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Nov. 29, 2007 at 8:18am

Angelo Mendi Salon

My feet have never looked better

While cleaning my house a while back, I came across a gift certificate for a "Custom Manicure & Pedicure" at Angelo Mendi Salon.  A few years ago, my step-sister worked there as a stylist and my step-mother bought me the gift certificate for Christmas.  Noticing that it expired in a few weeks, I called and made an appointment.

Angelo Mendi is hidden in the Stadium District near Franco the Tailor.  If you don't know where it is, it's easy to miss.

I got there a few minutes early and met Yonga, my nail technician for the evening.  She offered me a robe, which I thought was a little odd for a manicure, so I passed.   I suppose my manicure was pretty standard, nothing exciting.  I kept staring at the paraffin wax tank, hoping for a dip, but apparently that wasn't on the schedule for the evening.  I did get my hands wrapped in some very nice hot towels, however.  After my nails were done, we went into the "Pedicure Room".  Inside was what looked like a dentist's chair draped with sheets.  I don't know about you, but I don't think of comfort and relaxation when I go to the dentist, but I saw no evidence of a lead bib anywhere, so I plopped down and hoped for the best.  The chair had an adjustable leg rest and each leg could be raised or lowered independently.  Since I'm rather tall for a girl, I had to scoot way up on the chair because my legs were hanging off the end and Yonga didn't have enough room to maneuver.  She put in some classical/new wave/smooth jazz/adult contemporary CD and got to work.  The pedicure was actually pretty pleasant.  I LOVE getting my feet rubbed.  It's just one of those small things that makes me happy, like the fluffy inside of a brand new sweatshirt before you wash it (Yeah, I know.  Shut up.).  She gave me one of those horseshoe-shaped pillows for my neck, and I damn near fell asleep (I might have, if there weren't bright fluorescent lights staring down at me).

An hour and a half later, I had brilliant nails and tiny little disposable flip-flops on my hugantic feet.  Luckily, I brought my own flip flops to change into before I left.  It was raining and I really didn't want to tip-toe through an oil covered parking lot in shoes with no traction (I learned my lesson last time--those jeans will never be the same.).   I went up front to cash in my gift certificate and found out that their prices had changed in the last few years, so I still have almost $50 to spend next time. 

Maybe I'll get a haircut.

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