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May. 22, 2008 at 7:22am

Trashing America - A Film by Paul Blanchard

I discovered Paul Blanchard's charming video work last June after finding a piece he'd made on the best/worst thing about being a kid. His cast for that and other films is either his kids or their classmates at Washington Elementary. His latest work is called Trashing America and has these same students reciting facts about our country and the garbage we produce and its impacts. In the end, they created the impressive, modern eco folk art piece above -- an U.S. flag made from recyclable materials often thrown away.

Link to Trashing America

What I want to know is where can this be put on display around Tacoma? My hope is that it'll tour some galleries and the museums to help show off this powerful message consciously created by local kids.

Thanks for sharing and keep up the fine work Paul!

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by fredo on 5/22/2008 @ 1:57pm
Kevin,OK to put in store window. Let me know.

by KevinFreitas on 5/22/2008 @ 3:02pm
Very cool. I'll relay that to Paul. I'm not sure if the project came from the video or the other way around. Whatever the case hopefully the rightful owner is willing to share.


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