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May. 7, 2012 at 4:00pm

QUANTUM FOAM 28: New & Urgent Realities

The Poetry of Interpretation

  THE POETRY OF INTERPRETATION, as most of us have been trained by marketing professionals to understand it, symbolizes the hortizontal world of the here and now. The new and urgent realities that matter consist mainly of things and values advertised as capable of satisfying one's carnal appetites. Power, money, and fame inspires the poets of consumerism and the politicians of idolatry. Hardly aware of The Big Lie, modern man "the measure of all things" is too restricted by his voluntary collar and shackles to look upward to the eternal spiritual realities of the vertical world. Anyway, why should he? Neither science, nor pure reason can prove the existence of eternal forms. Yet, we all know that squares exist. A square, as was defined by the counter-culture poets of the 1950's, is someone who believes the poetry of interpretation invented by marketing professionals. The poetry of the so-called beat poets, and likewise, the followers of "The Way" (John 14:16; Acts 9:2, 24:14, 22) centuries before them, offers a practical solution to defeat the makers of propaganda and worldly bondage. But consider this: the poetry of the beats does not offer a real solution to the carnality of man. A real solution consists of a different language, a different poetry of interpretation, to redirect man away from The Big Lie of the here and now, and toward the eternal spiritual realities of ultimate Truth, freedom from error, freedom without chaos.  


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This is my real-time novel, "Idealism in Tacoma," which will attempt to sort out the virtual new order I discovered in local blogs and in local 'hoods. I welcome you to join me as I press on in search of answers to the ongoing question: "Is it new?"

NEW! for 2011:
"QUANTUM FOAM," the second real-time novel by Mofo from the Hood, is happening now!

"For whatever mysterious reason, I must act beyond the role of spectator. Something beyond a portable history must be explored.

Therefore in order for me to define the concepts and categories of realities beyond the realm of my real-time novel "Idealism in Tacoma," a wholly other discourse must take form.

Ladies and whatever, let us go forth into the unknown dimension of imagination. I hereby offer you my all new materialist inspired "out of nothing" real-time novel: 'QUANTUM FOAM'."

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