The bike corral is more like the RV that the neighbor guy parks in front of his house for years at a time.

Here's a less obvious difference. People driving cars on 6th Ave EXPECT to see cars parked next to the sidewalk. They DON'T EXPECT to see a bike corral. If one of my family members was injured in a automobile/bike corral accident I'd be looking to sue the city. I'm not sure these are approved by the street engineering community. I'm pretty sure a jury might find that a bike corral placed in the city right of way was a nuisance or perhaps even hazardous.

by NineInchNachos on 5/24/2012 @ 1:28pm
that is absurd, you can't let your mother in law sleep in a bike corral the same way you can an RV. What kind of maniac are you Fredo?

by Maria on 5/24/2012 @ 1:31pm
Perhaps Fredo is right in that this could use a little bit more definition or substance, such as a concrete planter (mentioned by Jesse) or more reflective material.

The average driver paying attention is going to easily spot a bike corral set in a parking space. But public works projects also have to be engineered for inattentive drivers, beginning drivers, drunks, etc. unfortunately.

In any case, this is a cool addition to the city. More bikes = less congestion = cleaner air = healthier citizens = less obesity = more citizens on the streets = etc.

Even though there are other cities that are more bike friendly, overall, our state is doing a great job. We were chosen for the fifth year in the row as the most bike friendly state. This makes us the 1949–53 Yankees of bike friendliness.


by fredo on 5/24/2012 @ 2:01pm
why can't you paste a picture into this thread?

by L.S.Erhardt on 5/24/2012 @ 2:31pm
I don't know why you can't, but I certainly can post pictures.


by fredo on 5/24/2012 @ 2:34pm
OK, how do you do it?

by L.S.Erhardt on 5/24/2012 @ 2:39pm
HTML tags.

The w3school website explains it nicely.
The image part is near the bottom of their website.
You can ignore the width and height attributes. Since FT uses HTML, I am going to use brackets for this example. If I used the proper tags, FT would try to generate the image and I couldn't show you the code.
In real life, use the < and > symbols.
[img src="http://www.fredo.com/nobike.jpg"]

by jenyum on 5/24/2012 @ 3:05pm
The image has to be online somewhere first, you can't just upload it to a reply. (This is really difficult to to explain to bright 11 year olds, and their brains are a lot more malleable.)

...on topic: I have yet to find a time of day when traffic isn't moving at a crawl through that intersection. It will be fine.

by L.S.Erhardt on 5/24/2012 @ 3:07pm
Indeed. It surprises me that the speed limit is 30. Rarely do I find the traffic going any faster than 20. Not that the speed limit should be 20, but more like 25 in that particular stretch.

by Maria on 5/24/2012 @ 3:08pm
As Jenyum said, it has to be uploaded from your hard drive first.

(Unless you're using a photo on the Internet already. In that case, right click and you can get its link...but beware, many sites don't allow this and will substitute a warning or a NSFW image, plus it's considered bad manners.)

Anyway, if it's your image, upload it to Twitpic, Flickr or Photobucket (so it's off your computer and on an Internet server).

Whatever photo storage site you use, they'll give you a direct link (look for Share button) to the image. Paste that here in your reply.

by KevinFreitas on 5/24/2012 @ 10:42pm
"People driving cars on 6th Ave EXPECT to see cars parked next to the sidewalk. They DON'T EXPECT to see a bike corral." @fredo

Exactly! It's time they come to expect to see more bike corrals and bikes in general around town. No longer should biking to/from work, the grocery store, or a favorite pub but something people don't expect to see around here.

by KevinFreitas on 5/24/2012 @ 10:44pm
(re: image stuff @fredo -- I just changed the comment form here so there's not a little picture button just above it and towards the right -- click that and you can use that popup to upload an image and choose a size -- once it appears in that window simply drag it from there into a comment box here)

by Erik on 5/25/2012 @ 12:33am
Kudos for the city for placing  bike corral on 6th Avenue which will hold a slew of bikes but yet only took away one curb parking space, which for merchants and for the life of an area are like gold.

Generally, it is best to have buildings built completely filling up the building lot built right up next to the curb and to maximize the number of spaces on the curb where cars can park.

Unfortunately, Tacoma's practice over the last 40 years has been to build endless surface level parking lots on building lots where building should be and destroy curb parking spaces.

by JesseHillFan on 5/25/2012 @ 12:44am
I'm thinking about modifying my driveway in front of my house for a bikes only but covered thing like this (with no cars allowed only Velomobiles are acceptable too).Getting a ridekick powered trailer will be my next biking accessory objective.

by fredo on 5/25/2012 @ 5:56am
How about one of these in front of the corral?

by cisserosmiley on 5/25/2012 @ 8:07am
More surface lots for bikes!

by Mofo from the Hood on 5/25/2012 @ 9:16am
The City should rent ocean ship containers and install them on the side streets off the main arterials. The money to acquire the containers could be funnelled through an arts grant for delinquent children who specialize in graffitti. This proposed City/Arts program will share information with Tacoma Public Schools, which will develop a feeder program of drop out students, specially trained to use aerosol paint cans to revise the graffitti images on the ocean containers/bike garages. The City/Arts/Schools program grant will also provide funding for bright yellow-green jumpsuits to cloth the maintenance gangs. This is just one vision of a progressive new normal for Tacoma.


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