RR Anderson, DIY Cultural Arts Specialist

Nov. 2, 2015 at 8:03pm

Pierce County Official Epic Voters’ Pamphlet 2015

TACOMIC Greatest Hits 2015 (more or less)

$15 NOW

helpful moral compass HOW TO for initiative 1 voting.

SEVEN reasons to vote NO on initiative 1.

Two sides of the $15 NOW initiative 1.

Helpful information mailer from KNOW15.com shell chamber of commerce organization.

BE one of the cool kids Tacoma Voters!

Vote to Keep Pierce County Services Building

I actually voted to build it. HA!

Better than an abandoned hospital.

Pothole City

what will we complain about when all the potholes are gone?

Can always be a vigilante pothole filler...

last year's big proposition to fix the potholes failed.


VOTE FOR ANDERS IBSEN! The "Millennial" Candidate!

VOTE FOR KEITH BLOCKER! Dude knows what it is like to be homeless AND legally blind! PLUS he is not Tom McCarthy!

Poor Justin didn't make it past the primary. Maybe next time!

Drunk driver Ryan Mello is running unopposed! Yay! He's not so bad. Maybe stick to public transportation next time dawg.

VIRTUALLY EVERYONE hates Anders Ibsen. Not a bad endorsement in itself!

Apathetic, no-show voters could play the most crucial role this election cycle. I personally blame the absence of the 'i voted' hard copy sticker. Thanks the $15 Now victory Julie Anderson!


Do not vote for the "Strong Mayor" initiative. It was written by meat heads and is totally messed up yo.

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Jul. 20, 2015 at 3:59pm

Civil Defense SIDEWALK COMMANDER Chalk Box Kits -- On Sale Now

Only 10 created for 2015 Professional Chalking Season!

HISTORICAL RECORD: YOUR VINTAGE ORIGINAL Civil Defense SIDEWALK COMMANDER chalking kit has been painstakingly restored by Tinkertopia staff to original 1950’s colors & carefully loaded with modern chalk sticks. These Chalk Kits were once distributed to community Civil Defense™ volunteers as a means of communication in the event of a nuclear attack after all electronic communication systems were destroyed. “This Way to Water” or “Radioactive Mutation Area” could be written quickly and silently to avoid Martian war  machine tripod detection!

ALERT: Civil Defense SIDEWALK COMMANDER chalk box kits are in! "Fully Restored from Historical Records!" The professional choice in sidewalk chalking. Kit Includes: 

  1. (1) handmade sidewakl commander civil defense chalk tote
  2. (1) refill pack of colour chalk
  3. Sidewalk Commander NOIR Brand Charcoal sticks;
  4. Certificate of Authenticity & Instructional Sidewalk Chalk Zine
  5. (1) glitter bomb

Only $33.33 at Tinkertopia 
1914 Pacific Ave
Tacoma WA 98402

10 am - 6 pm


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Mar. 16, 2015 at 12:34pm

TNT Columnist Peter Callaghan VS. Local Artist Claudia Riedener

email exchange about the News Tribune 'Advertising Circular' Litter Bags

Peter Callaghan - Ex - TNT Columnist/Curmudgeon


Claudia Riedener - Local Artist/Neighborhood Activist


From: Claudia Riedener [mailto:ixia@harbornet.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014 8:41 AM
To: 'Callaghan, Peter'
Subject: RE: orange baggies


Our views don’t meld, you are correct. The plastic is the problem and I am doing my part in solving it. The route through Phil is not working – yet he seems to be the mouth piece for the TNT. A poor choice – but again just my opinion.

Be well, C./


From: Callaghan, Peter [mailto:peter.callaghan@thenewstribune.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014 8:28 AM
To: Claudia Riedener
Subject: Re: orange baggies

They are not a last salvation. They are a piece. Again, if you don't want to help solve the problems first and them complain if they are not solved I am all in. But going nuclear before you have sought to understand is not a method I have much use for.



On Thu, Jan 30, 2014 at 8:26 AM, Claudia Riedener <ixia@harbornet.com> wrote:

I am not expecting your views to meld with mine. That’s why I read the paper. You can believe in this last salvation panacea if you prefer.

Plastic baggies are not a magic potion. They have activated a whole lot of people who walk about this town and care for it and the Salish Sea so close we can smell it every day.

I have communicated with Phil. He said there is no issue –as he sees it. But if there was we simply should send him the names and phone numbers of the folk residing in the vacant properties. You are masters of Catch 22. Keep doing your part – I do mine. Just please don’t claim press freedom over this.

On the safety side:– nothing says ‘enter this house’ like a bunch of leftover ads in the front yard. Don’t make us a target.



From: Callaghan, Peter [mailto:peter.callaghan@thenewstribune.com]
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2014 8:07 AM
To: Claudia Riedener
Subject: Re: orange baggies


  The circ department doesn't want them in the street, they want them on the walk leading to houses because that is what the advertisers want. Phil has been very responsive to delivery mistakes and has corrected them as he gets them. Had you tried to get the issue resolved that way I think you would have gotten further.


For some reason you don't want to have the issues resolved, you want the Trib to cancel the entire program. That would, in fact, hurt the newsroom. I am sorry if my views do not meld exactly with yours.





On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 5:30 PM, Claudia Riedener <ixia@harbornet.com> wrote:

Orange plastic baggies in Tacoma gutters will make you expand journalism? How dumb of me not to think of that!

You lost at least three loyal customers (15 years in my case). But what’s a loyal and involved reader when you can have orange plastic baggies??!! WOOHUUU!! I communicated with Phil Schroder. His eyes are not working. I doubt he has a conscious, either. But who needs that when you have journalism!

Party on, Peter!


From: Callaghan, Peter [mailto:peter.callaghan@thenewstribune.com]
Sent: Wednesday, January 29, 2014 5:20 PM
To: Claudia Riedener
Subject: Re: orange baggies


You need to talk to the bosses.


They are not to be delivered in the streets or parking strips but on walks or driveways between sidewalk and houses. If they are not, you should let phil.schroder@thenewstribune.com



But you are right, we all hate anything that produces revenue that might allow us to maintain or even expand our journalism. 


On Wed, Jan 29, 2014 at 5:13 PM, Claudia Riedener <ixia@harbornet.com> wrote:

Please tell us why this is happening? Most of the Trib staff must be as horrified about it as we are. It’s plain unconscionable.



Claudia Riedener

Ixia Tile Tacoma

1004 S. Steele

Tacoma, WA 98405



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Oct. 26, 2014 at 10:47am

Tinkertopia Erects World's Smallest Flagpole on Pacific Avenue

Please watch your step!

World's Smallest Flagpole

While our friends at TACOMA SCREW PRODUCTS captured the title for world's largest flagpole, spectators on Tacoma's Pacific Avenue were greeted by a tiny new sight... the world's smallest flagpole!  Made from a "Made in the USA" antique sewing needle and a flag from a model tugboat.   "Here at Tinkertopia, we think about the little things." says tinker patrol deputy and cartoon funny book author RR 'Commander' Anderson: "This flagpole is made from existing materials, which are the greenest materials...  Just watch your step, and make sure all your vaccinations are up to date." 

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Jun. 6, 2014 at 3:08pm

TINKERTOPIA Super Summer Workshop Events!

For Kids and For Grown Ups!

FOR KIDS: Jr.tinker Cadet 
 Training workshops 
summer sampler
Parents drop off tinkerers for 2 hours of upcycle project instruction with  ms.darcy:educatorandCreative Reuse Specialist!
  • JUNE 24th - 10am-12pm, “Crazy Creatures + Robots”
  • JUNE 25th - 2pm-4pm, “Tiny Castles & Fairy Houses”
  • JULY 8th - 10am-12pm, “Pinwheels, Kites & Whirly-gigs”
  • JULY 9th - 2pm-4pm, “Flipbooks, Zines & Summer-time Sketchbooks”
  • JULY 15th - 10am-12pm, “Mermaids, Pirate Ships+Maritime Puppet Scenes”
  • AUGUST 5th - 10am-12pm, “D.I.Y. Boardgames”
  • AUGUST 14th - 2pm-4pm, “Costumes + Maskmaking”

registration is required as tinkerspace is limited to RSVP email: darcy@tinkertopia.com
ages 6to10+ cost $10.00 per tinker cadet


FOR ADULTS: tinker patrol deputies! 
maker workshops summer sampler
enjoy the tinkerspace without the ”jr.cadets” starting in july
all levels of exp. welcome! Ms.Darcy Creative Reuse Specialist
will be on hand for guidance!

  • JULY 11th - 7-9pm, “FABULOUS FABRIC SAMPLES: Choose from a variety of projects or make them all! Pouches, Pockets, Book Covers Cell Cases"
  • JULY 18th - 7-9pm, “WONDERS OF WALLPAPER SAMPLES: Let’s CUT Paper! Learn the meditative art of the ancient die cut machine... Banners, Collage, Cards or Whatever!”
  • AUGUST 8th - 7-9pm, “MIX&MATCH FRAME CORNERS: Make SHADOW BOXES, Jewelry displays, birdhouses, endless possibilities!”
  • AUGUST 22nd - 7-9pm,“TILE SAMPLES/OPEN STUDIO: use all the scraps!”

cost $15.00 per class or if you register early, $40.00 for all!
to RSVP email: darcy@tinkertopia.com
beer or wine included to get the creative juices flowing or byo
Registration Required, minimum 5 per class
so tell your friends!

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Dec. 31, 2013 at 6:38pm

Frost Park Chalk Challenge Greatest Hits of 2013

Drawing From Incomplete Photo Archive

RR - Sonics Guy w. Ent-FRO



Troy Muppets

HANK muppet

RR - Mittens vs. Big Bird

Stowe's Monster Corner

Ben Davis on Frank Zappa



























stowe promo 2

Save Our Sonics Ball

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Nov. 2, 2013 at 10:36pm

SUNDAY: Tacomic Greatest Hits Best of Tacomic Top 20 Cartoon Super Show

Art At Work Month

All you can EAT THE MIND'S EYE!

Best of The Tacomic Top 20
Super Cartoon Show
Last Minute Hanging

{{{ Selected from the Vault,
RR Anderson's Personal Favorite original Tacomic pencil art of ALL TIME }}}


w. real-time federal currency defacement upcycle-into-artist LOCAL CURRENCY on a REAL 147 pound, 100  year old monarchist anvil!

w. tinker crab mascot papercraft IN 3D !

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Oct. 11, 2013 at 10:44am

Art Town - Episode 1

Tee Vee Tacoma Show

We’re proud to announce the launch of 'artTown,' a new TV series showcasing Tacoma's creative community 

The City of Tacoma's Media and Communications Office – in partnership with its Community and Economic Development Department's Arts Program – announces the launch of “artTown,” a cultural documentary-style TV initiative exploring Tacoma's emergence as a major creative hub in the Pacific Northwest. The quarterly series offers segments featuring diverse perspectives on a variety of creative disciplines. The show launches today – you can view anytime online or watch tonight at 8 p.m. on TV Tacoma.

"In developing the concept for ‘artTown,’ we wanted to offer a more holistic look at creativity in Tacoma," said Tacoma Arts Administrator Amy McBride. "In addition to what people traditionally think of as 'creative,' such as fine art, music or dance, we also plan to spotlight other creative areas of interest that have really flourished in our city like food, fashion, innovative education practices, architecture and more. You'll see some of that in this first episode."

The inaugural episode features:

music composed by local artist Isaac Solverson
J.D. Elquist and Travis Pranger from Feather and Oar
Pacific Avenue Streetscape artists Elizabeth Conner and Daniel Martin
graphic designer Art Chantry and letterpress artist Lance Kagey of Beautiful Angle
Metro Parks historian Melissa McGinnis
Tacoma School of the Arts instructors Robin Jaecklein and Kareem Kandi
Arts EnviroChallenger teaching artist Meredith Essex
illustrator and designer Sean Alexander
glass artist Sarah Gilbert
dance choreographer Carla Barragan
jazz musician Kareem Kandi
Old Town Dock public artist Chandler O’Leary
and much more….

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Sep. 4, 2013 at 2:08pm

KalakalaKart "Book Ferry" Launching

Little Free Library on Pacific Avenue

Tacoma's newest Little Free Library drops anchor!

KalakalaKart Book Ferry Little Free Library


KalakalaKart Book Ferry Little Free Library

moored out front of Tinkertopia   - 1914 Pacific Ave, Tacoma WASH 98402

KalakalaKart Book Ferry Little Free Library

Nice selection of bond films on VHS too!

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Jun. 3, 2013 at 5:16pm

Kalakala Sails Again

not sure where we're going, but we're on our way! 47.243561,-122.472398 or N 47° 14.614 W 122° 28.344

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May. 22, 2013 at 10:50am

Make RR Anderson Draw a Hyper-Local Political Cartoon Just 4 You

Your opinion in a Cartoon!

Second time in recorded history of the globe RR Anderson sells drawing skillz to highest bidder:


portrait of a cartoonist

"I will draw anything for $$$, but I won't draw that [The Prophet]" - RR

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May. 20, 2013 at 9:14am


City of Neighborhoods 2013 Event

Brief writeup of my experience on the walking tour with Tacoma City Councilmember David Boe as best as I can remember it.

NOT Pictured in this tour: Tollefson Plaza Triangle Square.


City of Neighborhoods 2013 Workshop Hour!

here are some cool shots of the location where the event (see example kevin's fun slideshow on the history of frost park) was held--in the old historic downtown Tacoma hall of justice / post office. Word is investors who bought the building for a steal are going to make it into a hub of arts and culture community center with tiny shops, schools and meeting spaces!

Begin tour through fireman's park (brisk walk past the totem pole).

Boe: "what I'm going to show you bro, will blow your mind."

Boe: "Pacific Avenue was one of the grandest of the grand avenues. WIDE across for events. You could stand here and see all of Commencement Bay from the street and these buildings. Now you get to look at the overpass."

Pacific "grand" Avenue being constricted with rain gardens and street trees (note state of crosswalks).

onward to the Spanish Steps!

Question from audience "What is happening with Elks?" 

Boe: "We think all the federal sequester shit is tying up all the federal grants/credits stuff. Everybody is just waiting. McMenamins is THE BIG HOPE. We hope that when McMenamins happens, it puts development pressure on the lame parking lot (left), the falling-apart Old City Hall (because it is unheated the faces of the bricks are popping off) and surrounding dead buildings."

Boe: "the small forest growing at the top of the steps here, and the redundant potted trees are here because of the fucking moron drunk drivers who like to drive down the steps"

I ask about the status monkey puzzle tree....

Boe: "The monkey puzzle tree is still here [motions to monkey puzzle] and looking terrible."

Boe: "Check this out, a rarity in the City of Desitny... this is a narrow alleyway like they have all over European countries. You do not see these here...  no god damn cars can fit through..  just people"


Boe: "Something very exciting is happening here.  All these little shops are being filled! Local Improvement District"

Tiny goddess of commerce garden...

Boe: "You may have heard something on the internets about the DIY crosswalks the city had to grind off.  Yes it was super lame, but they had to do it because of ADA laws.  that little traffic island out there has no wheelchair access... or those textured orange landing strips.. you need those to be ADA compliant. If a new crosswalk appears without those bloody expensive things then the city can be sued and stuff."

Now the crosswalks look like a real Tacoma crosswalk!

Boe: "Broadway LID was nice but there were lots of goofy decisions made.  like this park... what is up with this park? Does anyone sit here ever?  Look I'm going to sit in it."

Boe: "Another thing, look at all these trees/bushes. Most of the plants around the crosswalks block the pedestrian from view of the autos.  And if you ride your bike up St. Helens, it dumps you into this busy street."

Boe: "I stand here and cars cant see me till I jump out to cross the street"

Boe: "this little park is nice, they were going to put garbage compactors here but folks protested. I see this park as a staging area for protests/rally during council meetings."


Boe: "Another pocket park built sometime in the 70's.  It is special because it gets about 20 minutes of sunlight per day. They built an Aztec altar in the middle for human sacrifices. But most of the time is a dead space." 

Boe: "I think of this intersection as the center of downtown."

Boe: "Example of typical alleyway in Tacoma.  HUGE! you can fit an 18 wheeler down here. But I like this one because you can stand here and imagine yourself in Chicago or something."

Wells Fargo building plaza mentioned. Not as much of a success as other plazas due to surrounding parking garages.

see you next year!

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May. 16, 2013 at 4:17pm

Tacoma Pocket Library Bicycle Tour 2013

It's what baskets-on-bicycles were made for!

Following the tire tracks of neighborhood explorer Tacoma Bike Ranch, I set out on a expedition to have a personal experience with all charted pocket libraries in the City of Destiny. As a Vigilante street librarian myself I wanted to as Dr. Timothy Leary would say 'find the others' and feel some kind of solidarity... INTERNATIONAL FOLK LIBRARIANS OF THE WORLD UNITE.

Central Tacoma Free-Radical Media Exchange (main branch)

Notes: Free sunchokes and sunflowers!

GPS Coord: 47.242960, -122.472399

West Road Pocket Library

Notes: Fun draw-bridge style entry door. Log book w. pen provided.  A fun trip on a bike... commanding view of Commencement Bay, cool breeze.

GPS Coord: 47.2718, -122.470487

Oakes Street Pocket Library

Notes: Reclaimed spice cabinet? Lots of free-spirit paragraphs and articles varnished onto the surface. Doors weatherproofed with foam tape and magnets.. Log book but couldn't find a pen! Nice selection of books.

GPS Coord: 47.2650263, -122.4718308

10th Street Pocket Library

Notes: Larger window on the door is nice. No log book found. Nice inscription on the post.

GPS Coord: 47.259022, -122.50037

The Lost Pocket Library

UPDATEMatt says there is another uncharted pocket library on N 22nd and FerdinandSend us some photos!

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May. 8, 2013 at 10:51am

BONUS FEATURES at Central Tacoma Free-Radical Media Exchange

Neighborhood Pocket Library Main Branch

catch a slideshow presentation of our back alley pocket library experiment at the next City of Neighborhoods event at the historic downtown post office! 

see our new signage? JOIN OUR BOOKFACE COMMUNITY

full service 24hr media library trading outpost, periscope art gallery and peoples garden! 
  • VHS tapes
  • DVDS
  • Audio books
  • Fiction
  • NonFiction
  • Travel books
  • Trashy Romance Novels
  • Flash Cards
  • eBooks
  • CD's 
  • Cassette Tapes
  • hidden easter eggs 
  • local business cards
  • Anti-nuclear sunflowers!
  • Raspberries
  • Pussy-willow Trees
  • zines
  • misc. religious pamphlets
  • old records!

make a donation!  ring for customer service... it really works! my cartooning office window is open on nice days so I can hear it even.


Have you ever wanted an endless stream of media and culture to flow through an under utilized portion of your property? OTHER PEOPLE ARE DOING IT RIGHT NOW--you are not alone in this uncaring universe comrade!

previously... origin story

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Feb. 20, 2013 at 8:15am

INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO: How To Use the Rain Flaps at the Central Tacoma Free-Radical Media Exchange

Pocket Library Instrucional Video Series

How to use the rain flaps at your friendly neighborhood pocket library! N 47° 14.614 W 122° 28.344 find us on book face!

previously...  Behold the Central Tacoma Free-Radical Media Exchange!

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Jan. 10, 2013 at 9:26am

CALL To ARTISTS: Periscope Callery Jury Art Show


The Periscope Art Gallery, located in an obscure, unmarked alley off south 19th St between South Oakes and South Anderson seeks 2d artworks no bigger than 1x1 inch squares for our first "THRICE ALL AMERICAN CITY OF DESTINY GREATER FOUNDATION PAN-GALACTIC UNIVERSALIST CITIZEN'S FIFTH-COLUMN AUXILIARY YOUNG AMBASSADOR WILD-WAVES AND THE ENCHANTED CELESTIAL KINGDOM ART SHOW"

Submission Guidelines: please email your artist bio and a scan of 1x1 inch art to: tacomic@holisticforgeworks.com art show

sponsored by:

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Dec. 30, 2012 at 8:48pm

Top Ten Tacomics of Twenty Twelve A.D.

From Worst, to Personal Favoirite, to Most Commented

tacomics banner

Well comrades! Here we are again at the end of another year... still standing tall on the backs of the downtrodden, the great unwashed, the hairy mermaids of the world. Yes™! And we'd do it all again if we had the chance. We learned a lot about each other this year.. and maybe even a little bit about ourselves too.  Verily, the TACOMIC hasn't looked better. My cartooning skills only improve with maturity or age like a fine cheese or compost... a crude fusion of the two perhaps? TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE™!

Let us begin with a meditation on failure!

Worst Tacomics...

10. TEA Party Patriots & Occupy Tacoma UNITE!

9. Tim Farrell for Pierce County Assessor Treasurer

Here are some of my close and personal favorites.

Cartoonist Favorites...

8.  State of the City Citizens Auxiliary Address 2012

7. Stand Your Ground Pam Roach

6. Hire RR Seeker of Employment

5. 253 Gun Hoodie or Spiro Manthou Inaction Figure or Haub Billionaire Cowboy or Roadkill Runaway or Marsha Moody Face-melting State Farm Agent or Father Bix Action Figure or Real Economic Development Mascots

Most Heavily Commented Tacomics of 2012*

 (*at time of writing)






The Tacomic

BUY Cartoons! Contact Cartoonist! ANONYMOUS Toon Topic Tip Line!
Original Surplus Tacomic Pencil Art | Book EMAIL RR (253) 778-6786

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Dec. 22, 2012 at 7:29pm

Now Offering: Custom Birdhouse & REVERSE Gunsmithing Services

Custom Mailboxes Coming Soon!

Tinkertopia, LLC. and Holistic Forge Works have networked to bring you, IDLE TACOMANIAN, two new and extremely unique services!

Custom Artisan Birdhouses that Look Like Your House (OR WHATEVER YOU WANT!)

better than an exact replica... A TRUE GRIT SPIRIT CAPTURE! A 3D TACOMIC!

HAND MADE in TACOMA WASH. using 100% salvaged materials! 

Roofing from YOUR ROOF! 


 *depending on the complexity of your home

a cottage industry as old as time itself...

but wait that's not all...  ask about our

NEW, REVERSE Gunsmithing Service!

OPTION 1 "BEST FOR OLD GUNS OF SENTIMENTAL VALUE" - for a small fee, political cartoonist RR ANDERSON™ will render any firearm completely inoperable and do it to European standards! BUT HOW?  RR will... "drill a hole through the receiver into the chamber, plug the barrel, and weld the firing pin into the bolt assembly."  WARNING - your gun will still LOOK like a gun and you are likely to be killed by a policeman if you go waving it around.

- for the mere cost of electricity, political cartoonist RR ANDERSON™ will melt your gun in half or ugly meat-ball sized chunks with this fucking wicked, homemade carbon arc torch...

OPTION 3 "POUND YOURFUCKING GUN INTO A PANCAKE" - in exchange for a BBQ bottle of propane, political cartoonist RR ANDERSON™ and YOU™ will take turns hammering your gun into a flat gun pancake on a vintage 145 pound anvil using the heating power of this homemade gas forge...


in response to the NRA's hardline, absolutely tone deaf response to the (you pick school mass murder event) RECORD PERFORMANCE ART OF OPTIONS 2-3 and we will HELP YOU UPLOAD 2 YOUTUBE! You have now made a difference in the world. A few less guns to be stolen by a burglar or a mentally deranged spouse, child or boyfriend! AUTOMATICALLY DECREASE YOUR CHANCE % OF SUICIDE and or ACCIDENTAL DEATH!


Your guns will be destroyed in the most environmentally friendly way and much more exciting than just tossing your guns off the Tacoma Narrows Bridge.  You keep the remains as a piece of MODERN ART!

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Nov. 30, 2012 at 8:05am

It's TINKER TIME! A Ukulele theme for Tinkertopia, LLC.

Ms. Darcy Sings!

completely original and uncut theme for our latest small business creative endeavor...

TinkerTopia.com -  now on FaceBook!


Would you like to be a deputy in our TINKER PATROL ? Help spread the world about our rescue operation! Tell your grandmas! Tell your grandpas! Tell your friend down at the manufacturing plant... get these reusable materials out of the waste stream and into the hands of TINKERERS ! 

+ + +


call 2 haul van

Donate Materials & Schedule Pickup

(253) 778-6539


We help you by hauling away "good junk" and you help us with supplying materials to inspire creative minds!

tinker crab

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Nov. 9, 2012 at 10:37am

An Open Letter to Tacoma Screw Products, Inc.

What the World Needs Now is Love

an open letter to Tacoma Screw Products, Inc.

Young people in Tacoma are always looking for positive and clever ways to show pride in the place they live. Whenever I mention "Tacoma Screw" as an example of a successful business in the City of Destiny I always get a smile and a laugh. Yes the name Tacoma Screw never fails to bring joy. I believe a Tacoma Screw t-shirt would be most popular with the blue-collar working class hipters/boosterheads. I've been drawing political cartoons in Tacoma since 2007... I can see trends in our cultural environment. In these dark, partisan times... the world is desperate for unifying positivity. The world needs a Tacoma Screw t-shirt! I like athletic blue or gray (see attached mockups above).

If Tacoma Screw is too busy to do it themselves, I was wondering if they'd license use of their logo for profit sharing, locally printed T-shirt production?

Thanks for your consideration!

- RR

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Oct. 12, 2012 at 2:13pm

Public Speaker, Community Advocate for Hire

Anything You Need, You Got It. Anything at All, You Got it.

Have you ever wanted to speak out on an issue of grave importance but were too afraid to do it yourself?  Huddle in darkness no longer comrade!  Hire RR Anderson for all your community outreach public speaking gigs!  Reasonable Rates. Bonded. Licensed. Keyword here.

Check out my public speaking portfolio on a variety of issues...


Hire RR for one Issue, get the next Issue Free!

Nobody cares? I care!

Ribbon cutting ceremonies? Have sheers, will travel.

Will advocate for ANYTHING for a price $$$

Hire RR, the most Patriotic cartoonist speaker!


view my resume.

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Sep. 24, 2012 at 12:58pm

PHOTO-ESSAY: A September Morning in Downtown Tacoma

down and out in the city of destiny

Hopped the no.2 bus into Downtown Tacoma.  Haven't had much use of my orca card since the down-sizing at AFX (formerly Artifex). Got a call last Friday to come in to the old office. They've got some CSS/HTML work to do and no CSS masters to do the job.  Right now i'm trying to think of an hourly rate for private contract work.  All the employees are gone, but the espresso machine hasn't changed. A ghost, haunting the conference room with a coffee mug.   Meeting went well.

After, I huffed it up the hill to the Main Branch library. Book reserve had come in: "100 DOLLAR START UP - Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, And Create a New Future.  Gillebeau, Chris"  ALAS!  Budget cutbacks... hours posted on the door let me know that they don't open till 11 on Mondays.  The masses of tired, hungry, poor yearning to breath free were camped out around the entrance.  Sleeping bags... blankets... the libraries own #occupy movement.

I was approached by a man. His questioning led me to assume he was not a regular library patron.  "What is with the crowd?" Asked He.

"These are hard times." Said I, "Neighborhood branches have been sold off. This is the only place a lot of hard-luck folks can access the internet... "


EVEN SO, I had 1 hour to kill before I could pick up my book.   I was inspired to visit the tiny new second location of the Central Tacoma Free-Radical Media Exchange hosted at the Market on Market store here in the Embellish Multi-Space World Headquarters.. 

but, the weird hours thing again shot down that idea..  yet, I could see the little media exchange shelf unit through the window. Which gave off a warm feeling.

I Visited Suite/Exit133.com had a nice chat with Derek about what is a fair hourly rate  ($50-$60 is about the average for Tacoma or so they say--You can see more of this conversation happening on my facebook wall IN REAL TIME!). 


It is hard to see in this picture, but the sidewalks around 11th & Commerce are teeming with hyper-creative young people.  I must have witnessed a class change or recess or whatever because the kids were streaming out of the Beautiful Old Historic Court House/Post Office like waves of army ants.

Tacoma is dead most of the time so anything that brings boots on the ground, human life to the area is fantastic.  So nice..

Give Old City Hall to the SOTA kids too! 

hey a CLAW poster in a spaceworks art install !...

MEANWHILE sad bank window art..


Our beautiful old bridge is a JOB CREATOR!  Can't wait to see this thing operational again.


Keep fighting Pierce Transit. God help us if this thing doesn't pass.

RR SIDEBAR COMMENTARY: As a rule of thumb always vote yes for transit projects.  ALWAYS vote no for anything associated with Tim Eyman.


ate up most of my hour wandering around looking for the new Tacoma Daily Index offices.  No luck.  Went back to the library, picked up my book and the latest edition of the Tacoma Weekly (Tacoma's ONLY Weekly Newspaper)... got a taste of recently laid off, mainstream daily newspaper cartoonist Chris Britt's take on the University Place name change meme which the Tacomic exploited weeks ago.

What in the world Chris Britt

*end transmission*

comments [31]

Aug. 13, 2012 at 8:14pm

One (1) Hour Logo starting at $100 Portfolio Sampler


I began developing the concept of "One (1) Hour Logo for Tacomanians" with an experiment on myself... with the revamp of the Holistic Forge Works "flying turtle" logo...

Yes, with my new 1 Hour logo for Tacomanians service I can also enhance your existing logo to brand your original spin-off business services! Below is an example of the HFW turtle logo used to brand my original SURPLUS TACOMIC PENCIL ART stamped for authenticity!

Logo from a personal community culture project: Central Tacoma Free-Radical Media Exchange. At this point I felt confident enough with my speed and skill to begin offering my logo making services to the public.  ONE HOUR LOGO FOR TACOMANIANS is born!

I began to advertise this service on social media sites. My old boss would say: "twitter, facebook?  Who cares about what I just ate or when I go to the bathroom! [har har har]."  an absolute shocking display of ignorance! To be an evangelical marketer, you have to go where the people are!  Posting my logo progress with my friends online, word of mouth spread and I soon had my first One Hour Logo for Tacomanians customer...  Professor Andrew Fry at UW Tacoma for his South Sound Entrepreneurs Weekend conference...

How Does One Hour, $100 Logo for Tacomanians work?

If you go with the rock-bottom flat $100 dollar logo option, you get to provide some brief creative input/direction at the very beginning... examples of what you like, maybe you provide a sketch, maybe you just want something to look good and that is all that matters to you.  I spend 1 hour and whatever I come up with in that 1 hour is your $100 logo!   No revisions. No refunds.  If you are unhappy with your 1 hour logo simply spend another $100 for another shot. 

$100 for a logo is a heck of a deal.  

Now, you might want to have design revisions--for an extra premium, you can!

Here is an example of a button logo I did for my sister-in-law's at risk youth program.  I came up with 3 different design options with upto 3 design revisions... They were willing to shell out the extra cash and felt good about it in the long run.

No Job is Too Weird or Strange!  Terra Organics wanted a superhero illustrated for their new fleet of delivery vans...  again many revisions, many hours over the starting $100 price.  Let's work a deal! 

Different Chairs wanted to see a fun, cartoony new logo and paid a little extra for some different options to choose from... this is the end result.  As a courtesy I like to provide the finished logo design with the standard 3 color choice alternatives..  Black on White, White on Black... and Color. 

Death by Stars is a local electronic rock band who are fans of my Tacomic cartoon... I did this T-Shirt logo for them, not a 1 hour logo but as a trade for theme music for a youtube show (in development)

Did you know you can combine 1 hour service with my $1000 website package?  Here is the first draft of a logo revamp...  you can see an example of an unrelated website I recently built from scratch.

I design T-shirts too!

Or maybe you need spot illustrations to jazz up your website?  Here is an example I did for AFX before I got laid off (I can do all of this stuff also).

Speaking of Illustration work, Here is a recent full-color illustration I did for this Tacoma Makes project, you probably saw their press?  Pretty dang impressive for a Tacoma-based Kickstarter project. (keep an eye out for Britton and Chandler's work too, it's fantastic)

Last but not least a ULTRA-PURE example of the 100 dollar / 1 hour logo.  Chris owner of The Red Hot has been watching my progress and wanted to get a fresh sticker/logo for his growler bottles.  "I want your take on the MM Bridge with our existing logo. It has to be round and I'd like it to say In Beautiful Tacoma, WASH"  He directed, and thus...

after he posted it to his facebook wall folks were crying for this design on T-shirts. He said he'd send me a sample of whatever it gets printed on (hopefully filled with drink).  AWESOME!


contact me today. (253) 778-6786

comments [39]

Aug. 3, 2012 at 7:35am

HAIRY MERMAIDS: Original T-Shirt Illustrations for a Sports Team

What can I draw for you?

When members of the all-lady team, HAIRY MERMAIDS  approached me to design their team t-shirt for the Dirty Dash mud race, I rolled up my sleeves, tore off my socks, and pulled my shirt up over my head. "I'M FULLY PREPARED TO DRAW YOU LADIES A T-SHIRT ILLUSTRATION FOR SUCCESS!" I bellowed.

My first attempt that was quickly rejected. Here's why said team HAIRY MERMAIDS: "We want her throwing a pig! And she's not burly enough! We want a burly two-fisted mermaid RR!"

Okay okay, limber and pencils blunt I charged berserker-style into V2...


Proud to introduce THE HAIRY MERMAID i've fallen in love with her too. She will be appearing in a comic-within-a-comic inside my OUR FRIEND THE STOVE strip. 

Also, i've been invited along to watch Team HAIRY MERMAID in action. Watch this tread for photos of the event.


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Aug. 2, 2012 at 12:29pm

TACOMA DIRT ALERT: Walmart builders filling our streets with TOXIC DUST & SPIRITUAL DEATH!

RR Rides Again

This day, let us focus on the buggy washing station

washing station appears to be broken. note build up of nasty dirt on City of Tacoma right of way.  ALSO NOTE, since my first bike ride the shortcut around the washing station as been blocked off. note ditch, cones and sign.

interesting! a fully loaded double dumper, caked with toxic tacoma dirt passing through washing station dry as a bone.

DIRT ALERT! Well this water truck as seen better days. Doesn't look like it has been active for awhile. Wonder how they're spraying down the uncovered dirt piles and roads?

Fixing the broken washing station. Had a chat with one of the City of Tacoma Environmental inspectors. Asked him if he needed pictures of a dirty dump truck passing through the broken washing station. "If they're trying to fix it.." he shrugged.

The Legacy of the Tacoma Elks Lodge no. 174 reminds me of "OPERATION CAST LEAD"

One loop around the Walmart site, a couple of workers on their knees in a ditch asked me if I was being paid to protest. NOPE, I live over there. I said. They asked me why I was against walmart. Low low wages I said. I then asked them if they were familiar with the history of Tacoma... in particular the 100 years of lead and arsenic poisoning from the Point Ruston copper smelter. All the smugness washed from their faces into an expression of fear and concern. I continued. This property is just outside the toxic plume clean up boundary, so your bosses might not have given you any warning about this dirt... pointing to their soiled clothes. Nobody here is wearing a respirator. I say... and if you have kids, don't wash those clothes in the same load with kids clothes. One guy says to me... What about you? Do you wear a respirator in your yard? I had my soil tested. High levels of lead and arsenic. That's why I had it replaced with TAGRO. You see the lead and arsenic doesn't care about plume boundaries.. all this dirt is contaminated. Ask your bosses about it. Don't breath that shit!

Dirt Alert: Arsenic & Lead!

also improvement since last bike ride... the half-assed white tape over the WALMART has been replaced with plastic sign material. so now instead of "WALMART & CONSTRUCTION ENTRANCE ONLY" it says "__________ & CONSTRUCTION ENTRANCE ONLY"  I'd be embarrassed building a walmart too.  You can do better Sierra Construction


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Jul. 30, 2012 at 1:12pm

My Neighbor the Super Walmart, A Bicycle Ride Around Despair

NEVER FORGET Wal-o-caust 2012

Down the street from the closed Martin Luther King JR. Public Library... amid the big medical office buildings. A lone rider cuts the morning dawn, nostrils flared.

Committing acts of civil disobedience...

Nothing on site says anything about walmart. Anything that says walmart has been taped over with white tape. As if the construction workers are embarrassed... or maybe they just don't want to attract night saboteurs?  Yeah right, AS IF!  Earth Liberation Front (ELF) was a passing fad. Nobody cares anymore!  These days the only resistance is just some dude in flip-flops on a bicycle with a sign.

Best Walmart builders in the world! Sierra Construction Company they do great work with help from BCRA 

now I have an environmental question for everyone. 

See all that loose soil piled up?  I wonder how much lead and arsenic is being allowed to blow off in the wind? Nobody driving the earth movers was wearing respirators... OSHA violation?

Did you know all the dirt in Central Tacoma has 100 years worth of contamination built up in there thanks to the Point Ruston copper smelter? 

at this point my bicycle bell ringing was drawing a crowd of construction workers... lots of pointing an laughing (cartoonists do it for laughs). Made sure to get a photo of our two signs making sweet love.

Hear me now Oh thou bleak and unbearable world, Thou art base and debauched as can be; And a knight with his banners all bravely unfurled Now hurls down his gauntlet to thee!

Beautiful View of the rising Walmart...

the lonely city permit inspector guy...

Previously: Tacoma United Against Walmart

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Jul. 18, 2012 at 9:24pm

Is Your Child a Chalk Champion? Hire the CHALK COACH +4 Step Sidewalk Chalk Tutorial

Glitter Bomb a Public Space At NO EXTRA CHARGE!

Attention!  The following offer is for CHALK WINNERS ONLY!

(click to enlarge images)

Have you ever wanted to be the parent of a child chalk champion?  Now you can!  Hire RR  THE CHALK COACH™ Anderson to come into your pre-school, church, day-camp or private school and give REAL-TIME sidewalk chalk coaching tips!  I even have a my own whistle!  CONTACT ME via HOLISTIC FORGE WORKS or my Facebook Page

Chalking at your own school is fine, but CHALK CHAMPIONS require public spaces for a genuine enriching urban art experience!  It's still a free country gosh darn it.  What are they going to do, kick out a bunch of cute red-blooded AMERICAN kids?  Never!

Let's see some drawing!


step 1 - alright, pick a clean dry spot. Now let's start by blocking or thinking out your drawing. Draw a construction sketch with light blue or green. 

step 2 - once you have a map of your drawing, it's time for the fill or base colors!  thicken to taste. Sometimes, if i'm drawing a building or a statue, I like to let some of the natural concrete color poke through. In this example the chalk is laid down pretty thick.  You get rubbing pretty fast, it can be like touching a belt sander. Keep those fingernails trimmed and watch your fleshy nubs!

step 3 - cut out, shape, define the hard edges with charcoal. This makes your drawing POP! Charcoal is what separates you from a civilian sidewalk chalk artist. I prefer the natural hardwood lump charcoal you can buy in the BBQ section of your supermarket or food coop.

step 4 - blend in the highlights, the brightest color you have... most times your white. If surface is glossy keep your highlights as dots. If a matte surface blend the edges...


EXTRA TOP SECRET NEXT STEP: GLITTER!  ***WARNING***  Sometimes using glitter on your sidewalk chalk drawing can be like throwing a bucket of gasoline on a campfire.  SO AWESOME!!!!


Let's take a time out to view some of these kid's chalk drawings...

That's a great robot sketch Max!

Little Hobart here likes to draw angry birds. I encourage kids to draw copyrighted intellectual property and make it their own. Strike a blow against the empire!

YES! Nice work Sue.

Remember, ROY G. BIV for a scientifically accurate rainbow Herbert. Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, Violet. We can do better next time! No worries!


Nice use of charcoal outlines!

Take handfuls of glitter and pass the bottle around so everybody gets some! Thanks Gertrude!

Well I think our job here is done...

Let's head back to home-base and get a snack. HAM and Ice Orange Juice!

Hire RR ANDERSON today


253 778-6786

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Jul. 9, 2012 at 10:49am

Petitioning Kevin to Improve Feed Comics Pages

We the Cartoonists of Feed Tacoma...

Because comic-press plugin is hard to use...  Because August is approaching, the time when Kevin has time to traditionally work to improve his FeedTacoma.com community experiment... Because Crop Swap is out the door... because COMIC BOOK INK is dead...  Because feed tacoma is the only community-based news and entertainment resource in the South Puget Sound with a living and vocal indie-arts comics sub culture, we the semi-professional cartoonists of Feed Tacoma here do by petition our benevolent overlord Kevin (who we love. love. love. like a father, brother, and CEO) to address our power-user feedback. 

A. mothership main landing page notes...

  • Britton Sukys Although I like the random comic image, it always takes shots from the middle...Anyway it can be either actually random, or customizable?
  • Britton Sukys I see this as the comic rack. It was my favorite thing, as a youth, to flip through the issues, see the title headers...Anyway, tightening it up, giving the background some pop would be nice...It would throw the titles forward more...I'm just blathering.
  • Britton Sukys Remember Marvels Box icon? It would have the "heads" of the characters in the book floating around the top? That would be cool here too...Get everybody to supply a few head shots and they'd also direct you to the book page. Just a thought.
  • Erik Bjornson Nice. a "Buy it Now" button linking to Paypal might be a nice opportunity.
  • RR Anderson bigger banners! maybe an embed-able RSS comic badge for specific strip fans? go Kevin Freitas!
  • RR Anderson it would be fun to have a sunday comics page view option too... float all the 500px wide latest strips together on a giant page

B. comic strip page notes...

  • Britton Sukys Like the hearts...Can we have multiple emoticons (hearts/Bombs/Stars/Frownies/Brownies to click on the strip? Can they be big and easy to see (can they be funnier than the ones I came up with?)
  • Brandon Pierce I'd like to have the ability to see who "liked" my comic (from clicking the grey heart).
    Kevin's being put through the woodwork, huh?
  • Brandon Pierce I love the copyright idea.

C. handling the strip archive page?...

  • Britton Sukys Searchable by issue/story arc/chapter. Archive should be searchable by tags...Or something.
  • Britton Sukys I envision it to look like the back issue box at the comic store...Flipping through pages would be cool, or posting issue covers with that whole issue within.
  • RR Anderson the feed search has always been difficult for me. to find tacomics I use google like: MIKE LONERGAN TACOMIC
  • Britton Sukys That's ok, but If I want to search for "Gravy eating cookies" It could pop up if I tagged the appropriate comic as a "cookie" comic...Just an idea.

MISC feedback from power users...

  • Britton Sukys I have always wanted to choose my thumbnail on the comics main page...
  • Britton Sukys Also, how do the comics look on phones and tablets? Is it easy to find the comics?
  • RR Anderson my two goals for feed comics page: custom css, ability to create tabs or about page for MERCH!

add your own comments / feedback for feed tacoma comics improvements in the comment thread below!

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Jun. 17, 2012 at 8:41pm

BEHOLD, Central Tacoma Free-Radical Media Exchange

Take Something / Leave Something. Sharing = Empowerment!

LOCATED in the alley off South 19th between Oakes & Anderson st.



  • DVDs
  • USED BOOKS (with strange messages scrawled in pages)
  • ZINES! - coming soon
  • MIX cassette Tapes

Greatest public library collection of VHS tapes in all of Central Tacoma!

take something, leave something! Sharing = Empowerment!

BEHOLD, our latest community-building new urbanist creation! WHY? Mostly in protest of the Central Tacoma Martin Luther King Jr. Library being closed down and sold for scrap. But that is just the beginning... Oh FRIENDS!


City Council-member Marty Campbell delivered these surplus Stadium Video shelving units to Holistic Forge Works a couple of weeks ago. Kinda awkward to fit anything other than DVD or VHS tapes on them. 

Clean up nicely with paint

Too big for the American Museum of Alaskan Entrepreneurship... Where could they be installed?  What to do?

My back alley has a huge blank blue wall.  Not even graffiti artists will touch it. Perhaps they're scared away by the toddler lawnmower?  Even so, this would be a perfect fit for the huge shelving units.  Would need to be filled with items that you wouldn't mind being taken away by people who frequent alley ways. 

These days mostly we stream movies over the internet, or watch DVDs all on the laptop snuggled in bed.  So the VHS tape collection got banished to the garage.  Lots of good titles here, a shame to get rid of them in a less-than-spectacular way. 

Poor old TV + VCR.

OK,so I had the location location location. I had the tools, I had the goods, I had the will. Now I just needed a name to call this project.  In times of need I always turn to the chalkboard, my most treasured possession.

what to call it?

thus and so the Central Tacoma Free Radical Media Exchange (CTFRME) was born.


how about a "DIY customer service buzzer" to be installed under the shelving units. (spoiler alert: it will do nothing.)

donation slot for coins or whatever.  Figure I can install a slot in the alley and then a collection bin on the other side of the wall. I see the main expense of running the Media Exchange will be zip-lock bags to keep the tapes and box art nice and dry.

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Apr. 18, 2012 at 11:20pm

Make RR Anderson Draw a Hyper-Local Cartoon Just 4 You

Cartooning With INT3GRITY for the Highest Bidder!

trying out this selling my talents on ebay thing...


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Apr. 16, 2012 at 12:13pm


Do It Yourself Crime Stopper Direct Action?

This just in from our friends at Dorky's Arcade:

ATTN: $1000 REWARD!!!!

He is still on the run. 

If you see him call us not the police.

253-283-1122 or 253-376-8283

Reward for direct location of this fool. 

BE CAREFUL and do not try to apprehend. 

Call us and Lay Low

$1000 REWARD


The Reward is now $1000. Help bring this bad guy to justice!!!! Keep Tacoma Safe for people who live here & the businesses in the community!!
This guy was caught breaking into a game @Dorky's. We believe he is responsible for a series of break ins. If he looks familiar, please contact us. He is about 6'2" & cross eyed.

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Apr. 2, 2012 at 2:31pm

Mayor Strickland to declare: Friday April 6th FROST PARK CHALK DAY!

low orbit proclamation cannon


COME to the 5pm Tuesday April 3rd City Council Meeting @ City Hall, stand at the dias and be there to accept the honorary proclamation by the MAYOR!  

She'll be reading these awesome WHERAS statements (thanks Joel!)

+ + + 

WHEREAS, Tacoma Police Officer, Larry Frost, who was killed in the line of duty on September 9, 1977 and thus had the park on South 9th Street and Pacific Avenue named in honor of his dedication and service to the community; and 

WHEREAS, in the Spring of 2008, a group of concerned Tacoma citizens began to gather for lunch to utilize a city park and keep it open a doorstep to the city; and

WHEREAS, a challenge to create art using chalk as a medium was given to be the Greatest Illustrator in the Universe (of Tacoma); and

WHEREAS, that challenge has been accepted and taken by over 100 citizens creating thousands of temporary art pieces at Frost Park; and

WHEREAS, this challenge will begin again for a 5th consecutive year on Friday afternoons from noon to 1pm on each Friday in April through October; and

NOW, THEREFORE we do hereby proclaim April 6, 2012 as FROST PARK CHALK DAY

Find out more here.

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Mar. 15, 2012 at 8:39pm

ClearChannel Outdoor's Worst Billboard in Tacoma

Hey ClearChannel Clean Up Your Crap!

Dear TacomaCARES@cityoftacoma.org

Billboard on the intersection 9th and S Court D st is in a highly blighted state.  wood structure covered in slime an possibly rotting.  Metal Billboard in backside is highly rusted.  Was watching it wobble in the wind.  Fear it is going to fall on somebody's car, maybe blow out into the street causing a school bus to roll over.  Litter everywhere under the wood structure too.   This billboard really needs to be dismantled and hauled off to a land fill.  Please Help! 

(attached photographic evidence of malfeasance) 

Marsha Moody HALT your Face Melting!

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Jan. 24, 2012 at 10:59am

Quick and Dirty Half-tone Shading for Web Comics

Tacomic Instructional Public Service

in the olden times, people would cut bits out of rolls of half-tone patterns and rubber cement them all over their drawings.  Today with photoshop or any open source equivalent you can do something similar.  

first make a gradient.  solid black to white.  however you want.  radial or whatever

adjust the color halftone filter to these settings.  you can experiment with dot size (max radius)

Excelsior ! 

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Jan. 11, 2012 at 9:27pm

Ruston: From Environmental Holocaust Moonscape to Mixed-Use Utopia

The Rise and Fall and Rise of a Place

First, Enjoy this little documentary playing now on KBTC:

Watch Ruston on PBS. See more from Full Focus.

Interesting Notes from the Film:

  • Integrated labor force except for Asians who were segregated?
  • Corporation and Union joined forces to fight any EPA regulation
  • Slag and untreated waste dumped directly into the bay
  • Midnight whistle for no reason?
  • Town Police Force completely owned by Company
  • Volunteer Firefighters
  • Regular employee deaths
  • Jobs, Jobs, Jobs

This is based on a new historical Ruston book recently reviewed in the Tacoma Weekly

The film has a brief bit about what is happening right now with the ASARCO Ruston smelter site, but I have recently had the pleasure of touring this place in the first-person flesh, after being invited by the honorable purchaser of these two Tacomics... 

ruston tacomic


tacoma developers


And now..


Photographed with permission, but with camera hidden inside a very large fur hat (editorial note, see urban explorer episode 1 & episode 2). 


Ride along in the Cadillac Escallade, picture taken immediately after passing through gate.. stopping to check out the automatic cement curb making industrial robot who was very friendly.   


Coming up on the historic and retrofitted Ruston Ferryboat. Joked about how cool it would be to see the Kalakala tied up along side her.  This chunk of Commencement Bay is private property so is very Privately-Owned-Ferryboat friendly. No pesky Coast Guard or something.


I was very excited to check out the ship ever since the stowaway Jobs With Justice condo buyer infiltrator stunt I read about here...  very exciting!


My Tour Guide and latest Tacomic Art Patron Mr. Loren Cohen. Turns out he also won the bid on a copy of my book at the Mark Lindquist Kings Books auction fundraiser event (My book happened to be bundled with  "BabeLehrer's book  and also maybe an erotic cook book). 


Someday all this will be real. Condos are now Apartments, but the movie theater and shopping center and dense packing of mixed use buildings will cover over the toxic nightmare that was the ASARCO smelter footprint. Can't happen soon enough I say! 


Says they're on schedule for opening the heart of this thing for Christmas of 2013 or 2014 


The Urbanist joked to me later that the little model in the back of the ship reminds him of a James Bond villain's insane utopia that is revealed near the climax of the film.  Whatever they have to do to make it happen, I say go for it. Anything is better than how ASARCO left it.


Continuing the tour, here is the parking garage that the shopping area and movie theater complex will connect to. Notice in the model they do a good job of hiding all the ugly parking under the buildings, but the idea is the people who live here can walk everywhere.


Most of the bad stuff has been barged away by ASARCO, everything else buried under plastic, concrete and imported clean fill.


Here is the Train tunnel and Car Tunnel, The Car Tunnel is going away forever. Remember driving through there honking at the other side?


up on the hill now, this little pond is where all the crap from the stack was dumped to cool down before getting pushed into the ocean.  Horrible-horrible things happened in this pool. Lovecraft horrible!  But they're making it all better.


Homes, sculpture parks (can't wait to see what Claudia is building), shoppers, walking the waterfront folks... coming soon!


Someday you'll be walking the popular Ruston waterfront all the way down, past the Sperry ships, down to this Marina, down to Point Defiance park.  Build it.  Build it Ray, and the people will come.  SHIFT IS HAPPENING!  I hope to hell.  

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Jan. 9, 2012 at 1:48pm

A Frost Park Sidewalk Chalk First...

Job Wanted Ad - A Sign of the Times

My four years as a sidewalk chalking enthusiast in downtown Tacoma, this is the first time I have seen anything like this. BEHOLD! 

I know Ben Davis. I endorse him as a candidate for employment! A+++

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Dec. 28, 2011 at 2:50pm

Tyrannosaurus Rex with Light Saber(s)

the sum of all fears

You want to solve some problems?

T-Rex with Light-saber T-Rex with Light-saber T-Rex with Light-saber T-Rex with Light-saber T-Rex with Light-saber

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Nov. 17, 2011 at 9:19pm

Barter Trade! How I designed the Death By Stars space rock band logo

In exchange for a LEARN 2 DRAW theme song

Patrick Galactic of the band Death By Stars contacted me awhile back about how much it would cost to get an original RR Anderson designed logo for his space-rock-electronica-punk-band. $125 dollars an hour! Said I. Thanks came the reply, will talk it over with the band. Added that I would also consider a barter trade for theme music. A cartoonist can never have enough theme music in this day and age... with the youtube and podcasting, one had better get an original theme song! This brightened the mood. YES! Said they, we create music! A trade then! 

The Band's Vision... 

INPUT: "Death By Stars - As far as our visual influences go, we are inspired by Warhol, Alphonse Mucha, Max Ernst, Kubrick (2001 specifically), Dave McKean, Tarantino etc. I LOVE the Golden Harvest logo (the studio that made all the Bruce Lee movies) so maybe something that had a touch of something similar but more colorful? Basically we are into bold colors with strong graphic images. I am a comic fan as well (not the biggest, but I read a lot) and love the bold texts used for covers and intro pages. Anyway, I don't know how helpful that is. I will gladly send you some images to reference tonight. This sounds like it's going to be fun! Thanks R.R."

 They liked the LOOK AND FEEL of these things:
[ Mucha]

  [Max Ernst] 

 They also really liked the vibe of 2001 A Space Odyssey...  

and REALLY REALLY liked the old Golden Harvest Kung Fu movie studio logo...  

 I took the initiative and decided to stick in some old radio shack computer ads (which I love)... 

 and if you're talking death; need some skulls...  


FEEDBACK: "Very cool stuff!!! We really like the floating cube motif. That is an idea I'd love to zoom in on. I also really like the screaming skull starburst under the 80's tribute text. I like the 80's text as well, we are big comi fans so the more fantasmic the better. Very cool stuff. Really like the ninja star idea as well. Basically we haven't narrowed it down much but we love were you are headed. I'd say the floating cubes and the skull starburst are the two ideas I am most attached to. Great stuff! Thanks so much." 

 narrowed down...


 Playing with vectorization...  

 3D! stripped down... splatter photoshop brush, looks like stars to me!  


FEEDBACK: "Very cool ideas here! We all love the font. I like the skull, my guitarist and keyboardist aren't as sure about it. They are worried it's too dark or bleak. We are dark so it works for me! I like the actual vector part of the art a lot too, would love to see this with some other colors (for comparison). Could we see it with a bright pink background and a bright red background? My keyboardist would like to see some more actual stars incorporated into the logo. Are you open to working with the floating cubes still? We loved that idea, it's a little more abstract (which we are fans of) and we could do some cool stuff with colors there too. Thanks very much for the awesome ideas and great work, RR! I'll have a rough mix of Learn2Draw to you tonight, based on your feedback I will refine the mix and we will get it knocked out this week! Yes!!!!" 


FEEDBACK: "Awesome, awesome stuff. And, as I'm sure happens frequently, the band thinks all we need is the text logo. We like the skull but we feel the text logo with the stars and cubes is perfect by itself. Easy to re-print and only two colors! It is what we envisioned. Thank you so much, it's awesome!" 


 one color version:


 two color version:

Epilogue from Client: "we made DBS shirts using the logo you made. They are quite popular! ... people have actually stopped to read mine and a front desk guy at a hotel actually took a picture of it! We've gotten a ton of compliments!"


The official LEARN2DRAW TeeVee show theme created by DEATH BY STARS!

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Nov. 6, 2011 at 8:30am

PHOTO: Virtual HFW Studio Tour 2011

American Museum of Alaskan Entrepreneurship--Art AT WORK MONTH

Welcome to the Museum! Enter a world of ASTONISHMENT! Tacoma's (The World's) Smallest Museum: The American Museum of Alaskan Entrepreneurship Duraflex as the ghost of Leon Theremin Scott R channels the ghost of Leon Theremin. Citizens supporting Local Artists! Thanks for supporting local art! Maximilian Explains Typewriter to Child Troy's Work Table+Daughter get task training on the Experience Typewriter Project (ETP), Thanks lab assistant Maximilian! Women of Tacoma Upcycle U.S. Pennies, Gain Valuable Anvil Experience These ladies share a genuine antique anvil moment. Tacoma Urbanist supports local cartooning with purchase of TACOMIC TANK TOP Ah, I see the Tacoma Urbanist picked up a Tacomic T-Town Tank Top. What better way to say "You are my church, allow me to worship under your flying buttresses" to that special lady in your life. Excelsior! Dave L coaches children on hammering technique Dave L and family has arrived to stamp some pennies... Hammering method perfected, children fly solo training wheels removed, the children stamp with confidence. The 100 year old anvil rings true. Now that's an education! Today's donations to the American Museum of Alaskan Entrepreneurship's permanent collection Lo, The Museum is not just a blast-in-the-face of one way information. The community brings wonders to be added to the permanent collection. The World's only Open Source museum! The Typewriter Experience Project (TMP) [first person view of the Typewriter station] Tacomic Viewing Station [fold-away tacomic archive station] 24 Hour Comic Book Day viewing bin [upcycled ikea dish drying rack as 24hr comic book day product bin] Tacomic Merchandise: Book, Poster, T-shirts and Sunflower Kits [table of merch, contact me if you want a shirt!] Bix's Anti-Nuke Sunflower Gro Kit - point of purchase display [Bix's Anti-Nuke Sunflower Gro Kit - point of purchase display] A real Museum is about Stuff in Jars [A real Museum is about Stuff in Jars] Visitors perplexed by Mystery Vortex The imaginations of Author/Daily Index reporter Todd Matthews and Famous Seattle puppeteer Maggie are captured by the MYSTERY VORTEX--is it a machine? sorcery? Perhaps we will never know. Rocks of the Solar System [Rock Collection, removal of sawdust greatly improved with new HFW bellows] Updated Menu Signage [Updated signage, so much savings! ] Museum Sponsors We would like to thank these local businesses for your support. The AMoAE is made possible by viewers like YOU. Ms. Darcy Exiting the Museum in Artsy Photo Ms. Darcy arrives. "It's 4 PM, the studio tour has come to an end." "Everything In It's Right Place" Good night workbench (made possible by a donation of wood from the Stowe Family) Anvil on new Anvil Mount Good night Anvil. Maximilian's Robot Factory Showroom Maximilian Robot No. 3 Maximilian Robot No. 5 Maximilian Robot No. 8 & 3 Maximilian Robot No. 7 & 8 Maximilian Robot No. 2 Maximilian's Robot Factory (first official art show) Good night Max's Robot Factory! HFW - Table Data Pausing at the company chalk board, I reflect on the times... oh the times. Tacomic Cartoonist in period Costume. Let's see how things are wrapping up over in Ms. Darcy's side of the compound shall we? Ms. Darcy's Studio Transitional Area [transitional area] Ms. Darcy's Pink Studio Door (Salvaged from ReStore) Ms. Darcy and Aunt Lisa Building Cupcakes Knitted Cupcake Studio Display Auntie Lisa with Ring Mandrel Maximilian [Lab assistant after a long day] Who wants cheese cake and hot cocoa ?

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Aug. 22, 2011 at 11:23am

HFW Robot Zombie Scarecrow Upgrade Online Status Report

RR Anderson's Partial Bachelor Weekend Melee

Down on the old HFW Industrial Compound, we suffered a major victory having now crossed off an action item from the CHALKBOARD OF DESTINY, a task long over due, ACTION ITEM 666.1 ZED -STROKE- B REPAIRS TO ROBOT ZOMBIE SCARECROW UNIT--Compound fractured articulation limb during severe spring windstorms defending restricted perimeter from Subconscious ID monsters, ragged clothing, cracked cyborg-mind heat tiles (ed note see: Return to Forbidden Planet LEARN 2 DRAW episode 07).  


New Articulated Neck - Robot Zombie Scarecrow

We have rebuilt it. Faster, Stronger. More Productive...

Robot Zombie Scarecrow Missing Hand 

Yet.. kind. A Gentle Giant... of metal.. wood.. clothes... undead mind flesh... and "I'm a computer"

  Maximilian with Robot Zombie Scarecrow

Memories past... 


 ah we remember first building it.... seems a lifetime ago.. DIY Robot-Zombie Scarecrow DIY Robot-Zombie Scarecrow

dig the sun bleaching.   ULTRAVIOLET ! 

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Jul. 27, 2011 at 9:38pm


The Ugly Truth about Swarner Communications, Fort Lewis Ranger, Northwest Airlifter and the Weekly Volcano

Have you ever dreamed about walking outside and NOT getting hit in the face with a baseball bat of compressed spam blight? I have.  

Not many people know why I'm boycotting the Weekly Volcano.  Why?  What have they ever done besides promote local artists, bands and female body parts? Why do you need to torment them ha ha ha?  I'll tell you why!   

Advertise to the MILITARY in our newspapers (via Clear Channel Billboard)!

FACT: Swarner Communications owners of the Weekly Volcano, Fort Lewis Ranger and Northwest Airlifter weekly newspaper empire are big fans of Clear Channel Billboards. [ rumor: They love billboards so much they make their employees sign a billboard 'loyalty oath' saying that no matter how economically devastated billboard blight impoverishes a neighborhood, billboards must ALWAYS be considered good for business. ] 

SUPER BEST @weeklyvolcano dominates this economically distressed neighborhood

FACT:  IF your business pays to advertise in the Weekly Volcano THEN everytime the Weekly Volcano contracts ad space on a Clear Channel billboard, your money is flowing into the bottomless pockets of Clear Channel Outdoor--a multi-national corporate monopoly.

FACT: RIGHT THIS SECOND Clear Channel Outdoor is locked in an ENDLESS legal battle with the City of Tacoma for the unbridled privilege of saturating our poorest neighborhoods with dilapidated billboards.  

FACT: Not only is Clear Channel Outdoor suing the cash-strapped people of Tacoma for millions of dollars, Clear Channel Outdoor wants to re-write our sign code to allow DIGITAL BILLBOARDS so that they can continue to spam the hell out of us all more efficiently (read: minus the union-wage vinyl sign switcher employees). 

Check out the reverse side of the Volcano 'in on the party' billboard: 

Corporations Honoring the 'Ultimate Military Sacrifice' with Billboards for Drinking Alcohol

Given the volume of alcohol/ptsd fueled suicides, drunk driving and 'ultimate military sacrifice' deaths plaguing Joint Base Lewis McChord is a flag-draped beer can even remotely appropriate in any self-respecting American neighborhood?  Have they no decency? 


  1. Contact advertisers in the Weekly Volcano. Tell them how you feel about Clear Channel Outdoor and suggest the Tacoma Weekly as a billboard-free volcano alternative.
  2. Recycle unused stacks of Swarner Newspapers left carelessly inside random Newspaper Boxes. 
  3. Stand near a Swarner Newspaper box pretending like you're catching a bus and talk loudly into a cell phone (you don't have to really be talking to anyone, just pretend like you are) talking at such a volume so as other people overhear you... and rant about how the volcano keeps buying Clear Channel billboards and the Clear Channel Outdoor Lawsuit. 
  4. Tweet and Facebook Matt Driscoll and complain about billboards.
  5. Post this Ron Swarner Cartoon to your Facebook wall.

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Jul. 27, 2011 at 8:59am




  • BEST Genuine hipster atmosphere place to eat = Puget Sound Pizza
  • BEST FAKE hipster atmosphere most accessible to visiting family members = HUB
  • BEST COFFEE meet up place for cartoon sale exchanges = AMOCAT
  • BEST fun/cheap place to go with kids for a burger = Herman's Burgers
  • BEST taco truck = Los Bros Hermanos
  • BEST romantic evening without kids = Europa, Upper Crust
  • BEST breakfast for visiting 'cool' friend = Babblin Babs
  • BEST inexpensive breakfast for visiting family member = Southern Kitchen
  • BEST breakfast via bicycle = The Old Milwaukee (if full, Shakabra)
  • BEST too-lazy/tired to make dinner pizza = Del Broco's delivery   

more to come

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Jul. 21, 2011 at 1:00am

The $2,700,000.00 Dollar City Manager Eric Anderson Memorial Parking Lot Ribbon Cutting Memorial

Proclamation from the Feed Tacoma Citizen's Auxiliary City Council

Greetings from the future! We're glad you made it. 

I am R.R. Anderson, recently appointed by the people to represent the HYPERSPACE district on the Citizen's Auxiliary City Council.  We are gathered here in virtual reenactment form to bless this surface parking lot in the memory of a fallen comrade, Father Eric Anderson.. 

Commemorating the Hyper-Expensive Eric Anderson Memorial Shrubbery 

please rise for the ribbon cutting speech (seriously get out of your goddamn chair).

Since this is a virtual, non linear space... Kevin would you like to do the honors again, but for the first time?

  Running with the Scissors of Destiny
another speech but now from Kevin:

good now let's get going, many more speeches and ribbon cuttings to make!

  Kevin and RR Anderson
and... don't for get these ultra-attractive auxiliary council members ! You see kids, we live in a virtual world where anything is fucking possible. It's the future damn it! If you were there that day, and you were never a special person, you are a special person now. YOU LITERALLY ARE #WINNING THE FUTURE! which also means you are losing the Anti-Future.

  Protest in Real Time We're not making up the news... Tacoma Daily Index front page 


  Tacoma Daily Index front page ALT cover 

So go in today... head over to the human resources department... 13th floor of CITY HALL and sign the goodbye cards to Eric Anderson, city manager.... OR you can be AWESOME by signing the parking lot itself in chalk. IT'S SO THE FUTURE, EVEN PUPPETS/KOOLKATS ARE DOING IT!

  Gritz and Shifty the Grit City Kitties 

so long fuck face! Eric Anderson Memorial Parking Lot Plaque 

 see more of this incredible envelope of fists tumbling down your optic nerve from INTREPID FIELD PHOTOJOURNALIST KEVIN F.   also thank you Tacoma Daily Index for covering this ERIC ANDERSON MEMORIAL PARKING LOT RIBBON CUTTING conceptual art event 


- LIKE freedom isn't free... free parking lot parking isn't free.  You, the citizen will have to start paying for these parking stalls... but not if you're DaVita right?   I mean, you the tax payer already paid for everything... but now you gotta pay to play. Dig?  


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Jul. 7, 2011 at 11:14pm

Remembering Hans Zeiger on GAY Pride Flag day

Representative-elect for the 25th Legislative District of Washington

Hans Zeiger, Idiot

Did you know that Hans Zeiger believes homosexuals should not be allowed into the Boy Scouts of America?  Did you know he believes there is a CONSPIRACY OF HomosexualS just waiting for the right chance to molest your children?  Here he is on TELEVISION !   You really need to watch this whole god damned show. 

Smell you later Hans! 



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Jun. 5, 2011 at 3:05pm

Status QUO? NOT with David BOE

For AMOCAT City Council at-large position NO. 7

Vote for David Boe. The only candidate endorsed by zombie scarecrow robot

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Apr. 27, 2011 at 9:43pm

URBAN EXPLORER 003: DaVita's Eric Anderson Memorial Parking Lot

$750,000.00 Free Gregoire Dollars for 47? Stall Parking Lot to benefit ONE Private Company


Blood suckers...

DaVita Tacoma Business Office "Promised"  $750,000.000 Parking Lot Ransom for Not Leaving Downtown

Filling in the hole Tacoma spent like 2 million to carefully clean out..  Luxury parking lot! The URBAN EXPLORER remembers seeing the renderings, truly a marvel of modern parking lots. Will have potted trees and everything!  Removal of the ancient sidewalk vault below.

Sidewalk Vault Removal - Davita Parking-lot

Was approached by a young Flag Girl... "What are you taking photos of?" Asked she. 

"I've never seen a $700,000 parking lot being constructed." Said I.

She turned to look at the growing pile of dirt with a new sense of wonder. 

Davita's Free $750,000.000 Parking Lot 

think I saw this in a cartoon once... perhaps a past life. 

  Davita's Free $750,000.000 Parking Lot "THANKS ERIC ANDERSON, TACOMA CITY COUNCIL"

come a long way since...

Davita Parking Station Mummy

Somebody snort too much bath salt today?   These things make bad mummies.  Even so, paid parking holiday in DaVita Universe!  

Davita Building Surrounded by Parking Lots

Funny thing is there is a TAGRO Dump load of parking in this area..

Davita's Backyard Half Empty or Half Full Diamond Paid Parking Lot

A private Diamond Parking lot literally in their backyard.  Half empty? Half Full?  Depends on your unique world perspective.  Maybe DaVita just wants to boycott Diamond Parking for their obscene support for Clear Channel Billboards.   How about we remove the time limits on all the Tacoma Parking Meters and stick it to Diamond Parking bottom feeders?  

Even so, we wish the corporate power executives at DaVita luck!  May all your kidneys fail. 


* * UPDATE! 6/30/2011 * *

A Gift to DaVita: What $750,000.00 in Free Gregoire Dollars BUYS in Tacoma (Thanks Eric Anderson+Tacoma City Council 2011!)


Tacoma Does Not Have a Brewery District. Tacoma Has NEVER Had a Brewery District! more parking lots!

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Apr. 21, 2011 at 10:48pm

URBAN EXPLORER 002: Up in BOE's Business

Private Pockets Lined with Imagination & Culture


Tasked with delivering a quality hand drawn political cartoon purchase, the fearless, ruthless (where is Ruth?) URBAN EXPLORER ventures forth into the sun-bleached pavement of Downtown Tacoma, Theater District... across the street from the mothership to yes a small architectural firm. With one fluid motion the bronze doorknob turns and the understated door with a new century font "BOE ARCHITECTS" swings open to reveal THIS TENSE SCENE idle reader!

Terrified Employees of BOE

Honorable Council-member David Uthur Pendragon Boe, surveying his low-cut cubicle domain...  terrified employees scuttle about typing, dialing, bustling, sharpening... eerie marching music plays on a wax cylinder phonograph.  Acknowledging my presence says he: "I have been expecting you for the past 10 minutes. Tardiness is a sign of imprecision. Hmm?"  

Fumbling with the thick padlock of my messenger bag THE URBAN EXPLORER produces the cartoon package in haste.  "Had to find change for the meter" (a lie) 

Tacomic Cartoon Gallery

"Excellent location indeed!"  Say I, The URBAN EXPLORER, "I'm told that cartoon was quite humorous to certain News Tribune political bloggers. Happy to see this cartoon end up lining your private pocket walls."

"Come" says Boe "I will give you the $66.60 dollar tour"

Conquest Wall [Wall of Private Pocket Lining Conquests?]

Miniature Model Tacoma Buildings "Top, second building down in the center, That was our original design for the Rainier Pacific Bank building. Clients said it looked too much like the Kalakala so we had to change it." Points out Boe.

"Ah yes, I like that design much better."

"Harrumph! Well thanks a lot."

Office Workstation "My Workspace"  note: Boe's hand crafted Bow on rafter. Yes, Boe has shot flaming arrows from it.

Grit City Kitty Clock
Grit City Kitty Klock

Wizard Scrolls, Blueprints "Here is my private pocket archive. All the Imagine Tacoma drawings are here... the originals."

Architect Workstation Desk "Everything is drawn here." The URBAN EXPLORER is able to capture the many wonders of this condensed workspace on film... however one object was hard to capture. In the spot where the Kalakala Bank were to be built was some kind of tailor/cleaner store or something... anyhow there was a giant sign with giant metal neck-ties... Boe managed to line his private pockets with a couple of gigantic metal neckties.... Giant Necktie and other Mysterious Artifacts
(hiding behind the drum wearing the fez, behind the plant)

PREVIOUSLY: Tacoma Daily Index Explored

[end transmission]

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Apr. 7, 2011 at 9:40pm

URBAN EXPLORER 001: Tacoma Daily Index - behind the pulp

Know Your DOWNTOWN! Tacoma's Oldest, Grandest, Most read City NEWSPAPER.


Today the URBAN POLAR EXPLORER dropped in unannounced for a snap inspection of the TACOMA DAILY INDEX, the official City of Tacoma newspaper since the early 1800's almost nearly 200 years of intense legal notices and feel good journalistic type articles!  

Tacoma Daily Index: Lobby Layout Area

Here we are in the main lobby Area on the 12 floor of the historic 1920's Washington Building. Original carpet!  Typewriters pound away in the background of the smokey news room. Todd Matthews recognizes the URBAN EXPLORER and offers a supervised guided tour.  We pause for a moment to admire the vintage acoustic tile-work.  

Tacoma Daily Index: Graphics/Layout Department

One of the oldest graphic design departments of any newspaper in existence to date. Before landing a job at the Tacoma Daily Index, this worker hand-painted signs!  The URBAN EXPLORER enjoys the wolf and elf-quest looking figure. Nice drawings!  Has this man ever considered a career in the field of Medallic Arts The URBAN EXPLORER wonders?

Tacoma Daily Index: Editor's Office

Tacoma Daily Index editor in chief Todd Matthews invites the URBAN EXPLORER inside his private office overlooking the city of destiny.  From this vantage we see the top of the new parking garage thatched grass green roof.  Also many surface level parking lots.  The tidy office smells of history. Tremendous stacks of newspapers loom from every flat surface. Artifacts of mystery pinned to every vertical surface.  Mr. Matthews leans back in a creaky office chair to brood at these artifacts...   "This office tells a story." He murmurs as if to himself, "If you can follow the clues... Please, no photos."   Luckily the hidden camera in the URBAN EXPLORER'S fur aviator's top hat goes unnoticed. 

Tacoma Daily Index: Editor's Mystery Wall or "Wunderkammer Gallery"

the URBAN EXPLORER was able to maneuver close enough to get a clear shot of this hodge podge "Wunderkammer Gallery" so many potent memes!  (click photo for flickr notes) 

THUS CONCLUDES THE PHOTOGRAPHED PORTION OF THE DAILY INDEX TOUR. The URBAN EXPLORER was able to safely repel from an open office window 12 stories to the street below, blending in with the civilian population without a trace.  

[end transmission]

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Jan. 7, 2011 at 9:24pm

Holistic New Years (Lifetime) Resolutions New Life Goals

Think I Can... I think I can.... I think I can.

  1. buy a tarp
  2. buy a garden shredder 
  3. design and build a muffler for my shop vacuum
  4. repair my spring punch
  5. install green roof on cabana
  6. keep bees on cabana green roof
  7. design and build a chicken tractor
  8. kill more lawn in the front yard (expand garden)
  9. learn to expertly sharpen saws and other hand tools
  10. build a folding sandwich board sign for frost park
  11. build a soap box 'speakers podium' for frost park guest rants
  12. design a secret 'real life super hero' identity for night time chalking
    ---- Mask?
    ---- Cape? 
  13. finish pagoda flagstone patio
  14. Start work on Tacomic Book Volume II (using kickstarter)
  15. purchase orange boiler suit
  16. install roll-up garage door in museum 
  17. install glass store-front entrance door in museum
  18. Hack grandpa's old hand-held camcorder onto mystery vortex CCTV
  19. Remove WSHM fence through sheer force of will
  20. Buy linoleum blocks for CLAW local money project with Beautiful Angle
  21. execute office of editor for GUEST STRIP theme CLAW zine
  22. produce a pilot episode for "Ask the New Takhoman" one man show w. John Hathaway
  23. produce a pilot episode for "LEARN 2 DRAW in 3D" secret city spoof for web
  24. deploy Tacomic Book Vol 001 
    --- MetaBooks? 
    --- Comic Book Ink? 
    --- UW Bookstore ?
  25. Develop system for product placement in Tacomics
  26. Plant more blueberry bushes
  27. Make a ukulele
  28. make preserved & cultured foods
  29. make a still
  30. Locate HFW with global coordinates 
  31. Set up a weather station
  32. Learn to sew/knit
  33. Make a ring from a silver coin
  34. Build a rolling penny press
  35. re-theme "Tacomic" pinball machine 
  36. Build a Treehouse in the giant azalea bush
  37. repair broken oscilloscope
  38. produce a xeroxed punk rock poster campaign
  39. produce a parody chick tract zine about abstinence

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