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Sep. 4, 2008 at 10:41am

Twisty Cup Pro-Am This Weekend

M-Space is hosting their 5th annual Twisty Cup Pro-Am this Saturday at noon. From an email just in:

This year we have Sonja Bloomdahl and Dick Weiss judging,

MC Greg Owen on the mic, and DJ Broam, aka Oliver Doriss, spinning records.

Ben Cobb will be definding his title on the Pro bench while Samantha and the rest of the Hilltop gang try to continue their domination of the Amateur bench.

More on the FeedTacoma calendar

Twisty cup away, you crazy glassblowers, you.

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by dawntown on 9/4/2008 @ 11:04am

by Twisty on 9/4/2008 @ 8:08pm
Hey wait! I haven't authorized this!

by KevinFreitas on 9/5/2008 @ 6:48am
:D You should sue Twisty. Or at least twist thyself your own cup. Twisty making a twisty cup might have the universe implode around such a dichotomy.

by kathy on 9/6/2008 @ 3:46pm
Thanks for posting this Kevin!

What a fun event!!
Samantha and Trenton from Hilltop both competed in the ameteur event. I had to leave before the event was decided, but my money's on Sam. Way to go girl!!!

Also featured on the Pro side of the bench was a blind-folded Oliver Doriss (scary watching people blow glass blindfolded!!!) and Alex (?) in his underpants.

Ahhh....beer in twisty cups, hot dogs and REALLY cool t-shirts! What fun!!

Thanks M-Space folks!!!

by kathy on 9/6/2008 @ 6:15pm
Sam WON!!!! YAY!!!
(I'm so proud of you!)

Sam Twisty cup

Sam and Trent

Trenton...if you had just finished in time...you coulda been a contender! Nice job!

Trenton and Sam

Trenton twisty cup

by KevinFreitas on 9/6/2008 @ 7:35pm
Awesome! Thanks for sharing the day and those pics kathy. Always amazing to see that kind of art in action. Reminds me what I need to get out and do next Third Thursday.

by kathy on 9/7/2008 @ 10:27am
Kevin, you shoulda come! I think you really would have enjoyed it.

BTW, Hilltop's got an open house coming up in a couple weeks...if interested in watching some glass blowing you should come on by...e-me for details.

Contact info at: www.hilltopartists.org


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