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Jan. 15, 2013 at 2:59pm

Tweet Transcript from Today's City Council Study Session

We're almost live pic.twitter.com/sT0EZK70

We're live! pic.twitter.com/pmyIptlF

It's all interviews at the study session today.

Q's: Why do you want to serve? What's sets you apart? What priorities? We're going in alpha order. 20 minutes for each.

Motion may be made by tonight's city council meeting.

Monica Alexander is up. pic.twitter.com/1SQ8lynV

Alexander: Values of econ development, educations, safe communities. Sees values in line with council's.

Alexander: Working with existing strategic plan good path. Wants to adhere to accountability-driven leadership. Serving humbly.

Alexander: Parter, collab with school board. Safe community top thing people look at when moving.

Boe -> Alexander: Part time job w/full time expectations. How will you handle day job and council position?

Alexander: Has support of day job superiors, flexible schedule. Has endless energy, doesn't drink coffee. Knows long days.

Mello-> Alexander: Diverse district geography, demographics. Most important issues in District 2?

Alexander: Resident of NE #Tacoma. Schools, open spaces, sidewalks important in NE.

Alexander: Biz and tourism important downtown. Where she doesn't know details, will learn, collaborate.

Ibsen -> Alexander: Public safety, how familiar with local police, what goals with limited funds?

Alexander: TPD presence in community and via substations important. Understands doing more with less. Listening for needs.

Walker -> Alexander: Perspectives/differences bring to city council?

Alexander: Thinks globally, listens, owned small biz, community/public relations to respond and promote city successes.

Campbell -> Alexander: Of top priorities, how would you ensure econ. dev?

Alexander: Lower B&O, promote programs, resources.

Strickland -> Alexander: How move org forward considering recent budget cuts?

Alexander: Strong survive by doing more with less. How much am I willing to give for success? Do best that can be done.

Strickland -> Alexander: Work, personal experience w/diverse audiences?

Alexander: Attends Evergreen, works with diverse fellow students. Helps people w/voters rights, become independent, contributing.

Woodards -> Alexander: How bridge 'hood gap between NE #Tacoma, downtown?

Alexander: Lives in one place, school, friends in other.

Campbell -> Alexander: District 2 assets?

Alexander: Schools, public and UW #Tacoma. People's passion and compassion are greatest asset.

Strickland -> Alexander: Example of taking unpopular stand, how managed?

Alexander: As state trooper, listens to input when opinions differ. Makes herself heard, takes stand even if outcome not in favor.

Strickland -> Alexander: Why serve?

Alexander: #Tacoma has everything she needs. Small enough, big enough. Overall safe feeling.

Alexander: Enter to learn, depart to serve.

Cowan is up now via phone.

Cowan: Likes solving problems. Dig deep, seek solutions. Wants to move towards balanced budget -- Numbers "fun" to him.

Cowan: Finance as top priority. Helps @GrandCinema stay in the black, record attendance. Listens to customer, sweats details there

Cowan: Biz, non-profit, father. Will listen to people of #Tacoma.

Ibsen -> Cowan: What perspective on recent council budget? Innovations?

Cowan: Pretty impressed w/recent budget. Wouldn't specifically change anything.

Cowan: Look forward to avoid budget probs, enhance revenues. How biz could increase sales?

Cowan: Analyze what City is good at, cut things it's not. Keep open mind re: budget.

Boe -> Cowan: Live, work downtown. What's understanding of full District 2?

Cowan: Here to represent all in district. Work toward greater goals, listen to ppl in district.

Cowan: Brings understanding to business of Port. Downtown tourism key. Create pockets of good in city that spread out.

Mello-> Cowan: What initiatives would you advance if serving?

Cowan: Livable, walkable communities with transportation policy. Running for fitness around town gives perspective.

Cowan: Invest in future of community and econ. development. Tax rebates not solution. Take care of biz already here.

Cowan: Bring in revenue, other initiatives will follow.

Campbell -> Cowan: Greatest District 2 assets?

Cowan: Diversity as greatest asset. Port, university, arts districts.

Cowan: Arts pull people into town.

Walker -> Cowan: Decision making style brought to existing council?

Cowan: Listening key. No pre-conceived notions. Hold core values but be flexible. Don't micro-manage.

Cowan: Focus on flexibility and results.

Strickland -> Cowan: Experience with diverse audiences?

Cowan: When child, was excluded at b-day party. Kids played w/out him. Only white child. Shaped on how empathize w/people.

Cowan: Enjoys meeting people in any job, situation presented.

Woodards -> Cowan: What recent council decision might you have disagreed with?

Cowan: Ticket admissions tax. Agrees with decision, opposed because it didn't have broad spread of application.

Boe -> Cowan: Follow up. Enough hours in day to be on council?

Cowan: Agrees it's a big task. Used to working long hours. Would scale back hours @GrandCinema.

Cowan: Relishes change to be workaholic for city.

Strickland -> Cowan: Why city council applicant?

Cowan: Likes solving problems. Likes city and what it's done in last 15 years. See growth continue. Tap potential.

Mello-> Cowan: How differentiate from other applicants?

Cowan: Biz background. Delves deep into biz, not skimmed on top. Cares for council effectiveness, not self-promotion.

D'Aniello: Is now up. Threw himself into ring as resident of NE #Tacoma, biz owner. Frustrated. pic.twitter.com/OcBETDNt

D'Aniello: Wants to have more of council's time. Teacher but took personal day. Dome District biz owner.

D'Aniello: Is sticking around. This is home. Priorities fiscal conservative, socially liberal. Determine priorities, get msg out.

D'Aniello: Normal ppl don't have time to touch council, bridge gap via PR.

D'Aniello: Change image of local politics.

Boe -> D'Aniello: How manage time required as city council member?

D'Aniello: Talked to wife, school district, would possibly take leave from teaching.

Campbell -> D'Aniello: What are your frustrations? What do to resolve on council?

D'Aniello: Communication between branches of city gov. Consistent, clean communication key.

D'Aniello: Fair as junior high teacher.

Mello-> D'Aniello: Priorities in diverse district 2? How addressed?

D'Aniello: Priority should be job creation, biz friendly. Coordinate city improvements better with biz.

D'Aniello: Good listener. Find out probs, what's best for area and city.

Strickland -> D'Aniello: As educator, how can city support schools?

D'Aniello: Long term goals carried out, see them through, commitment. Think of kids 12 years.

Walker -> D'Aniello: Describe decision making style esp. when difficulties came up?

D'Aniello: Talking more than he's used to. Listens, let others be heard. Seek compromise.

Campbell -> D'Aniello: Greatest District 2 assets?

D'Aniello: Transportation hub. From east coast, wants better connections, more convenience.

Lonergan -> D'Aniello: What do you see as district 2 challenges?

D'Aniello: Being chopped up with new rail connection. Foss waterway needs better development.

Lonergan -> D'Aniello: What do you teach?

D'Aniello: Was in science, now computers and engineering at Spanaway Lake High School.

Campbell -> D'Aniello: What other non-biz assets bring to council?

D'Aniello: Is city's job to do much more that lay foundation for education, biz, etc? Personable, listens, long-term focus.

Strickland -> D'Aniello: Will run for position regardless of application outcome?

D'Aniello: Not as thick a skin as needed. Ready for it, probably wouldn't run on own.

Edmonds: Is now up. Service in community is a core value. pic.twitter.com/9RWmUcI3

Edmonds: #Tacoma is home of choice after Shoreline. Everything wants for whole, happy life w/out need for I-5.

Edmonds: On board of Save NE #Tacoma, homeowners association. "Who wouldn't want to represent District 2?"

Edmonds: "Awesome opportunity." Brings different viewpoint of state and regional office, policy making.

Edmonds: Public health/safety come first. Value in art, history, waterfront, biz opportunities, support for all here.

Boe -> Edmonds: How represent diverse district?

Edmonds: Approach by getting to know people, stakeholders. Would learn enthusiastically, exhaustively.

Ibsen -> Edmonds: Important district 2, city issues?

Edmonds: Econ. development, living wage jobs. Vibrant waterfront, recreational opportunities.

Edmonds: Wants anyone to be able to live, grow here.

Walker -> Edmonds: Decision making style?

Edmonds: Listen and try to find meaning behind words. Seek out opinions, collaboration. Will only take position if can be defended

Campbell -> Edmonds: How addressing issues of econ. development?

Edmonds: Learn first. What gaps, holes? Grocery downtown met need. Work as team to address probs.

Edmonds: "I have a lot to learn about District 2 as a whole."

Mello-> Edmonds: What to do more towards vibrant waterfront?

Edmonds: Bike to/from NE #Tacoma around bay to Pt. Defiance, safely. Connections between communities.

Edmonds: Opportunities for vibrant waterfront in tide flats. Have all components to vibrant waterfront, connect the dots.

Boe -> Edmonds: You own a bicycle? Edmonds: "I do."

Strickland -> Edmonds: Why attracted to serving local government?

Edmonds: Higher level in gov, more distance from residents served. Working at level best way to serve.

Edmonds: Help direct people to who can help them solve problem. Avoid "not my jurisdiction".

Edmonds: Local gov. "This is where we impact lives."

Campbell -> Edmonds: Best District 2 assets?

Edmonds: "Everything about District 2 is wonderful!" Commencement Bay biggest asset.

Boe -> Edmonds: What do you think about Sperry Ocean Dock and ships re: views, quality of life?

Edmonds: Would need to talk with both effected sides. Personal feeling blocking views happens.

(video feed fail, missed answer to Sperry Q, next Q)

Edmonds: Killed own bill once due to requirement to exclude gay/lesbian parents.

Mello-> Edmonds: What challenges with historic properties, protection?

Edmonds: Balance need of biz, homes with historic concerns.

Higley: Public school teacher, bless to positively impact youth. pic.twitter.com/qojy6Wyg

Higley: Military experience taught dicipline, duty.

Higley: Commonsense and realistic expectations produce positive results when consensus built.

Higley: Brother's murder in hilltop, law enforcement important.

Boe -> Higley: Work two part-time jobs, add a third w/council. How handle time needs?

Higley: Council would become full time job.

Campbell -> Higley: District 2 assets?

Higley: @LeMayMuseum, @MuseumofGlass, @UWTnews, etc.

Campbell -> Higley: What gov role investing in community?

Higley: Provide framework to succeed, grow.

Ibsen -> Higley: District 2 challenges?

Higley: Hasn't been intimately involved of late, will be neutral.

Walker -> Higley: Decision making style?

Higley: Good listener, share opinions/ideas, come up with best possible solutions.

Higley: Sets personal idealogy aside, stand on principle, values.

Lonergan -> Higley: How do you define diversity and a diverse community?

Higley: Take into account different interests. Old vs. young. JBLT.

Mello-> Higley: What challenges related to historic propertices? What should city do?

Higley: Student of history. Appreciates value to community, heritage. Advocate.

Mello -> Higley: What assets of waterfront needs improvement? How improve?

Higley: Would have to study waterfront related issues. Wants to see some of waterfront improved.

Strickland -> Higley: Run for position regardless of outcome? Higley: Likely yes.

Lecy-Davis: Continue efforts as #Tacoma advocate from different perspective. pic.twitter.com/AvWZqQqF

Lecy-Davis: Proud of recent budget process and communication toward results therein.

Lecy-Davis: Engagement of years past separates from other candidates. Attendance shows commitment.

Lecy-Davis: Understand plight of small biz from first-hand perspective.

Lecy-Davis: Experience on task forces, deep community roots.

Boe -> Lecy-Davis: "Thank you for applying again!" As downtown resident, biz owner how rep. all District 2?

Lecy-Davis: Perception of being downtown centric. Weakness is NE #Tacoma. Priority to learn more.

Campbell -> Lecy-Davis: Greatest assets of District 2?

Lecy-Davis: Natural and built environments. Commencement Bay biggest entry to city. Not Exit 133 off freeway.

Ibsen -> Lecy-Davis: How work towards greater connectivity?

Lecy-Davis: Break down silos, have conversations towards collaborations.

Boe -> Lecy-Davis: Sperry Ocean Dock ships -- how approach issue?

Lecy-Davis: As biz owner, respects biz rights within legal boundaries. Needs more conversation w/biz interest.

Lecy-Davis: Options for better stewardship, alt location for use.

Woodards -> Lecy-Davis: Having been so present at council, when disagree?

Lecy-Davis: Open conversation seen even on divisive issues. Mentioned B&O re: hospitals like @MultiCareHealth, @FHSHealth

Walker -> Lecy-Davis: Describe style of decision making with groups, what bring to group? Example?

Lecy-Davis: Recent work w/group w/different opinions, was able to bring everyone to shared vision to move forward.

Mello-> Lecy-Davis: What challenges in such diverse district?

Lecy-Davis: 3 'hood biz districts, 2 view 'hoods, industrial port, downtown core. All different needs, desires.

Lecy-Davis: Find common thread for shared District 2 vision.

Mello-> Lecy-Davis: Unique challenges throughout district? Lecy-Davis: NE #Tacoma disenfranchised.

Lecy-Davis: 150+ residents in boats on waterway. Many w/out voice heard.

Strickland -> Lecy-Davis: Run regardless of outcome. Lecy-Davis: Will run regardless.

Strickland -> Lecy-Davis: Experience working with diverse communities?

Lecy-Davis: Depends on defintion of "diversity". It's going to be about listening.

Campbell -> Lecy-Davis: Top priorities?

Lecy-Davis: Greater need for strategy econ. development. Knows what it takes to collaborate, bring unique jobs.

Lecy-Davis: Need healthy core.

Ibsen -> Lecy-Davis: Strategy getting city back into budget black.

Lecy-Davis: Will keep eye out for unintended consequences. Be efficient and creative, internally collaborative.

Mello-> Lecy-Davis: What more/less to do towards livable, connected community.

Lecy-Davis: Smart transportation plan needed. @PierceTransit cuts unfortunate. Plan includes streetcars.

Strickland -> Lecy-Davis: Why do you want to serve on council?

Lecy-Davis: Brings good piece to chemistry of council. Proactive person.

Thoms: Doesn't talk about self often. Running because of experiences in community, background in Navy. pic.twitter.com/pzAQPNup

Thoms: Also running to support schools.

Boe -> Thoms: How manage council time commitment?

Thoms: Time management challenge with two kids under six. Navy experience was 24/7 job. Always on-call. Understands

Thoms: Do whatever it takes to get the job done. Consulting work requires flexibility.

Thoms: JBLM is second largest employer in state. City does good job but can always do better to work with JBLM.

Woodards -> Thoms: Bridge NE #Tacoma divide?

Thoms: Don't confine to borders. Work as /city/ council. 'Hoods strong. Try to understand issues.

Thoms: Looks forward to learning all District issues.

Walker -> Thoms: Describe decision making style? Examples?

Thoms: Grounded in consensus. Had opportunity to be lead and to lead. How make pieces of whole work collectively.

Thoms: Wants to get the best out of everybody as facilitator, problem solver.

Strickland -> Thoms: What skills would you bring that isn't already here?

Thoms: Diverse, forward-thinking council currently. Work with ideas, passions and amplify assets.

Thoms: "I want us to be the best City Council in the country."

Thoms: How can we work with other gov. agencies, levels to leverage scarce resources?

Campbell -> Thoms: District 2 assets? Thoms: Neighborhoods, we do it better than any place in state.

Thoms: We have one of the best run ports in the country. @UWTnews marvelous part of downtown core. Lived above @harmonbrewingco

Thoms: Best community colleges in state. Drive more density, job creation. Downtown core as economic engine.

Mello-> Thoms: How measure if council was the best? Thoms: Recent, transparent budget process is prime example.

Thoms: Measure by having goals and asking partners, constituents if goals being met.

Thoms: Keep the list of priorities focused to experience success.

Strickland -> Thoms: Will you run regardless of application outcome? Thoms: Absolutely.

Boe -> Thoms: Sperry Ocean Dock? Thoms: Lives in that 'hood. Touchy issue. History as working waterfront.

Thoms: Make sure no pub health issues, great working waterfront.

That's it! Thanks for following along. Council may make their applicant decision at tonight's 5pm city council meeting.

Alrighty, City Council is now going to offer comments re: District 2 appointee.

Boe: Challenge to balance council position with work, life, etc. We have excellent candidates, getting into nuances.

Boe: It's about what they might bring to council and what they've already brought to #Tacoma.

Boe: Once vote for Patricia Lecy-Davis. She walks the walk.

Boe: Need to hit the ground running in this position/appointment. Believes Lecy-Davis can do that.

Boe: City Manager lives in NE #Tacoma so rep already there.

Woodards: Share a word about each applicant. Higley: Forthright. David: Motivated. Didn't catch the others. :)

Woodards: We only get to pick one. Alexander brings public safety experience to table. Understands first responders.

Woodards: Thoms and Lecy-Davis tied for her vote. Thoms for his military experience, Lecy-Davis for walks #Tacoma talk.

Woodards: Thoms and Lecy-Davis bring unique skills. No choice made.

Lonergan: Council can look at itself and plug holes, unique when appointing.

Lonergan: Feels Thoms is individual who can bring what's needed to council especially re: military/JBLM relationship.

Lonergan: Career military experience of Thoms is unique opportunity for council appointment. Strengthen council body in fed. lobby

Campbell: Top 3 Cowan, Thoms, Lecy-Davis, Edmonds ;)

Campbell: Edmonds public experience impressive. Cowan's experience in biz/arts community.

Campbell: Lecy-Davis can bring biz consensus (ex 6th Ave, Foss Waterway). Volunteer involvement.

Campbell: Thoms brings fed. level involvement working w/Cantwell and as lobbyest.

Walker: "Wow" re candidates. Hard to choose just one.

Walker: Impressed w/Cowan interview via phone, budget experience.

Walker: Women candidates impressive. Thoms impressive policy work. Likes his best council, city remarks/goals.

Mello: Re-enforces why I love democracy.

Mello: Impressed by Alexander and her career, family commitments.

Mello: Looking for values, character, understands local gov't, econ. development, ready to get to work in final selection.

Only two solid "yay" votes so far. 1 for Lecy-Davis (Boe) and 1 for Thoms (Lonergan)

Ibsen: 3 favs today among applicants. Cowan, Lecy-Davis, and Thoms.

So far the most mentions in "top" lists go to Thoms and Lecy-Davis.

Strickland: Top 3 of Alexander, Lecy-Davis, Thoms. All with biz experience, will run no matter what, diverse backgrounds.

Strickland: Thoms gets Mayor's nod.

Strickland: With less resources, need cooperation at every level of gov.

Campbell: Moves to appoint Lecy-Davis. No's have it. Moves to appoint Thoms. Aye's have it!

The decision is in: Robert Thoms is your newly appointed District 2 #Tacoma city council member.

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by NineInchNachos on 1/15/2013 @ 3:45pm
relive the excitement! 

by KevinFreitas on 1/15/2013 @ 3:53pm
Here's a Wordle of to top terms (with obvious ones like Tacoma, district, city, council removed):

by cisserosmiley on 1/15/2013 @ 3:57pm
I wish someone had a concrete vision for Tacoma. 

by Jesse on 1/15/2013 @ 5:05pm
I only got to hear Cowen and D'Aniello speak.  

Considering Cowen wasn't there for the appointment, but rather dialed in by phone, I'd disqualify him.  

I liked everything D'Aniello said until the very end of his interview.  Strickland asked him if he would run for office on his own (a great question that basically asks the candidate how bad they want the job) and he said no.  In fact, he said he isn't prepared for such a thing emotionally or mentally.

by NineInchNachos on 1/15/2013 @ 5:08pm
you missed the Jon Higley

by Jesse on 1/15/2013 @ 5:28pm
Isn't he the guy to bring "common sense" to the council?  

by JesseHillFan on 1/15/2013 @ 5:29pm
"I wish someone had a concrete vision for Tacoma."
Eric Anderson he did all concrete. 

by KevinFreitas on 1/15/2013 @ 6:24pm
Robert Thoms is the new Tacoma District 2 city council member!

by NineInchNachos on 1/15/2013 @ 6:39pm

by Jesse on 1/15/2013 @ 6:47pm
A CEO type.  Hmm.  I like!

A national level lobbyist for Tacoma?  I bet there won't be complaints when he gets us streetcar money from the feds.

by downtownlovemachine on 1/15/2013 @ 10:18pm

  What more diversity do you need? A pretty face or a sassy attitude? It says Thoms is from New Orleans, cant get any more diverse than that.

by fredo on 1/15/2013 @ 11:02pm
The questioning really wasn't very good. It's hard to differentiate candidates when you serve up a bunch of softball style open ended questons. Next time they should ask Fredo for some real questions. Here are some examples.

1. In light of the continuing revenue problems at city hall is it a good idea to continue paying above average wages to city workers?
2. Has the city council done a good job enforcing the billboard code. What should they have done differently?
3. Should the city be putting rain garden ditches along Pacific Avenue?

by downtownlovemachine on 1/15/2013 @ 11:15pm

Good one Fredo!

by NineInchNachos on 1/16/2013 @ 7:18am



by Jesse on 1/16/2013 @ 8:25am
THAT was the most awesome video I've ever seen.  Thanks RR.


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