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Dec. 5, 2007 at 7:00pm

Holiday Traditions

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

I'm Norwegian.  Not enough so anyone would notice (I haven't been blonde since I was about a year old), but enough so that family gatherings are filled with tributes to my heritage.

Mainly in the way of food.

Every year around the holidays my family breaks out the leftse, spritz, sandbakkelse, and other goodies.  We used to have lutefisk, but all the relatives who claimed to "like" it are now deceased.

Another tradition particular to my family is Almond Roca.  Not the cat turds you buy down at Brown & Haley, but home-made Almond Roca.  My dad makes it every year and every year we fight over who got the bigger bag of it. 

This year, I've decided to share the wealth and make Almond Roca for my co-workers.  I have encountered some skepticism over whether my dad's recipe is really "better" than the classic cat turds, but I have promised said co-worker that if he is not thoroughly impressed with these confectionery wonders, I will burn my recipe and punch my dad.  THAT is how confident I am (or how much I dislike my dad).  ;-)

What are your holiday traditions?  Any weird recipe that you break out for family events or some in-house horrible Christmas sweater competition? 

Please, share with the masses.

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by KevinFreitas on 12/5/2007 @ 8:13pm
As a co-worker I can say I'm looking forward to you avoiding the father punching in hopes that the roca is delish. Shall we do a side-by-side comparison?

I truly enjoy ham wraps at the holiday party we'll be attending next week. Deli ham rolled around cream cheese and Nalley's crunchy dills then cut into bite sized pieces skewered with toothpicks for the easy grab 'n go. Dab the ham dry though so it doesn't all slide around on you. So good.


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