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Aug. 26, 2008 at 9:22pm

Crafty Nerdiness

Sometimes I just can't help myself

Every once in a while I acknowledge the fact that I am, indeed, a girl.  On those rare occasions, I wear dresses and makeup, try not to arm wrestle boys, and even (gasp)... bake.  Please don't yell at me for gender stereotyping. 

However, my super secret passion is crafty things.  Crocheting, sewing (I'm really bad at it), decopauge, you name it.

Tomorrow, we're having a baby shower at work for a co-worker and his wife.  Seeing as how they've already received pretty much everything they registered for, I thought I'd get a little creative.

Behold, the SiteCrafting Onesie:

I am so tickled by this-- you have no idea.

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by Ann on 8/26/2008 @ 9:31pm
Hey, congrats on your project -- looks pretty darn cute to me!

by Mandiferous on 8/26/2008 @ 9:56pm
Thanks. Thank heavens I bought a 4-pack.

The first one looked a bit like a horror movie.

by jcbetty on 8/26/2008 @ 9:59pm
oh hell and crap, we need to get together. Cuz you know I'm all about that girlie (in a non-gender stereotype sort of way) crap. Totally. Let's do a girly crafty party. Uh huh.

(very cute onesie, btw. :) )

by Mandiferous on 8/26/2008 @ 10:06pm
Freezer paper is my new best friend. It makes the best stencils because it's easy to trace on, you just iron it on the fabric, waxy side down, and peel it off when you're done.

I just wish it was good for more than one application.


by KevinFreitas on 8/27/2008 @ 8:52am
That's super awesome work nerdy! So how exactly did you accomplish this? Is it ironed on completely or something more like a sewn on patch?

by Mandiferous on 8/27/2008 @ 8:59am
The stencil was freezer paper, and then I just dabbed screen print ink onto it 3 or 4 times, set it with a hair dryer and voila!

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