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Nov. 14, 2008 at 10:57pm

Feedvertising >> Online Ad service beta 1.0

new pay per click ads on the feed!

Hey guys!  Kevin asked me to try out the new online ad module option for Feed blogs.  The idea is you type away and every other paragraph an online ad for whatever business signs up will be displayed in my content.

253 hiphop

Ah first ad appeared.  Ok  so this is a test paragraph. Just typing typing.  about to hit return key a second time lets see what pops up...

Grit City Blog

Ha!  ok this is getting interesting.  If you wanna try this out too go into your blog settings and click the checkbox for 'feedvertising'.   Next click the agreement button.  Man I hope this isn't getting annoying.   So far no flash ads.  Have you seen the Tacoma News Tribune website lately?  I really really hate annoying flash popup ads.  ok about to hit return again.

Battle Sim

hmmm.   I'm not sure I'm going to leave this setting on.  Though if you click on these ads I'm going to get some money.  so please click these ads!  I'm unsure what these things are advertising but whatever we can all use the money right? times are tough.   I'm just typing filler content here and seeing what ads come up.  

Tacoma Attorney

looks like alot of our local businesses have signed up already.  I bet Kevin is getting lots more money out of this deal than me.   Oh well  small price to pay i'll wager. 

Ok I'm going to turn this off now.   I don't think I can handle anymore.   I hope you enjoyed this foray into "Selling Out" my cultural arts blog.  Remember plenty of clicks is money in my pocket!!!!   

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by Erik on 11/15/2008 @ 12:54am
I don't think I can handle anymore. I hope you enjoyed this foray into "Selling Out" my cultural arts blog. Remember plenty of clicks is money in my pocket!!!!

RR: let's be realistic.

To date Feed Tacoma has only survived from Kevin's donated time. Keeping a web site going takes time, effort, and money. Its only reasonable that ad revenue offset these costs. Otherwise, Kevin is going to have to charge a fee to use Feed Tacoma or just shut down Feed Tacoma completely.

Exit 133, Tacoma mamma, Life of Elle and the Tribune has ads. It was only a matter of time before Feed Tacoma joined them. Plus, the increased bandwidth use probably madates such a move.

by intacoma on 11/15/2008 @ 7:55am
yeah I'm going to have to switch back the settings too not a fan

by NineInchNachos on 11/15/2008 @ 9:28am
oh lordie.


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