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Nov. 2, 2008 at 3:31pm


Noun: lack of interest or concern

Woke up this morning to find one of my car windows shot out.  Same with my roommate's car and one of the neighbors' cars.  Looks like it was probably a BB gun.

I really hate it when people do rotten things just because they can.  Just because they can get away with it, or because they find it amusing. 

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by Erik on 11/2/2008 @ 4:10pm
Sad. Sorry about that!

by ixia on 11/2/2008 @ 5:34pm
That sucks! Sorry to hear. Vandalism has got to be one of the most idiotic of human endeavors!

by ensie on 11/2/2008 @ 8:34pm
That totally sucks! And at your new place, too! I'm so sorry. I've had both my cars egged (causing paint damage to one brand new vehicle), and one broken into, but haven't lost any windows.

Hope this is a one time event, and that things get fixed quick.

by KevinFreitas on 11/3/2008 @ 6:54am
Bah! That sucks, I'm sorry. Seems this poor economy is bring some of the worst out from people so I think now more than ever we need to lift Tacoma up as best we can. I know we can all use it...

by intacoma on 11/3/2008 @ 7:00am
damn what kinda bbguns are these! I sorta doubt it was a bbgun car windows can take a big rock to them and not get blown out. :(

by Mandiferous on 11/3/2008 @ 8:55am
A BB gun was my best guess based on the impact mark on my roommate's car. Meh. Called my insurance company and they're coming to work today to fix my car (which is awesome because plastic and duct tape on your window is VERY noisy when you're driving on the freeway).

by jenyum on 11/3/2008 @ 2:05pm
Car windows are made to break into bb sized pieces, so it could have been anything.

I'm sorry, that sucks.

by Mandiferous on 11/3/2008 @ 6:18pm
Follow-up from my neighbor: apparently 14 cars in the neighborhood were hit. Yeesh.


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