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Nov. 7, 2008 at 11:33pm

No Avatar Left Behind

(GraphicDesign Redistribution for the Graphically Challenged)

Dear Friends,

This is not SOCIALISM! For it is the burden of the prosperous artist to supply selflessly to the needs--to the demands--of the greater population of those among us photoshop challenged souls who so bravely plod through the day without hope of ever reaching that star... that dream of someday owning your own trendy avatar icon. 

Oh I could name a few people, or in my view HEROES of the DISADVANTAGED:

  • chrism39
  • marumaruyopparai
  • Mofo from the Hood
  • pitchpipeinfoshop (pongo)

Suffer In Darkness™ NO MORE Dear Friend!

Do not listen to dangerously ignorant commenters like this man:

"First of all RR, I'll hear nothing of your communist ranting of redistribution of avatars. If one member of The Feed has more avatars than another it's because that person earned those avatars through honest participation in the free-market avatar system. Second of all, if those of us without avatars want an avatar, then by golly we can get up off our lazy butts and make one. But I won't be party to your redistribution of people's hard earned avatars that I feel, frankly, borders on theft."   
~ Ignoramus, 2008

These  outmoded beliefs serve only to distract you from the ultimate goal of being AN EQUAL to somebody like me, your dear friend and humble narrator.

Tonight I have worked hard with no though for my own self-preservation.  A pure RESULTS ORIENTED selfless act of altruism for the EMPOWERMENT of my feed tacoma PEOPLE'S COMMUNITY.   



* right click (save to disk) then upload in your feed tacoma profile settings.


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by Erik on 11/8/2008 @ 12:18am
It will be interesting to see which ones are chosen by the avatarless ones.

by NineInchNachos on 11/8/2008 @ 12:34am
you're right. I forgot the bonus icons!

by marumaruyopparai on 11/8/2008 @ 1:16am
I believe I've made myself quite clear concerning my position on socialist, government redistribution of avatars. Due to my faith in free-market solutions to the plight of the avatar-less and my staunch opposition to costly tax subsidized avatar redistribution programs that wrongfully allow the less driven members of our society to benefit from the creative toil of the more industrious, I have been content to suffer quietly and without complaint in abject avatar-less obscurity.

That was until RR Anderson swooped in like an angel of free-market facilitated mercy. RR, a successful Underground Cartoonist and humble web-designer, reaping daily the fruits of his creative talent and success, recognized the plight of the avatar challenged such as myself as well as the shame and embarassment we suffer. Selflessly, RR extended his creative services to the benefit of the avatarless without hesitation or desire of compensation.

Most bloggers are too busy to pay attention to the needs of the avatar-less and all too often many simply look down their noses at us without concern or regard as though we were second-class members of the web community.

Well no more! Thanks to the charitable intervention of the honorable philanthropist RR Anderson no longer will I be forced to suffer the cold, shameful exposure of comment posting without an avatar to call my own! God Bless the free-market! God Bless America! And God Bless you RR Anderson.

by Mofo from the Hood on 11/8/2008 @ 7:17am
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by morgan on 11/8/2008 @ 10:49am
Steal my avatar!

by NineInchNachos on 11/8/2008 @ 11:22am
"The Traveller" Avatar set coming soon

by tacomachickadee on 11/9/2008 @ 12:00am
Stay. Away. From. My. Avatar.


by Crenshaw Sepulveda on 11/9/2008 @ 5:55pm
so how do you get one of those fancy icon things?

by Dave_L on 11/10/2008 @ 12:04pm
Morgan: You got the avatar, but neener-neener; I got the button.
Chickadee: There's a story (though an uninteresting one) behind that green devil-duck!


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