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Mar. 25, 2010 at 8:51pm

Burly-Legal Frost Park Chalk Community Expander Ideas...

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For people unfamiliar with the Frost Park Chalk Challenge, we are a group of blue-collar artists/designer/draftsmen/craft people who gather at lunch-time every Friday in April through to October (weather permitting). A total of 30 times or 'episodes' as we like to call them. Each Friday we fill the tiny concrete Larry Frost Memorial Park with lush and wonderful sidewalk chalk art AND each night you the citizens vote on the best one online in the comfort of your own home. The winner is decided at midnight. A prize is awarded the next Friday. Everything is photographed for historical posterity. This is the most spiritually rewarding event of its kind in Tacoma; I'm not even kidding. Don't even come to me about that 100 baboon or whatever.  

photographic resources: 

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As the first Friday in April seeps in like moisture in your basement, I've been thinking about ways to expand+enrich the Frost Park Season user experience. I'm trying to think of background activities for people who normally just hang out and passively watch. 

I'll unordered list my own ideas below ending in a link to my blog where we can all brainstorm together in one obscene idea compost pile... 

  • AUDIO MIXED-TAPE (cd) EXCHANGE - Bored of all your own old music? Bring it to the park and see if you can lend/trade for something fresher. Maybe you have a bunch of old mixed tapes you made in college or highschool? Pass it off!
  • HOME MOVIE LIBRARY EXCHANGE - you've spent your life collecting these movies. However 99.9 % of the time they just sit there on a shelf.. it's really a pain to dust these things. Bring a handful of movies you've watched so many times you practically have memorized, pass one to somebody who hasn't seen it yet. Next Friday you can talk about the part where the guy tied a hubcap to his head and dreams about his dead cat riding water skis. And everybody needs to see your favorite zombie movie! 
  • BARTER TACOMA - maybe you've ended up with an extra copy of a book or you've got an extra bench vise taking up space in your garage. Bring it and see if you can trade it for something interesting somebody else brought. Yard Gnome? Roller Skates? Wrestling Mask? 
  • GAMER'S STEPS - Frost Park has lots of big dumb steps that are too bumpy to really chalk draw on. Do you like chess or checkers? Bring your game and see if anyone wants to play. I know a guy who has a whole room full of boardgames but nobody plays them. What are fun games to play in an hour? Old Maid? Magic Cards? Kill Doctor Lucky? Jenga? I dunno, maybe you don't want to get peanut butter sandwich on your pristine jenga pieces. 

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by Erik on 3/25/2010 @ 9:31pm
Very cool RR.

The classic pose/shot of all time at Frost Park.

Other historical resources:

Frost Chalk Omnibus:


Frost Park greatest hits:


In the old days, we used to have a prize exchange at Blackwater. Here's a classic shot where Lance Kagey was crowned with John Hathaways hat by RR and LupinGoddess:

Here is a classic action shot I took of (now Tacoma City Councilmember) Boe and company:

by morgan on 3/26/2010 @ 8:59am
Lot's of potential here! (where's the "like" button? Kevin?)

by Dave_L on 3/26/2010 @ 5:09pm
The FP vortex does not have the pull in this city where I currently work, so this seaon I will again have to enjoy FP vicariously. Curiously, the same firewall blocks the CLAW website, saying it's in the category pornography, lets FT through.
Go figure.

It's an honor to have made the retrospective, thanks!

So, on whose page will the voting be this season?


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