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Feb. 26, 2009 at 9:05pm

CLAW and The Frost Park Community Chalkers invited to mainstream Tacoma Art Museum event

So how does that make you feel?

I had a nice power lunch with the Tacoma Art Museum's Community Programs Coordinator, the lovely Ms. Melisa Jennings.  We examined the proposed chalking area in front of the museum.  Discussed the possibility of guerrilla expedition parties into tollefson (as to avoid any imperial entanglements). Said I would talk to my constituents and get back to her. She seemed pretty cool and would work with us to come up with strange and wonderful chalk-off prizes. A woolly mammoth from the David Macaulay exhibit or maybe a romantic evening with world famous illustrator/author David Macaulay himself.

I'm down. Anybody else want to join me in some quasi-illicit community chalk battle art?  

emailed event details:



Well, I'm working on planning our next free community festival on Sunday, April 19, The Big Draw with David Macaulay. I am going to be the lead on this event and would love to connect with you about details of the day and your potential involvement with the program!  Right now, I am looking to get many artists involved in creating either drop-in activities or experiences surrounding drawing. The goal is to get as many people as possible from the community to get their hands in and draw, using a variety of techniques and materials.  My hope is to go big and crazy with activities   really out of the box! 


Well, I've seen your name all over the listserv and I'm hoping to give you an opportunity to chalk art your way around the museum!  I have some programming happening out on our front plaza and would love to see some chalk art out there, too.  I am not sure if you're the right person to contact to get this going and/or the best way to contact you. If you're interested or would be willing to point me in the right direction, please give me a call.  Thanks so much!


Melisa Jennings

Museum Educator and Community Programs Coordinator

- - - - - 

Ms. Jennings was going to supply the chalk (Hello Warren from Tacoma Art Supply!) I said Warren has some good vibrant colors. Also Cowboy charcoal for BBQ works great for black.  Also crates of the cheap chalk from target are good for base colors...filler.    I said nothing about glitter.  You guys know how I feel about glitter. 

Just hope it doesn't rain that day. 

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by AngelaJossy on 2/26/2009 @ 10:24pm
Check my response on the secret spy channel.

by Erik on 2/27/2009 @ 12:19am
Sounds like a good idea.

They are already familiar with the iron artist competition that some of the chalkies participated in last year.


Most would be promoters don't get it though and simply wish that chalk artists would show up in their neighborhood or event and start decorating the sidewalk as passerbys laxidasically step all over it.

In fact, the only outside entity/person who pulled off something with the success and energy even close to Frost Park was Robin who ran chalking event "Out in the Park."


Yet, the firepower of Frost Park with the institutional stability of TAM has a lot of potential.

by ALT on 4/9/2009 @ 8:37am
I'm down with this. I've saved the date - I'll be keeping a heads up for updates!


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