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Jan. 15, 2008 at 7:17am

Wake Up with the Feed

Breakfast tomorrow @ PSP

Tomorrow is the third Wednesday of the month already. Wake up right with the 3rd FeedTacoma Feed at PSP. Fill your belly with $5 deals and fill your brain with some good conversation with fellow FeedTacoma readers/followers/bloggers/trolls. I'll be there at 7am but should stick around 'til about 8:30am. The deals go until 10:30am so if you're not an early bird you're still in luck. Whatever the case, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and having it with other interesting people has got to mean something.

What: FeedTacoma Feed Breakfast
When: Wednesday, Jan. 16 (tomorrow) starting at 7am
Where: Puget Sound Pizza

More info on the FeedTacoma Calendar

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by Angela on 1/16/2008 @ 9:54am
Sorry Steve and I had to eat and run this morning but it was either that or not go at all and we couldn't let that happen! It was good to see you all, even briefly, and I'm glad Jim is continuing to welcome us. I swear PSP has the best bacon in town! See you next month...

by izenmania on 1/16/2008 @ 10:05am
It is darn good bacon, that's true.

by KevinFreitas on 1/16/2008 @ 5:11pm
Yea, that is mighty good bacon. Great breakfasts all around, too. Thanks to Jim for being open for a bite before a busy day at work!

by ensie on 1/16/2008 @ 8:50pm
The day started deliciously!

by Erik on 1/16/2008 @ 9:15pm
Missed this one. Sorry. Mayeb there will be a Feed Tacoma Lunch in the near future.


Although I have another home on the web I thought it might be nice to lead by example a bit and put this blog system up to the test myself.

So far, so good... Funny how I build web tools for other people that are far better than the one's I have setup over on KFnet.


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