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Sep. 6, 2008 at 5:12pm

Lifelong North End'er moving to the South End

From one end of Tacoma to the other

I have lived everywhere in the North End including; the 6th Ave district, Old Town on McCarver St, the Stadium District, across from Downing Elementary on N 26th & Orchard, down to N 49th & Bristol near The Point, and finally near UPS by N 15th and Anderson St.  I am pretty much a lifelong North End'er.  This part of Tacoma just feels like home to me.  I know every back road and short cut their is to know.  We've got Ruston Way, the Narrows Bridge, and Point Defiance.  Not to mention the revived 6th Ave district with cool bars and live music, The West End, The Spar, PSP, MSM, and other great places that make this End feel like home.

Well, the time has come to leave the nest and move to South End near South 72th and Pacifc Ave.  The neighborhood is great, the house is great, it just feels far away from the part of town that I know and love.

Anyone else make this similar move?  Or, do I just need to expand my Gritty horizons and buck up?

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by KevinFreitas on 9/6/2008 @ 7:40pm
I've moved from the far south (Parkland) to the North End but that was only from college on. It'd be tough for me to have to give this area up but really you're still like 5 minutes from nearly everything. And, heck, if the "charm" that the North End has lacks in other areas -- change it. Block parties. Going for walks. Cleaning up an alley. Whateva.

Good luck, enjoy, and I hope you share more from your new corner of Tacoma. We North Ender's could always use a reminder that we're not all there is to the City of Destiny. ;)

by judges19merescued on 9/6/2008 @ 8:58pm
I live on the Hilltop-ier end of 6th Ave (x 12 years), and have friends on both the North End and South End of Tacoma. The North End has always seemed pretty homgeneous to me, while the South End seems far more diverse. The "bucking up" you anticipate may involve embracing that diversity. Also, the best plan for wherever you land is just to be your genuine self.

by Erik on 9/6/2008 @ 9:04pm
Every neighborhood has its strengths and weaknesses.

The neighborhood is great, the house is great, it just feels far away from the part of town that I know and love.

Because of the design of the area, you will likely find it less walkable and find yourself driving to box stores a greater percentage of the time.

Check out your new and old neighborhood here:

by jenyum on 9/7/2008 @ 11:17am
There's a whole lot more good cheap food over in that end of town, which is a definite plus.

by Dave_L on 9/7/2008 @ 12:13pm
I can relate - spent years near both areas. You'll find hidden trasures, and Wapato's close, maybe Spuds is still O.K., there's a yard with huge art over near Golden Given. Quick back-way into Puyallup, (Watson's etc.) going down 72nd. (The dairy's gone now, right?) At least downtown and North End are always a quick drive to get a fix.
I see a blog called Exit 129 in your future.

by Marty on 9/7/2008 @ 7:49pm
I have a business Downtown and in the North End, but I choose to live on the East Side. I have great views and great neighbors. People are passionate about things like crime, development and livability.

There are several active community groups you could be part of if you so wished. I think you will find it a pleasant and rewarding choice.