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Jul. 19, 2010 at 1:26pm

Tacoma Tides -- Goalkeeper

I'm a very casual soccer fan...don't watch regularly, don't know the finer rules of the game. I did watch the World Cup, I go to kids/friends' games, and I even considered going to the Tacoma Tides game just because I enjoy live sports of pretty much any kind.

On Sunday, I started seeing local T-Town twitters about some guy from Stadium High School on the field for the Sounders.

So today, this article today in the Tacoma News Tribune caught my interest--not just because soccer is a great sport, but because it involves a Tacoma team, a Tacoma kid, and this is just plain an awesome story:

"For about a half hour Sunday, Jordan Jennings was enjoying the sort of afternoon extended to the recipient of a charity auction item.

Jennings, the full-time goalkeeper for the Tacoma Tide of the Premier Development League, had a sideline seat for the Soundersí friendly against Celtic...

...Jennings fantasy-camp experience took a drastic turn in the 29th minute, when Boss took a red card for what referee Paul Ward interpreted to be a tackle of Celticís Georgios Samaras during a breakaway."

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