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Jun. 4, 2009 at 9:26am

The Truth About Tacoma Urban Art Festival

In the last few days I've read a lot of inaccurate info about the Tacoma Urban Art Festival.  One reporter was vague and listed the wrong website.  Another writer falsely reported that the festival wasn't even happening this year.

Allow me to clarify.

The Tacoma Urban Art Festival IS happening this year.  Saturday, August 1st, 11am-9pm (ish).  We've relocated to Jefferson Street, outside the Swiss Pub.  Since Hot Rod a Rama isn't happening this year, we've partnered with the Lifters car club and will be having a pre-1973 car show in the parking lot across from the Swiss (we're going for an "Iron vs Art" theme).  The music stage and live glassblowing will also be in the parking lot.  Up on the street, from Rock Pasta to the Swiss, there will be vendors of all kinds.

True, it's not quite the same crew running the festival this year.  Matt and Laura Eklund are working on their own projects, and Linda Honeck is preparing for an upcoming move to Cali.  However, Johanna Gardener, Lisa Fruichantie, and myself are still chugging along, trying to eke at least one more year out of the festival.

We had some technical problems with our old website (like it not working) and will have a new one up shortly.  In the mean time, any questions can be directed to  We still need vendors and would be happy to have some live art as well (hint, hint... chalkies... you totally left me hanging last year...)  ;-)

Hoping to see you all at the Tacoma Urban Art Festival this year,


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by Erik on 6/4/2009 @ 11:27am

by AngelaJossy on 6/4/2009 @ 11:37am
Thanks for keeping us updated.

by jenyum on 6/4/2009 @ 2:52pm
You might consider doing a Google Local listing with an address/phone number so that there is a way to contact festival organizers (AKA you) now.

Also, that way it will be the first thing that comes up if you google "Urban Art Festival Tacoma"

That should reduce some of the confusion.

by ensie on 6/4/2009 @ 8:33pm
Thank Mandi. You are so awesome for putting this together every year. Hopefully this heat wave now will keep us from having another one during the Urban Art Festival like last year.

by FunkomaVintage on 6/4/2009 @ 9:50pm
thanks...a reminder to send in my vendor app....


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