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Nov. 20, 2007 at 9:23am

A Fun Weekend In (and around) Tacoma

Last week, Kevin suggested I start a blog so I could illuminate the masses. In the month we've worked together, he obviously hasn't realized that I am a relatively boring person. Perhaps now he'll understand.

As a general rule, I'm a homebody. Not because I worry about stepping out my door and immediately becoming hooked on meth--I just like my house. But I decided to venture out this weekend and actually had a pretty good time.

Friday Night: MOVE!

I've been getting emails from Lisa about MOVE! for the better part of a year but I never found anyone to go with me, and I am not the kind to do these things alone (went to a movie alone once. I felt like singing "One is the Loneliest Number" all through The Faculty). But I talked Suze into joining me and after snagging a gyro at It's Greek to Me and finding parking on a really steep hill, we were good to go.

MOVE! was a blast. MOVE! performances benefit MLK Ballet, a tuition-free dance program for kids and adults. Dancers from the Can Can in Seattle performed, as well as Northwest Dance Syndrome and students from MLK Ballet. I've been to the Can Can a few times in the past (thanks again to Lisa), and I can't say enough good things about the performers. They have expanded my appreciation for performance art, as well as broadened my musical horizons. If you have a chance, listen to "The End of the World Polka" by The Bad Things.

Saturday Night: Olympus Women's Spa (Lakewood)

After a 7 hour photography class at TCC, I had time to put gas in my car and pick up Suze before heading to Olympus Women's Spa in Lakewood. This is a quarterly tradition my best female friends and I have adopted. We do it quarterly because we can't afford to go more often. $25 gets you in the door and use of a very un-stylish robe and shower cap thingie. The robe is really just a formality because once you're in there, you get nekkid (except for the shower cap) and wander around in all your glory. There are 5 different pools/tubs to soak in, with temperatures ranging from 50-104 degrees. I have yet to try the 50 degree pool but you can always tell when someone does (lots of shrieking and swearing "Holy [expletive] that's cold!"). I tend to stay in the warmest of the hot tubs or the steam room (a smoker's best friend). There are also 3 "quiet rooms" with floors made of muslin-covered salt or sand. These rooms are anywhere from 130-170 degrees and are unbearable after about 20 minutes.

For an additional fee, you can indulge in services such as a massage, body scrub, or moisturizing treatment. I tried the moisturizing treatment once but was told not to bathe until the following day so I spent the night sleeping on a towel while olive oil sat in some very unusual places. Never again. This time, I indulged in a body scrub and treated Suze to one as well (since it was her birthday). Normally, I find these extremely pleasant and I love my new exfoliated skin afterwards. However, I had a new girl Saturday night. For the sake of privacy, I won't reveal her pseudonym, but I swear she must be a wrestler in her spare time. That, or she's got a second job at Helga's House of Pain. 45 minutes and one big bruise later, my skin was properly exfoliated and I could run back to the hot tub where Suze was waiting to tell me what a great experience she had. Wench.

After a few hours, we called it a night and headed to our respective homes to pass out. I don't know if it was my rough scrubbing or the sweet chicken I had for dinner, but I had some of the strangest dreams that night.

Sunday: Swedish Furniture and Party Planning

I love IKEA. Even when I don't buy anything (which almost never happens). Three hours and $60 later, I headed back to Tacoma to meet with Lisa and Lia at The Grand. After catching up on the last few months, we started talking about our next art event. For those that have read this far and have no clue who this babbling fool is, I'm one of the gals who put together EyeFull last December and MidSummer Soiree back in July. This time we've decided to host a Sin-Sational Valentine's Day party (as soon as we can book a venue). After hitting a few important planning points, I headed home, baked muffins, and went to bed.

This is probably the busiest weekend I've had in a very long time.

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by KevinFreitas on 11/21/2007 @ 7:45am
Thanks for sharing! I've seen members of the MLK Ballet perform a couple times at Showcase Tacoma and those dancers are impressive.

Oh, and welcome to FT!


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