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Sep. 12, 2009 at 11:07am

Sweet Things Make for Good Mornings

cupcakes & bling on Proctor

8am marked the Grand Opening of Sweet Things Cupcakes at 2510 North Proctor.  My boyfriend (and now blogging rival) Kevin and I arrived just after 8 to find a line forming with a steady stream of cupcake enthusiasts eager to step inside the long awaited cupcake and couture boutique.  We quickly took our place.  I was giddy.  I have a Master's degree in Food Culture: Communicating Quality Products from the University of Gastronomic Sciences in Colorno Italy.  I spent a year tasting and analyzing top wines, cured meats, olive oil and cheeses in Italy, France, Spain and Greece...  and I am an absolute sucker for a pretty cupcake...  that's right...  bling it up and bring it on.  Unfortunately, more often than not I am captivated by it's visual appeal, and disappointed when I actually take a bite.  I had this very discussion with another patron, Ellencarey, who was standing in front of me in line, who has been tasting cupcakes all over town --- to the point of hating them (gasp!). 

Kevin and I approached the case, surrounded by the smell and sounds of espresso being made and artfully displayed bejeweled ladies clothing and accessories.  We selected 4 cupcakes from the case at $2.95 a pop...  Mint Chocolate (a deep chocolate cupcake with green frosting beehive, and an Andes mint topper), Raspberry Vanilla (vanilla cupcake with a slightly pink buttercream and a REAL raspberry on top), Red Velvet (red dyed vanilla cupcake, whipped cream cheese frosting with sprinkles and a cherry), and the Triple Chocolate (deep chocolate cupcake, chocolate frosting and sizable chocolate curls).  We followed Ellencarey and her friends Joanna and Pat (and their cupcakes) out to a table on the patio and chatted with them as they tried their cupcakes.  They were not disappointed... even the discerning Ellencarey was quite pleased with the not-too-sweet cake and abundant (but delicate) frosting.  They all agreed that you could actually taste raspberry in the frosting of the Rasperry Vanilla cupcake.  And I agree...  you really can --- it seems that they have incorporated a nice seedy raspberry jam into the buttercream --- the result is quite delicious.  The crumb of the vanilla cake is coarse --- it's a strong cake that holds it's own against the flavorful frosting.  The Mint Chocolate and Triple Chocolate cupcakes were my favorite, though...  the chocolate cupcake has a finer crumb and a slight savory quality that allows the chocolate to shine. 

I was impressed with the cupcakes, impressed with the ambiance, and impressed with the service.  The staff is friendly and accommodating and the product is really something worth celebrating.  So if you have a moment and a few extra bucks on this gorgeous weekend, join in the cupcake bliss at Sweet Things Cupcakes!

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by Erik on 9/12/2009 @ 3:31pm
Nice. I went there today too. The place was pretty well mobbed.

The coffee was surprising good.

The cupcakes are fancy and even a step above Hello Cupcake. However, I am not a big frosting fan.

The only change they need to make is to have seating on the inside of the store rather than just outside. Perhaps they will move seating to the inside of the store once the weather starts getting colder.

by Libby on 9/12/2009 @ 6:08pm
I agree with you on the seating --- did you notice the loft area inside??? I wonder if they are thinking of adding more seating up there?

What kind of cupcake did you try? Or did you stick to coffee only?

by fredo on 9/12/2009 @ 10:34pm
If you have indoor seating you have to provide customer bathrooms. Not sure if it's required when the only seating provided is outdoors.

by KevinFreitas on 9/13/2009 @ 11:05am
If they're able to do indoor in the, shall we say, less than seasonable weather seasons (and if they have wifi) this could be a great, non-Starbucks hang out in Proctor.