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Feb. 26, 2008 at 8:14am

Habitat's Re-Store Rocks!

Things you never knew existed, but can't live without.

Last Saturday I finally made my way down to the Habitat for Humanity Re-Store on Puyallup Ave.  This is officially my new favorite store.

For four years, I worked for Home Depot and was sickened by the waste we generated every day.  Perfectly good items were constantly chucked down the compactor because the package was damaged or the supplier decided they didn't want us to sell it anymore.  Every time I tried to get my boss to donate items rather than tossing them, it was like pulling teeth.  Every once in a while I won the battle and the Habitat For Humanity truck came by to pick up whatever I could hide in receiving for longer than a day.  So finally, I made my way downtown to see what they actually DO with all that stuff.

First off, the store is extremely well organized.  There are departments for lighting, hardware, appliances, etc.  There aren't just piles or bins you have to dig through, hoping to find something worthwhile.  The only thing I actually needed was sandpaper, which I found right away ($1.25 for 6 sheets).  After that, I wandered around and scribbled down a few prices for future reference.  Here are just a few examples.

Toilets (tank and bowl): $35
Top freezer fridges: $58
Electric ranges: $60-$70
Electric dryers: $25
Washing machines: $25 (there was one really fancy one in the back for $96)
Dishwashers: $6-$25 (That's right.  I said $6.)
Tubs: $20
Roller shades: $6
Vinyl blinds: $4
Sinks: $22
Decorative columns: $100 (come on, who DOESN'T need these?)
Decorative shelf brackets: $2.50
12'x15' dropcloths: $8
Laminate: $15 a sheet
Medicine cabinets: $5

Pretty much all the appliances are gently used, but they're all inspected and signed off as working before being sold (dead ones are scrapped).

They also have all kinds of paint, doors, windows, and more.  The front of the store has a small amount of furniture and home decor, but the majority of the place is dedicated to building supplies.  The store is volunteer run, and all the proceeds go towards building houses in Tacoma.  Obviously the inventory changes all the time so it's worth multiple trips to find that perfect score.

Next time you feel like tackling a home improvement project, head down to the Re-Store before you hit Lowe's or Home Depot.  And if you MUST go to the Depot, get on their case for not recycling more.

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by NineInchNachos on 2/26/2008 @ 9:25am
Indeed the ReStore supplies much of the raw materials for my inventions. I work downtown so I've gotten in the habit of taking the link down to freight house square for lunchtime ReStore visits.

My favorite finds are well used tools given up by ancient, thrifty inventors who have gone to the great garage/shop in the sky.

Keep spreading the word!

by Mandiferous on 2/26/2008 @ 3:42pm
I really liked your garden workbench. I see random objects and think "I could totally re-purpose that" but then I remember that I have no real use for it or a place to put it.

And so I move on.


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