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Dec. 5, 2007 at 7:22am

Tosta Coffee in Freighthouse open

For business and lounging

Noticed yesterday that the cafe in Freighthouse Square is now reopened. I didn't have a chance to take Tosta for a test drive but here are a couple deets and pics:

  • the space is about twice as large as before
  • about half the area is now a lounge with comfy chairs and couches
  • wi-fi (hopefully it works)
  • they're still serving Peggy's Cinnamon rolls

It's definitely a worthy upgrade for the space but a) will it pull in Sounder commuters and b) is this the sort of idea that will help move Freighthouse into the future?

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by izenmania on 12/5/2007 @ 9:10am
they're still serving Peggy's Cinnamon rolls>>>>

That's all I need...

I do think it has a good chance of drawing in commuters (at least a better chance than the previous place... anyone who wasn't looking for a cinnamon roll really had no reason to enter). Especially if they can swing some kind of clear advertisement in the main central ticketing area. I don't know that it will really move Freighthouse forward too much, simply because all snagging the commuter coffee dollar will do is keep that business open. It won't bring genuine new customers into the building. I doubt that too many people will change their routine to include a FHS stop because of this place.

What it needs is some actually successful retail.

by Erik on 12/5/2007 @ 11:57am
I rate the coffee shop as the best remodel in Freighthouse Square ever. Bold statement. But many of the shops have traditionally simply done some painting.

Also, they opened up alot of windows.

It looks to be pretty popular.

by KevinFreitas on 12/5/2007 @ 12:02pm
Nice, thanks for sharing, Erik. Not being a coffee drinker myself it's hard to size such places up or even get me to them in the first place.

by jess on 1/25/2008 @ 2:59pm
I have definately changed my schedule to include this sunny spot to my day! I was lucky enough stumble on it one weekend and had a BLAST!! Those girls are nice and Soooo funny.It's nice to see coffee girls that are a little more real then the robotic "goodmorning" I get else where.If you haven't stopped by yet you should. If you wanna good laugh just start a conversation and their trivia is always a kick in the pants.

by Erik on 1/25/2008 @ 4:04pm
I have definately changed my schedule to include this sunny spot to my day! I was lucky enough stumble on it one weekend and had a BLAST!!

The best places is by the window next to the heater.


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