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Jul. 17, 2008 at 7:04am

Tall Ship Attacks Salmon Beach Community

And the scurrvy heroes that thwarted it

FeedTacoma friend Kristine sent over this account of a heroing high calm seas encounter she and fellow Salmon Beach residents went through last night.

Residents of Salmon Beach were alarmed to find themselves under vicious canon fire by the marauding Lady Washington tall ship at sunset last evening. Being a stalwart and fearless community, they immediately armed themselves with whatever weapons happened to be on hand - ranging from rusty machetes, wooden oars, ribald comments, bare bottoms and two Yukon Gold potatoes fired -- impotently from shore.

No one on knows for sure whether it was their heroically-mounted counter attack, brave insults, or the wind and currents that drove the menacing ship away - but the residents of Salmon Beach counted it a victory and toasted themselves as the evening light dimmed and the cheers subsided. The beach sleeps soundly again.

Thanks Kristine! Glad to hear everyone down in your watery community made it out without pillage or plunder imposed upon you. Here are some amazing shots from a photographer embedded there during the salvo.

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by zastica on 7/17/2008 @ 9:37am
That's not the Lady. The Lady is a square-rigged brig, and that's a gaff-rigged schooner.

That ship is Amazing Grace, who makes her home in Gig Harbor.


by Rue on 7/17/2008 @ 9:20pm
Yukon Gold? I would have gone with a pair of Russets myself...


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