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Oct. 26, 2010 at 1:26pm

Video ~ Foremost Building Renovation Progress

Rode by the old Foremost Dairy building on the Link today and took this video of the construction/renovation going's on there. Enjoy!

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by Erik on 10/26/2010 @ 1:39pm
Awesomeness Kevin.

You need your own show on Tacoma public access TV!

by NineInchNachos on 10/26/2010 @ 1:51pm
this is a fun project to watch. I got to see the giant skill-saws climb on tracks up the wall cutting away old side.

by KevinFreitas on 10/26/2010 @ 7:11pm
@Erik: Haha, thanks but I think I have more a face suited for blogging.

@RR: They had one heck of an auger tower over the site there last week that looked like they were getting ready to drill straight to China!

by L.S.Erhardt on 10/27/2010 @ 1:51pm
What the heck are they doing to it, anyway?
Is this just a renovation, or is it being converted into retail or office or one helluva neat condo?

by KevinFreitas on 10/27/2010 @ 4:12pm
I think offices but wouldn't it be great if it were a dairy again? :D

by fredo on 10/27/2010 @ 4:47pm
"What the heck are they doing to it, anyway?" thorax

Well, I guess I might as well "spill the beans."

I'm opening up the first of what I hope will be a chain of discount liquor stores: Fredo's Spirit City (TM). I've already obtained a whole warehouse full of FourLoko Malt Liquor and plan to blow that out at 99cents per can. Mention that you're a member of CLAW and you can have a two for one special.

by ixia on 10/27/2010 @ 6:01pm
"They had one heck of an auger tower over the site there last week"
they are trying to get the miners out

by L.S.Erhardt on 10/27/2010 @ 6:18pm
Fredo, you're onto something. Coming soon to the Walligford area in Seattle will be the state's first wine superstore.
You can read a little about it here.

While a FourLoco emporium likely isn't the best fit for anywhere, maybe a wine superstore would work well?


Although I have another home on the web I thought it might be nice to lead by example a bit and put this blog system up to the test myself.

So far, so good... Funny how I build web tools for other people that are far better than the one's I have setup over on KFnet.


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