Jun. 17, 2008 at 7:51pm

The New EQC "Zit"

. . . oops, I mean "sign"

Scott Fontaine over at the TNT quoted an interesting perspective on that new Emerald Queen Casino sign we've all come to know and love. It got me thinking about it, and although I've been avoiding it, I've finally decided to evaluate the issue for myself.

Aaron Beckord is quoted as saying that "it is done in a modern, professional way" and justifies its existence by suggesting that the casino brings millions of dollars into Pierce County and creates thousands of jobs.

Personally, I find it to be a careless and locally-demeaning eyesore that will do nothing but stunt that area's economic development for quite some time. Even on a reservation, I think something better could have come about in such a populous region. It is likely going to deter much more future investment in the area than the casino will ever bring in. Not to mention how much the evening light pollution and daytime ugliness is going to kill nearby property values (making Mr. Beckord's quote all that more surprising, considering he is a realtor).

I could go on, but I think I've arrived at my point. Based on what I can observe, any positives this sign brings are being buried by a landslide of negatives that make this whole situation a major disappointment.

What are your thoughts on the matter? Are there other things I haven't considered? Are some of my conclusions not entirely acurrate? Or did the region just get stuck with a brand new "zit" that isn't going to go away for a very long time?

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by Erik on 6/17/2008 @ 8:37pm

Visual pollution. Sky Trash. Litter on a stick. The junk mail of the American highway.

Nothing destroys the distinctive character of our communities and the natural beauty of our countryside more rapidly than uncontrolled signs and billboards, which is why Scenic America encourages communities to adopt ordinances to stop the construction of new billboards.

Digital Billboards: The biggest threat now facing America's communities and highways is the proliferation of digital billboards. Visit these new areas of our website and check back often for updates and new information.


There's little one can do with the EQC billboard, but Tacomans can work to make sure that the "non conforming" billboards in Tacoma are eventually taken down.

by NineInchNachos on 6/17/2008 @ 8:41pm
the sign is ugly as sin. the casino is a source of income with no future. The dumb hicks that drive from all over to gamble away their extra monies will instead be using their extra monies to buy things like food..

it's a crying shame
crying indian

by fredo on 6/18/2008 @ 11:55am
Good posting, the sign is nothing but an enormous zit.
The sign, & the proclivity it promotes are worse than meaningless.
Lots of low income people desperately throw what little money they have down this rathole.

Oh, the tribe has given us a "purpose" for the sign. They offer to post Amber Alerts up there.

The EQC is permitted to be the main sponser of all kinds of events in Tacoma thereby gaining an undeserved illusion of legitimacy.


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